What Let Us Down at Sony's Conference

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Godmars2901595d ago

They have to have a specific cast of what Sony did wrong?

greenpowerz1595d ago

So you didn't watch the video?

Hatsune-Miku1595d ago

only thing that was a letdown was sony requiring a payment to play online for ps4 games and thats it. everything else was amazing.

PraxxtorCruel1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Gone well: No drm, no anti-consumer policies, used games can be sold on and no internet check ins.

Not so well: Lack of exclusives, I found most of the games they showcased were multiplats and finally charging for online play which was what made the ps3 so attractive because of its free play.

Lovable1595d ago


I completely agree with everything that you've just stated.

Mainman1595d ago

The worst about the conference was the payed Multi-player? What if I only play multi-player a couple a times a month? Not exactly worth the 5$ price tag.

I prefer to have DRM over having to have to pay for multi-player.

Also, I was hoping for some more exclusive games. The only one I have a bit of interest in is Killzone, but still not sure on that though. Was hoping for Naughty Dog to announce something and was hoping (but knew it would be unlikely) that Kojima would get on stage.
The 1886 England game wasn't really interesting for me.

Godmars2901595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

A specific segment they cut out and posted onto their site?

Just struck me as the kind of pointless nitpicking - which the gaming media has become known for. So nevermind.

"used games can be sold on and no internet check ins."

And as good a news that is, its still tragic that it has to be seen as such in light of the alternative MS have offered. That many gamers know this, and will be knowingly supporting it.

Chances are that Sony was a hairs width away from implementing their own DRM, saw s-storm MS's stirred up, and backed down. But come next-next gen it could still happen specifically because some willingly accepted it.

And in regards to games overall, Monolith's mech title for the WiiU owns my soul. The console will have to be a day-one the moment that game comes to the US.

As far as anything on the PS4 currently? At best Second Son has my mild interest.

Any chance Sony ninjas could steal and/or copy Monolith?

reko1595d ago

so what was your reaction from lastnight? hahah @green

Haules1595d ago Show
darthv721595d ago

i agree with your sentiment but i still have doubt. this is mainly focused at sony openly saying its up to 3rd parties to impose any restrictions.

That still leaves a big "what if" overhead. When Ms came forward and talked about their plan, sony should never have addressed it the way they did. It forced them into the same boat. guilty by association.

Yesterday they only reaffirmed their stance on their titles but nothing to clear up 3rd parties. So the bigger question is...since we know sony will let them do it.......will 3rd parties actually go through with it?

Lovable1595d ago

Wait Kingdom Hearts 3 is exclusive? I swear they only said FF 14 is exclusive?

ExPresident1595d ago


Your statement is so contradicting its not even funny. You'd rather have DRM over paying for online? Are you an XBox owner? You must be, because I don't know a single other person who would prefer to have that DRM put against them.

Not to mention XBox owners pay for online as well.

badz1491595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

easy there, mate! did you put into your calculation the FREE Drive Club game which will definitely cost $60 in retail? NO? and that's just Day 1.

what about the other FREE games for PS4, PS3 and Vita that you will be getting every month for as long as your subscription goes? you don't really 'have' to play online to make your PS+ subscription feel worth it, you know. many MANY FREE games are coming your way and that's just a portion of PS+!

I'm just as disappointed as the next guy over this as I don't game online much but I'm willing to look at the positives! this is not just XGC, FB, Twitter, Netflix, Hulu, Last.FM etc. we're talking about here...FREE FULL GAMES at least 12 each for PS4, PS3 and Vita a year! I know THAT sounds appealing!

I'm not a PS+ members myself, you know. not because I think it's crap or whatsoever, but simply due to the fact that I don't have much gaming time and I'll definitely won't have time to play all those FREE games offered as I'm a busy man but I do like to go online every once in awhile when I have time. so, I'll gladly take my free copy of Drive Club and call it a day!

Caffo011595d ago

LOL you know if you buy xbone you have drm AND pay-to-play online right?

360degrees1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

What really disappointed me about playstation's conference was several things in no particular order. The lackluster presentation of first party exclusives was both surprising, and a blow to the vibe of their presentation as a whole. This is generally my main motivation to purchase a playstation console, but I find myself hesitant after that initial disappointment. Also, another negative that I found was the complete reversal of their long standing "free online" component. From a financial standpoint it's understandable, but the way they simply glossed over this fact with no explanation did not sit well with me personally as a long time playstation gamer.

Army_of_Darkness1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Sony's conference was okay... It was the important announcements regarding the features and price of the ps4 that Heated up the show! I'd be surprised if I'm gonna be able to get one this christmas since I'm not a fan of pre-ordering...

ZeroX98761595d ago

Well Naughty dog didn't show their next gen game, neither Media molecule, nor polyphony digital (GT6 isn't next gen... for now), the SCE san diego (MLB, Modnation) and more. What they're doing, we don't know, but it's surely some big titles that we'll hear about probably in the first year of the PS4.

not really a let down, but would have been nice. There's still gamescom, TGS and more to come, so I expect other titles on those events.

well, what can I say more than....Greatness Awaits!!!! :D

Mainman1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

@ Caffo01
I really don't care about the X-box 1, and don't really care about what their policy is. I didn't have a 360 this gen, and I didn't feel like I missed out (no offence to X-box fans out there). The reason I only had a PS3 this gen, I explain later on in my post.

@ badz149
@ ExPresident

I never buy used games, because I only buy a handful of games a year. I am really picky in liking a game. I would prefer to pay a fee to unlock a used game over a monthly fee to be able to play multi-player.

I barely play multi-player. Only a couple a times a month. Maybe even once every 3 weeks.

PS+ offer great stuff, but if I am simply not interested in any of the free games on offer? I have tried PS+, and I didn't do anything special with it. Didn't download any of the free games that was on offer at the time. Only tried an early beta of a game (can't remember the name, was a third person shooter in space, from the devs of Socom I think).

So yeah, PS+ is simply wasted on me.

I much rather prefer to pay a single fee for a game and have it free forever, than having a monthly/anually recurring fee. I simply can't be bothered with recurring fee's to be honest.

Oh and btw, I am not interested in Xbox one and I have never bought a 360 or a Wii this generation. For me it simply wasn't necessary because I am not a hardcore gamer. Like I said before there are only a handful of games I like. The only game I would follow to any system is Metal Gear Solid. I had bought a PSP just to play Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops. After that my PSP was collecting dust until Peace Walker released a couple of years later. I had also bought Tenchu for PSP (when I first purchased PSP), but I only played it once, because I simply didn't like it.

Like I said, I am really picky about my games, and I don't need PS+ to offer me free games. I will buy the games I like from the store, and I don't have to worry about buying second hand games, because I don't buy many games.

Free Drive Club is cool and all, but it would be wasted on me, because I simply wouldn't play it. I also don't have a Vita and probably won't buy a Vita, unless a game gets released on it that I really want to play.

Personally I am willing to pay a single fee, to unlock a certain game's multi-player forever. This policy would be cheaper for me.

HiddenMission1595d ago


Ok so you say MS had more exclusives go watch again MS had 10 XB1 exclusives that not on PC as well where as PS4 had 14. J think everyon ignored the slew of indie games...

BallsEye1595d ago


Kingdom hearts and FF are not exclusives.

Godmars2901595d ago

Then let everyone enjoy those games.


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SecondSon1594d ago

Stop complaining about PS+ if you don't play a lot online just download the PS+ game of the month and there is your $5 well spent.

In the first 4 months you get at least:
Drive Club
Don't Starve
The Secret Ponchos

All for $20. Your PS4 will be loaded with games for a $50 a year subscription.

At least 12 games a year. Where is your concern don't you like sweet deals like these?

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Wizziokid1595d ago

NO they briefly talked about everything after the conference, they just split the video so you can find each segment faster.

Haules1595d ago ShowReplies(1)
StraightPath1595d ago

there were not to many exclusives and repeat of games we already seen. A lot of games shown were multiplatform games. While Microsoft show was filled to the brim with exclusive games.

Haules1595d ago Show
Nicaragua1595d ago

MS also showed World Of Tanks, TitanFall, Minecraft, and Dead Rising 3.

MysticStrummer1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

@Nicaragua - That still adds up to fewer exclusives for MS. Also, it remains to be seen which titles will be true exclusives to both companies. "Lack of exclusives" appears to be a silly concern for both Sony and Microsoft at this point.

I have no doubt that Sony will bring lots of exclusives to PS4. History says they will. If the generation progresses and they've let the number of exclusives drop, then this conversation can continue, but until then Sony should get the benefit of the doubt based on their past track record with exclusives.

The only real downer for me was having to pay for online play. The technical hiccups made me cringe, but I have no doubt those problems will be cleaned up. I was very happy they spent so little time on multi-media and of course the no DRM moment was huge.

Megaplaynate1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Maybe the rumor about MS paying pubs to not show their games was true, that's why we didn't see many 3rd party games.

TotalHitman1595d ago

When will you wake up and learn that M$ are ripping you off. Unless your a shill, then they're probably paying you. Give up. People like PS4.

dendenmooshi1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

MS showed:
- FM5
- Halo
- Killer Instinct
- Quantum Break
- Ryse
- Project Spark
- D4
- Fantasia Music
- Sunset Overdrive
- Crimson Dragon
- Dead Rising 3 (AFAIK)

The rest was multiplatform

Sony showed

- Killzone: Shadow Fall
- The Witness
- Driveclub
- Knack
- Infamous: Second Son
- The Order: 1886
- GT6
- The Dark Sorceror
- Deep Down
- A lot of Indie Games

The rest was multiplatform

This isn't a definitive list because many of these titles can go multiplat. Who knows in this business anymore.

Titanfall,minecraft, and World of Tanks are on PC. It was announced that KH3 and FFV are going multiplat (they need whatever money they can get). The game, Below (roguelike genre (WOOT)), will probably be on Steam.

Kingnichendrix1595d ago

World of tanks is on pc, so is minecraft and titanfall is also on pc

djsandman1595d ago

Lol kingdom hearts and ffxv are multi. The rest PS showed were CGI or already shown.

Ares901595d ago

Probably true. But the exclusive games part is the least thing to worry. We already know they will come. Sony showed that on the PS3, they will show it on the PS4.

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djsandman1595d ago

Uhm only multi platform games. 2 biggest games are multi play. Kh3 and ffxv, exclusive betas and exclusive content. Same price because camera is worth 100$ Media media, shitty vita showing. You have to pay to play online...... Borrrrringggggg. Sony fans are truly living in their own minds

Kingnichendrix1595d ago

so you are forced to pay $100, for a camera, and you have to pay more for weaker hardware? I game both on pc and console, your statement is strange and bizarre.

djsandman1595d ago

Uhm we actually don't know what GPU the Xbox currently has. And yes the camera looks sick. If I had the choice over a package without one and 399 I'd pick the one with a camera

Kingnichendrix1595d ago

We dont know because it is not worth mentioning

Godmars2901594d ago

"we actually don't know what GPU the Xbox currently has"

Then its funny how its defenders are saying MS have shown off the console, when they really haven't.

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miyamoto1594d ago (Edited 1594d ago )

Just look at how the PS3 handled antipiracy and you will know why PS4 font need DRM and disc based physical media is still the order of.the day for world wide PlayStation gamers outside Amurica.

Plus my PSP, PS3 , PSV and PS4 will all be covered by my PS+ all at the same time and greatly benefit from it.

Plus I would probably stick with MS Gundam Battle Operation - one of the most played mecha game in the world today.

So PlayStation is still the way to go.

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Wizziokid1595d ago

I was expecting more first-party reveals since they have 20 in the works but I was happy overall

Godchild10201595d ago

There is GamesCom in August and Tokyo Game Show in Spetember. Plus all the other trade shows. I expect more to be announce as time goes on.

Thatguy-3101595d ago

Though i did expect more I'm okay with what was shown. Sony goes big on Gamescom and TGS too which shows that more announcements are safe. Judging off from past years I can see something big announced at Gamescom. Maybe GG new IP or even David's cage ps4 game. The Last Guardian for sure will make an appearance at TGS

Testfire1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Sony is also still supporting the PS3 at least through this year with amazing games to come. Not 100% focus is on PS4 yet, so with that in mind I fully understand the lack of new PS4 ips.

Testfire1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

Double post, sorry.

MysticStrummer1595d ago

"There is GamesCom in August and Tokyo Game Show in Spetember. Plus all the other trade shows. I expect more to be announce as time goes on."

Exactly. Both Sony and MS have shown a comparable number of exclusives so far.

Making a judgement about either console based on the number of exclusives at this early stage seems silly and quite premature.

It reminds me of the "PS3 has no games" battle cry at the beginning of this generation. Look how that turned out.

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T21595d ago

Yes but to be honest I normally only play about half of Sony exclusives anyway... They had some good lookers there

MysticStrummer1595d ago

Most people won't buy all the exclusives for either console. Variety is key to success.

Chuk51595d ago

I thought it started off a little slow, kept a brisk pace, slowed down. Then when they got to the PS4 indie stuff, that's when it really hit it's stride. And then it's stride kept picking up exponentially and then they delivered 4 concise blows that won them the E3 crown

LarVanian1595d ago

I wished Sony had focused on showing their first party games rather than multi-platform games. I mean really, could we not have seen a demo for inFamous: Second Son instead of an another boring Assassins Creed? However I was happy to see confirmation on used games as well as FF15 and KH3. I'm also going to be keeping an eye on The Order.

PockyKing1595d ago

Personally I really liked the new Assassin's Creed. For one they finally add crouching outside of cover hahaha, but they've certainly nailed the pirate theme and I love it.

Nitrowolf21595d ago

they were demoed pre starting o the show if you were watching it, but starangeluy they didn't uplaod the footage liek they said

LarVanian1595d ago

Yeah unfortunately I didn't catch the pre-show :(. However I still think they should have demoed them during the actual show, put them in the spot light for the world to see.

@ PockyKing

The environments and the atmosphere looked quite nice in Black Flag. And the voice acting seemed stellar. But still, every year at E3, Sony always put a strong emphasis on Assassins Creed making it quite clear that they're getting some sort of exclusive content. I'd rather they allow their own in-game developers a chance to shine at E3 more often.

Mr_Nuts1595d ago

You have to think though Sony have a big presence at gamescom and TGS while MS don't. Sony are spreading there announcements out

animegamingnerd1595d ago

the first half wasn't that good it was when final fantasy 15 was shown was when it picked up

AutoCad1595d ago

the last 20 minutes is what saved it..
the rest was awful.

Minato-Namikaze1595d ago

Once they Showed FFXV and KH3, any hope MS had was taken out back, shot, had bricks tied to its feet and then thrown in the ocean.

LoveOfTheGame1595d ago

I don't think FFXV and KH3 will beat MGSV as a Xbox exclusive.

You know since your logic is if it showed at their event it's exclusive.

SE does need to clarify this though as it would be a massive advantage for PS even if it is only timed exclusive.

SexyGamerDude1595d ago (Edited 1595d ago )

LOTG. FF and KH are exclusive.

LoveOfTheGame1595d ago

Not once have either game been announced as exclusive, unless they just did and I didn't see it please.

Deathdeliverer1595d ago

MGS V is not xbox exclusive lol.

BallsEye1595d ago


You do realize that both of those games are NOT EXCLUSIVES?

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