Is PC gaming dying? 'You Don't Hear Much, Except 'World of Warcraft'

Every couple of years - usually after a fresh crop of consoles hit the market - the drumbeat starts to sound: PC gaming is finished. Consoles are where it's at.

Three years into this so-called "next-gen" console cycle, sales of the game systems - and by extension, the games for them - have generated a boatload of cash. But you don't hear much about PC gaming these days, unless it's "World of Warcraft."

Is it true? Is PC gaming really dead?

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solar3736d ago

blah blah blah.

yesah3736d ago

what do you mean Blah?! PC's are dumb i dont even own one. ive never used one in my life! of course computers will die, what are you dumb?

(/end sarcasm)

solar3736d ago

yeah! why upgrade this pile to play crysis or bioshock or far cry 2 in its dx10 glory?! for $1000 bucks i can get a wii, ps3 and a 360. what the hell am i thinking?! and who cares about that inferior keyboard and mouse configuration for online fps's, and mmo's, and rts's? pfffffft. thx for showing me the light mr. kitteh wearing a suit. you saved my ass there.


TriggerHappy3736d ago

well I dont know but wait a bit more and Starcraft II will be lauching as well.

decapitator3736d ago

It is true that you hear WOW a lot but there are some other great games on the PC as well which are not mentioned as much. Crysis is one.

Cynical-Gamerzus3736d ago

PC gaming is for uhum cough...Losers!.
PC FPS engines are becoming so lame and rigid & Played to death.Then there's these lame online MMORPG they look like crap..Thanks to having to design for low specs rigs..
Everything on PC's screams been there done that!
And so Please keep all your lame engines versions 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 etc..
Away from Consoles...Were variety and creativity isn't lacking...

fermcr3736d ago

MORON Console Fanbabie always wining and crying... it's just SAD... i guess you are writing that stupidity in your console???

Lord Vader3736d ago

I abandoned pc gaming a few years ago because of $$$... I got sick of spending all that cash upgrading & 6 months later, having to do it again. PC gaming is not cost effective.

Now that I have 2 HD consoles connected to my HDTV with wireless controllers, pc gaming is over for me.

Noodlecup3736d ago

Yeh, because a console + a HDTV is cheaper than a PC right?

A gaming PC capable of running games at the level of a console will cost you about £350-£400 which is extremely cheap, plus:

- cheaper games
- more customization options
- much more precise controls for shooters and RTS
- a huge library larger than any of the consoles
- free games
- not just a games system

I own a PS3 and a gaming PC, I wouldn't trade the PC in for anything else. PC has the best multiplayer experience if you've played all systems, the PS3 has a great singleplayer experience which I'm enjoying too.

fermcr3736d ago

Who in hell upgrade's their PC every 6 months... YOU DON'T NEED TO UPGRADE YOUR PC EVERY 6 MONTHS.

The normal cycle is every 2/3 years for upgrading your PC... PC gaming is cheaper then console gaming.
PC games are match cheaper then console games... do your math's and see the diference. 10/12 games a year in console and compare to 10/12 games in PC a year. See how match you save in a year.

Lord Vader3736d ago

Wll, sorry noodles, I bought my HDTV for HDTV, dvd & Bluray...

The fact that I can use it for my consoles is a BONUS = I would have bought my television with or without my consoles...

Yes, I traditionally had to upgrade my ram, my video card,or something about every 6 months when I was an avid pc gamer & wanted to be on the cutting edge & run the newest games.

This is just one person's opinion, it's not gospel, I said pc gaming was over for ME.

Charlie26883736d ago

Vader the ONLY explanation for you "6 months upgrade" thing is if you bought cheap low end garbage which doesn't really put you in the "avid pc gamer" category...

you say video card and RAM? so what did you buy that was so crappy that need to be replaced 6 months later? last series of card for example the 8000 series for NVIDIA the 8800GTX that was the high end was available at launch and it was the top end for almost 2 years now and how much RAM did you bought that need so desperately to be upgraded 256mb? 512mb?

seriously dude if you are buying stuff that is forcing you to upgrade every 6 months you probably didn't knew what the hell you were doing and you were definitely NOT a "avid pc gamer"

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