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PlayStation 4's Price and Policies Humiliate Microsoft's Xbox One at E3

Forbes writes:

For the past few years, people have accused E3 of becoming a rather dull affair. Companies show their games, fans support whoever they’re most loyal to, and journalists are forced to give press conferences silly report card grades. Rinse and repeat.

But not this year. In over a decade of watching E3 events, I’ve honestly never seen one company completely and utterly destroy a competitor like what happened last night between Sony and Microsoft MSFT -1.89%. It may sound like hyperbole, but what took place over the course of the day will send shockwaves through this entire next console generation. (E3, PS4, Xbox One)

stage88  +   443d ago

That is brutal.
theBAWSE  +   443d ago
When one of the biggest Microsoft supporters flip as in forbes have just done you know sh1t is going down...

I just spat drink everywhere at this-... Rip xbox one 2013-2013
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Hatsune-Miku  +   443d ago
sony didnt humiliate microsoft, they buried them at e3.
PraxxtorCruel  +   443d ago
I guess that means Sony is now free to do as they please. With Microsoft out of the competition who is there to stop them doing as they want in the future. How do we know a firmware update won't bring some anti-consumer policies in? You lot need Microsoft in the game to keep Sony in check.
Testfire  +   443d ago
And guess who's the #1 pre order on Amazon...yup, PS4! Lol!
aiBreeze  +   443d ago
Poor Microsoft, Sony kicks them to the ground and now Forbes is taking a whizz on it's greedy corpse.

Take your pick of sayings..



Humiliation - Quake 3 voice
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badz149  +   443d ago
more like murder! somebody, call the CSI!
Hanif-876  +   443d ago
Well, if i can't play my games offline then there's no point. I really wanted to own both XB1 and PS4 but after the DRM polices that are being set in place for the XB1, i now have no intention of ever purchasing it.
Blachek  +   443d ago
The event will shape the first couple years for sure, but it will be developer support and product benefits that dictate the outcome.

Sony did a fantastic job at their event and touched upon selling points that resonate the most with the main stream gamers.

How will Microsoft answer?
mandf  +   443d ago
Right on. You definitely get it. It's all about the games.
xJumpManx  +   443d ago
Sony won but only because of price point and the used game/drm fiasco. The real question is will developers boycott sony since they took the stand that developers making money on used games is not right. Developers have to be upset at ps4 used game mentality.
theBAWSE  +   443d ago
Developers are going to cut off their nose to spite their face and dismiss tens of millions ps4 owners and in turn miss out on millions in profit?

Keep wishing and dreaming son...
Shane Kim  +   443d ago
Dude, developers won't go anywhere. The PS3/Xbox360 basically sold the same amount of consoles...the xbone and PS4 will probably do the same. You really think developers would miss out on 80 million potential consumers?
brianunfried  +   443d ago
How will developers making games exclusively for Xbox One avoid bankruptcy because it's selling poorly?
medman  +   443d ago
Developers cannot afford to "boycott" Sony, especially if the PS4 sells well. They would only be hurting themselves. The only "boycott" would be from developers like Respawn whom Microsoft buys out. Sony still has plenty of first party muscle of it's own waiting to crank out classics, much like The Last of Us and Beyond:Two Souls are looking to be.
ThatsGaming  +   443d ago
I guess gaming is no longer about games...
CaEsAr-  +   443d ago
So much for "Killing Sony at E3"
MilkMan  +   443d ago
You better believe it. F@ck those money grubbing whores!
Tundra  +   443d ago
I'd feel pretty stupid if I was the guy who had to make PR statements advocating this obstructive DRM while my competitor lacks it. Not only that, I'd have to be the one telling people how it's worth $100 bucks more while playing up this "super cool" DRM.

Humiliation is pretty much spot on.
yesmynameissumo  +   443d ago
Sony made all the right moves. Microsoft shit the bed and rolled around in it. Then asked us to join them. PS4 is already pre-ordered.
wishingW3L  +   443d ago
what you guys don't realize is that this is not a real Forbes writer but just a random blogger using the Forbes platform. When it's someone from Forbes it says "staff" not "contributor". Anybody can be a contributor. =/
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raWfodog  +   443d ago
But doesn't the final say on whether to run the article or not still rest with Forbes?
famoussasjohn  +   443d ago
The video of how to share games on the PS4 was brilliant. That was nothing but Sony piling on the dirt in the grave that Microsoft dug themselves with all this anti-consumer nonsense.
Munky  +   443d ago
Hard to argue with the price and policies, Sony killed it.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   443d ago
Not only did it humiliate Microsoft also it humiliatrd the publishers EA, Ubisoft, Activision and others. They were the main force behind DRM.
mandf  +   443d ago
Not one of them has so much as uttered a defining statement on the subject. The only one talking drm is MS.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   443d ago
GiantBomb broke the story. Most articles from the media has stated that the publishers were wanting DRM.
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vigilante_man  +   443d ago
Gaming has always been about freedom to play what you want. Trading in games and swapping with your friends whenever you want.

Take that away at your peril!

If Sony had followed suit then Gaming could of died yesterday. Being rebellious against big companies controlling your choices is core to gamers. Who would of thought Sony would be on our side?
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KingKongKilla  +   443d ago
Wrong Sony has not just won. Xbox is just trying to make a move twords digital like aka STEAM and steam is a mutibillion dollar program that offers no resale games and look at it! As i can remember ppl are forgetting the promises that sony made about the vita playing ps3 games where did that go o wait that never happened i own a vita!!!!! Lie 1! O where are the graphics we saw when we saw the first CGI which was said gameplay of Killzone 2. Yall think what yall want but dont forget Playstation lies!!!! Love my PS3 but yall need to quit hating on xbox 1. There also going to have more exclusives cause there are plenty of publishers that are out there that want the DRM. I belive thats why DR3 is with microsoft and all of EA. I would say just wait we dont have all the facts for both consales just yet. The only reason xbox is 100 more is cuase the Kenict which once they start showing what that beast can do yall are gunna want one! imma be sharing my games with my 10 friends. We dont even know if Amazon or Ebay are out they may be in the resale with xbox 1 they what a some of that actoin to its just helping the publishers guys some games dont get the creadit they deserve and i think this is a good push for that.
medman  +   443d ago
People who love gaming and everything it has been or will be won't be buying the Xbox One because of their anti-consumer policies, and the fact that it is underpowered compared to the PS4 yet still costs more. That leaves Microsoft with lovers of softy games and kinect nonsense. If they can sustain a system with folks who might buy two games a year, good luck to them. And good luck to you with the brutal raping you're going to receive from this company. My suggestion, go for the Vaseline when it's on sale. You're going to need it.
medman  +   443d ago
Sony won, hands down. Microsoft showed some interesting games, but nothing that made me feel by not buying the system I would be missing out. I know Sony has the first party developers that make the games I want to play, and that continues to be shown late this console cycle with games like The Last of Us and Beyond:Two Souls. The games that interested me the most so far at E3 are Bungie's Destiny (looked fantastic), Ubisoft's Watch Dogs (expected) and The Division (wow..I mean..wow), and Infamous Second Son. All of those will be playable on my PS4, and the most complete experience will be for the PS4 as Ubisoft has announced some exclusive content. I'm satisfied. As the owner of a 360 and a PS3, for me, the choice for next gen is as obvious as it gets. Microsoft alienated a large portion of gamers with their anti-consumer policies and arrogance. Sony has put the rocky launch of the PS3 (and their own considerable arrogance) far behind them and is delivering the best first party and indie titles in the industry. PS4. Day One. Merry Christmas.

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