Killzone 2 Dev Shoots Down KZ2 Release Date Rumors

In a forum post over at the official playstion boards, Seb Downie - QA Manager - Guerrilla Games writes:

"Sorry folks, as before, please take any release dates, or months with a grain of salt. If we haven't announced it, it is not gospel."

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TriggerHappy3768d ago

Oh boy, this will not end well. PC gamers will come out in full force. Console gamers will just brush it off. At the end of the day, .......

Harry1903768d ago

neverending cycle of upgrades persists.
someone could write a book on this.

decapitator3768d ago

Sorry has been changed to avoid yet another war..ignore the previous comments.

decapitator3768d ago

*Sigh*...Well lucky for me, I will be getting all three consoles on the future, well maybe except the wii, and building a new rig so this article does not really apply to me.

solar3768d ago

bla blah blah. funny how epic rehashes the same game over and over again...doesnt sell well and the ceo cries pc gaming is dead. ::rolleyes::

crysis was released as a "see what we can do" game. hardware is catching up to crysis per se. yet still sold a million.

solar3768d ago

wth..i posted this is another thread on my helio....weird. disregard my comment hehe.

BigKev453768d ago

Oh, well it looks like 2009 folks.

fenderputty3768d ago

Just because the rumored dates aren't confirmed to be official does not mean the game will come out in 2009. I understand that there is a chance since no one has a clue about anything since last year. Still ... I have faith. By the time the game is supposed to come out, they will have another 1.5 years of dev time from the last build that we saw.

Amanosenpai3768d ago

Hope... at least... KZ2 before december hollidays lol