Sixaxis Headtracking

Joel Clemens writes on his blog. "Using the playstation 3 sixaxis controller, along with a free program called GlovePIE, I am building a cheap, accessible VR system. The helmet shown is a retrofitted HMD (head mounted display), HMDs are much cheaper than VR helmets because they don't have head tracking. (which can now be substituted with a PS3 controller for a mere 40$ instead of hundreds. [recently it has come to my attention that there is such thing as a gyro mouse, which can be used for head tracking. I was somewhat relieved to see that the ps3 controller is still cheaper than the mouse in question]"

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jwatt3675d ago

Is this ok if it gets approved becuase it has a ps3 in it?

Anyways I hope they make good use of this, it has alot of potential.

mistertwoturbo3675d ago

Someone needs a job at sony. This kind of stuff rivals nintendo's Virtual Boy lol

rmedtx8883675d ago

Pretty cool stuff. He should talk with Sony about this. Maybe he can get hired by them or get paid for his project.