MapleStory - 25 million Chinese teenage girls can't be wrong. Can they?

On paper, MapleStory is a 2D online RPG with platforming elements. In reality, it's also a quiet cult with an alleged 67 million members. At times, this level of success seems hard to explain: the game's almost never written about by the press, but manages to grind out page after page of FAQ sheet and advice forum postings. Nobody really reviewed it, and it spends little on advertising, but thousands still log in to Maple World every day. And if all of that wasn't unlikely enough, try this: MapleStory's essentially free to play, yet still manages to generate large quantities of money from its community.

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JoelR3710d ago

They are right.
Bigger then WOW and makes insane amounts of money for NEXON.
Just because it doesn't have a monthly fee people discount it - but if you play maple story you know that the monthly fee is in fact real. Microtransactions are huge for them.

TheSadTruth3710d ago

little kids need something to play

JoelR3710d ago

Obviously you haven't played it ^_-