Xbox One confirmed games list, Last update June 11 2013

BehindGames Writes: This list of games was 100% confirmed to be released on Xbox One, till now we have 45 games, We will update this list with every new game.

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Gildarts1053d ago

You forgot Final Fantasy 15 and Kingdom Hearts 3.

StoutBEER1053d ago (Edited 1052d ago )


Ahh sweet! Totes dont care about any playstation games now... well except Last of Us :)

minimur121052d ago

Lol opposed to ps4's 140, was it?

Admit table, ite a few were indies yeah. But it doesn't change the fact atall.

ABizzel11052d ago

Impressive line-up, but it's too bad about their business model, console restrictions, and price point.

It's good for people who still want an Xbox One.

3-4-51052d ago

The ONE good thing turned out to actually be the games...well and the controller.

You have to put up with some BS, but at the end of the day you get to play some good games.

Be prepared to be frustrated by random odd scenarios happening though because of Microsoft's business model.

Somebody will get screwed and if enough do, things will change a bit, which in the long run could be a good thing for XB1 owners.

If they get enough internal pressure too, they might drop all the features people hate and then it makes the XB1 about as good as the PS4 as an overall product.

Only time will tell.

rdgneoz31052d ago

Titan Fall was listed twice for some reason.

Titanfall Respawn TBA
TitanFall Respawn Spring 2014

CynicalKelly1052d ago (Edited 1052d ago )

Abandoning gamers my arse.

nigelp5201052d ago

Killer Instinct
Crimson Dragon
Project Spark
Quantum Break

for me

GenericNameHere1052d ago

So what's the dealio with Halo? Is that a teaser for Halo 5, or that Windows 8 Halo game?

GenericNameHere1052d ago

Ohh ok thanks. It's weird though. Why not just come upfront and say it's Halo 5? All it said onstage was "HALO". There was no number or subtitle. Just... HALO.

CrossingEden1052d ago

so that a bunch of gamers could speculate what game it is, i knew as soon as i saw master chief's fore arm that it was halo

Benchm4rk1052d ago

As opposed to seeing master chiefs forarm and thinking it was the new Zelda. Of course its was Halo, what else would it be

HALOisKING1052d ago

343i is not calling it halo 5

GenericNameHere1052d ago

So what is it really then? Is it Halo 5, Halo 5 but just getting a name change, or a totally different Halo game altogether? I'm still confused if this games is Halo 5 or not...

HALOisKING1052d ago

its halo 5 but 343i is going to give it n name not a number

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