Nintendo E3 2013 Direct Predictions

Day one of E3 2013 has been and gone. We have seen New IPs, beloved franchises, Master Chief wearing a cloak, Sora’s return, Snake riding on a horse, and Sony taking shots at Microsoft. It has been great, but now it is time to shift focus. Nintendo have always been out on their own, not following trends of the others and definitely carving their own path. This year’s E3 will be no exception, as they have forgone the traditional E3 Press Conference in favor of a Nintendo Direct Video.

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ziratul1416d ago

Nintendo Flawless E3 Victory

Neonridr1416d ago

5 minutes to go. Bar has been set by MS and Sony. Let's see what Nintendo has up their sleeves.

Shinobi1001416d ago


Fat-Milkers1416d ago

Come on Nintendo, stick your foot into MS too x)

That-Guy1416d ago

It's at for those who don't know.

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