Intel + Nvidia = Powerful Budget Gaming PC

Just read this article over at Digit-Life, talking about some considerations that budget gamers like you and i should think about if upgrading at the moment. What's the most cost-effective upgrade parts for cash-conscious gamers right now?

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hahahabutt3619d ago

Intel + Nvidia= expensive and over price hardware.

BludoTheSmelly3619d ago

If you factor in cables, controllers, and all, its about priced with a 360 or a ps3.

NarsilianShard3619d ago

I just built a budget gamer. Got an 8800GT and decided to go with AMD instead of intel for the cpu. the AMD 2.8x2 is $60 cheaper than the intel 2.6x2. Much better value for money, unless you want to overclock and get ridiculous performance that not even serious gamers need.

Tyrael3619d ago

Save up 1000 and you can get yourself a pretty decent self built system these days. Thats what im gonna do

solar3619d ago

as a console fanboy would say

"you could buy a wii, 360 and a ps3 for that much"

why do they always have to tell us hardcore pc gamers what else we could spend out money on? i never understood that.

im also in the shopping for a new pc. still thinking of what i want to do. gotta do more research. the new 9800 gtx might be an option...and im thinking of trying out an intel cpu.

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