PlayStation 4 Packaging Unveiled

As you all know at this stage, Sony's E3 event went pretty well (understatement of the year), and they're continuing to build the hype as the event progresses. The latest announcement is the system's packaging, which you can check out below...

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mushroomwig1563d ago

Very minimalistic, pretty. :)

The_Infected1562d ago

Can't wait to open it up and smell that new PS4 plastic smell! Then pick it up and look at the beautiful design! Oh what's this? A fingerprint!! Nooooo:(

nosferatuzodd1562d ago

lol indeed i was thinking the same thing

ApolloTheBoss1563d ago

Awesome. Now if only a Vita bundle is announced.

Blackdeath_6631563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

yeah i was thinking that to myself a vita/ps4 bundle would make sense will be expensive though

Haules1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

PS4 design looks awesome especial vertically!

The blue line is awesome! reminds me of the PS2 design!

Edit! @Ilovetheps4 "Is it actually going to have like a glowing blue light on top?"

I hope so!

Ilovetheps41563d ago

Is it actually going to have like a glowing blue light on top? It looks like it based on the packaging.

TwinDad1563d ago

I wish I could remember where I read it, but some body confirmed the blue power light.

MonkeyNinja1563d ago

If you noticed at the Sony E3 conference, when what's-his-name (can't remember his name atm) held up the PS4 to show it to the world, there was a clear "ribbon" down the center. But in pictures, it glows blue. So I'm pretty sure that it's a blue LED, which is awesome.

Unless they do something similar to PS3. Remember early shots of PS3, even on PS3 packaging, the PS Button on the Sixaxis glowed red. But not in the final product. So we'll have to wait and see I guess.

solidsheep1563d ago

Doesn't Sony normally drop all the hand held info at TGS.
What do you say odd's are on ps4+vita for 499?

TwinDad1563d ago

You would need to define normal. As this is coming up to the second year that Sony has been public about the Vita. The first year E3 was proving ground and received allot of information, last year was a wasteland and they did it at TGS. So it could be the same again his year with TGS being the Vita show. Or they could not bother at all. I hope for the former and not the later.

coolasj1563d ago

Zero. One of their biggest advantages is the price. No need to introduce " A higher priced model ".

solidsheep1562d ago

Whats wrong with options, I personally have disposable income to pay more then 399 for console and I would gladly pay extra for a vita bundle.

Hicken1562d ago

And they can do one at a rather reasonable price, too.

Good thing I've already got my Vita.

ApolloTheBoss1562d ago

You and me both. But if they announce an improved version with a price drop I'm buying it anyway. :)

stage881562d ago

Does anyone know if the vertical stand will be bundled with the console?

shadow27971562d ago

I doubt it. They never have in the past. Although, the stand has never been needed in the past, for me at least. Both my PS2 and PS3 stood up just find without one. I don't think I'd feel safe with PS4 though. It's too slim.

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mrmancs1563d ago

To much teasing this for me! :-(

Wni01563d ago Show
2pacalypsenow1563d ago (Edited 1563d ago )

I wish they did like a Day one special engraving like they are doing for XB1

s8anicslayer1563d ago

Why so everyone would know your a sheep? or perhaps so you can make another way to make gamers feel left out?

2pacalypsenow1563d ago

So buying a console on release date makes you a sheep?? right...

s8anicslayer1563d ago

no but the reason you stated "I wish they did like a Day one special engraving like they are doing for XB1" but I was not singling you out it was just a general statement in regards to special branding which has no meaning whats so ever.

stage881562d ago

I don't like the day 1 engraving at all. It will be annoying looking at the controller which says "2013" from 2014 onwards.

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