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Why You Should Buy Sony’s PS4

Alive Game Zone - Sony’s PlayStation 4 media briefing has just ended. The event will be the most memorable one in Sony’s history as they had unveiled their powerful gaming console, PlayStation 4. (PlayStation, PS4, Sony, Xbox 360)

whoyouwit04  +   898d ago
I buying both consoles regardless of microsofts DRM.
xHeavYx  +   898d ago
the title should read "you'd be crazy not to get a PS4"
irepbtown  +   898d ago
You'd be a Xbox One for not getting a PS4.
Ps4: More powerful & $100 less.

This should be a big sony ad.
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nix  +   898d ago
a quote from MCV:

"A vote for Xbox is a vote for a change to whole way the video games industry works. It’s a vote for closed corporate ecosystems, publisher power and eroded consumer rights. A vote for Sony is a vote for people who like to play video games."

this is why you should get a PS4.
theBAWSE  +   898d ago
No contest...

Trade my games? check

more powerful? check
no DRM shite? check
Great tradition of exclusive games? check
Free PS+ games at launch? check
can be turned offline? check
region free? check
Import games? Check
Camera can be unplugged? check
Can stand horizontally? check
Netflix, TV services and PSS free? check
hard drive upgradable: check
Lend games to friends? Check
Lend games more than once? Check
Play games offline straight away? Check
No camera needed for console to work? Check!
Better ram? Check
Indie friendly? Check

Sony killer instinct combo'd Microsoft
-Mika-  +   898d ago
Me too. MS has too many good exclusives lined for the XB1. Im a sony fan but MS has announced more interesting exclusives for their system than sony did for theirs.
xHeavYx  +   898d ago
Care to name a few? 'Cause I smell bull
Gimmemorebubblez  +   898d ago
"Im a sony fan"..........really Mika?

But MS did show more games and I was impressed and I am sure you were too but just admit you are definitely not a Sony fan.
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Baka-akaB  +   898d ago
I'd be glad if he was switching sides personally . His troll tirades were mostly disservice to the ps3 or vita . Not looking forward to more of the same next gen
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irepbtown  +   898d ago
'Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios announced that they have 30 PlayStation 4 games under development of which 12 are brand new IPs' - -Mika-, you don't want to troll like that again.
DivineAssault  +   898d ago
Are you NUTTS?!?! What exclusives were better? Sony murdered M$ in every category imaginable including exclusives..
theBAWSE  +   898d ago
LMFAOOOOOOOOO @mika... You've been telling everyone sony will implement DRM measures and defending Microsoft since the xbone was unveiled

Now your a Sony fan? Naaaaa you just feel like the plum you are..
-Mika-  +   898d ago
@ Heavy

Dead rising 3
Crimson dragon
Sunset overdrive

PS4 exclusives im interesting in

Killzone- If multiplayer is like KZ3.

@ gimmie
I am a sony fan. It the only console brand I don't hesitate to buy but they really disappointed me at their conference. There was just no good exclusives announced.

Those exclusives weren't announced at the conference so that means they're not coming out this year or early next year. MS on the other hand has alot of exclusives that interest me come at launch or in Q1-Q2 of 2014.
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Dir_en_grey  +   898d ago
Cut the BS Mika I've seen your name and comment these past few days, all you do is troll for MS.

All these MS paid stealth marketing rumors make me think you've gotta be one cuz even a MS fayboy can't be this delusional after the conferences yesterday
jjb1981  +   897d ago
The only one worthy was Titan Fall.
Rockstar  +   897d ago
Did anyone else feel that Titanfall was COD with mechs? I kinda got that impression. Graphics were nice but it's not my type of game.

Or am I wrong?
titletownrelo  +   897d ago
the majority of the games they showed were multi-platform, and they paid devs to only show them on Xbox One at E3 because they knew they would look better on PS4.
plaZeHD  +   898d ago
Please don't buy Xbox One. We have to show publishers that we are the one that controls the industry and not them. If we become very loose, they will bring up bullcrap policies that are even worse.
Just don't do it for gamers sake.
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whoyouwit04  +   897d ago
DRM does not bother me, I buy all my games new anyways. And, the people I game with always play at my house or my brother in law house. However, I get what you are saying, but I wont fight for something that I really don't care about and will have no effect on me.
TAURUS-555  +   898d ago
this isnt a question this is a matter of common sense. of course the PS4 is the better option....by far...
Wizziokid  +   898d ago
Why You Should Buy Sony’s PS4?

3 points

+ More Powerful
+ $100 Cheaper
+ You own your games
Brazz  +   898d ago
Maybe i end buying X-1 someday, but sure as hell i will buy PS4 first! My priority is:
Ps4 for sure, first in my list > Wii U (Price drop to $250 or less...) > X-1... don't know, depends on what Ms have for X-1 future....
Jdoki  +   898d ago
Yeah, this is my thinking too.

MS showed some games I like the look of, but I'll definitely be waiting until a couple of price cuts and to see how the DRM thing pans out. So realistically I can't see me getting an XB1 until maybe year 4 or 5 of this cycle.

I've already pre-ordered the PS4. Nothing to do with DRM, I just know they will deliver the same way they did for PS3 - and the lower price is a bonus.
RmanX1000  +   898d ago
Reason 1: Its not Xbone
stage88  +   898d ago
nailed it.
snake_eater  +   898d ago
Great games, great price, no kinect forced down my throat, no DRM bullshit, i can do whatever i want with the games i BUY.

everyone who supports xbox 1 or is thinking about getting one... you should be ashamed of yourself
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romancer  +   897d ago
It's one thing for you to prefer the PS4 -- but there's no justification for telling others who are interested in the XBox One that they "should be ashamed" for having different gaming interests (including what is often a good group of friends on Xbox Live).

I'll be buying both systems and am prepared to enjoy the best that each console has to offer.
jcnba28  +   898d ago
Off Topic: Can someone explain to me why everyone is on 5 or more bubbles now? Does N4G refresh them every year or something?

Edit: Cool thanks guys.
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avengers1978  +   898d ago
I think they reset the bubbles a few days ago so the E3 conversations can heat up... they will be busy taking bubbles away for the rest of the month
Nitrowolf2  +   898d ago
Eh they must have pulled another reset, no Idea TBH I smell an update is coming XD
GreenRanger  +   898d ago
@ jcnba28
N4G are removing the bubble system, so they reset everyone's bubbles before the change.
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stonecold3  +   898d ago
im only on 1 bubble while people like power green power all have 5 .back to comment im already purchased a ps4 already .
GreenRanger  +   898d ago
@ stonecold3
Are you sure you only have one bubble? Your profile says you have five.

Try to make a second comment in here.
torchic  +   898d ago
you have 5 bubbles.
GreenRanger  +   898d ago
I wanted to buy both before the Xbox One reveal, but the negatives about Microsoft's console just can't be justified to me.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   898d ago
The Xbox One has some good looking games the catch is though you have to sign away your consumer rights to make MS and publishers happy.
That and the DRM BS.
It's just not worth it.
Oh and $499.
despair  +   898d ago
same with me, I think from a games perspective MS had a much better showing, but the nagging issues with the XB1 will keep me from getting one for quite a while. But the price point and the fact that sony always delivers with the games will sold me on the PS4.
Brazz  +   898d ago
Because is a better option then WII U and X-1...
PS4 for main console (This one is the best, no doubt! Great Price, great games, great exclusives and more then all... You have you Freedom!), Wiiu if you need Two consoles! (Old Nitendo is still a good way to go!)
X-1 only if you are realy in MS exclusives, they realy need rethink X-1 strategy...sad Microsoft... (Dat Killer instinct was a good start for me to think in X-1, hell! I love fighting games)
TheEnigma313  +   898d ago
I was really disappointed in MS; I'm going to leave it at that. PS4 looks really attractive. Day 1 for me. The only thing that sucks is paying for online even though I'm a plus member. I guess paying for multiplayer will make the infrastructure stronger and help sony cover cost they may lose on the ps4.

With that being said, Sony took all the right steps so far.
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Seraphemz  +   898d ago
If you are a PLUS memeber you dont have to pay extra for online multiplayer...
TheEnigma313  +   898d ago
I know I don't have to pay, I just mean it kinda sucks for people who don't have plus. I have a few buddies who don't have plus. I don't mind paying it, it's a great value.
despair  +   898d ago
ironic thing is people will pay for online and then get a crapload of extras for 3 systems (PS3,PSV,PS4) as well, its hard to argue as long as sony vastly improves its PSN store and online stability and security to justify purchasing it.

I don't like the idea but considering my PS+ expires in late 2014 it doesn't affect me but I do feel for other people.
Williamson  +   898d ago
I'd say .....ff15 and kingdom hearts 3. I hope they exclusive since I never heard it said.
fsfsxii  +   898d ago
I think they're exclusive, KH3 for sure, i mean no KH game before landed on the xbox, doubt this one will be, and i think Sony has an agreement with SE on FF15
Williamson  +   898d ago
Hopefully what you say comes true....it wouldn't feel right if kh3 was on other platforms and everyone knows how limited/ bad the ff13 games ended up due to being multiplatform.
despair  +   898d ago
I don't think they're exclusives, the guy presenting said "coming to PS4" but right after said "FFXIV is coming exclusively to PS3 and PS4 consoles". If FFXV and KHIII were exclusive he would've used that word.
Obamanationn  +   898d ago
Titanfall announced for PC , thats good because Xbox wouldn't be ideal place for me to play that game as i wont be purchasing draconian consoles , its my amazing pc and ps4 all the way till the end of this gen
despair  +   898d ago
really? Nice was one of the game I would've missed since I am not getting the X1 for a good long while. Now I can get it on PC :)
dethpuck  +   898d ago
Already preordered x1 will get ps4 later. Sonya conference was terrible until the drm stuff and the price. Which if you add in the camera is only a 40$ difference.

It's going to be very interesting for the next few months til launch and the years to come. Awesome e3 this year
xJumpManx  +   898d ago
Yea that is how I felt about the shows as well. I pre-ordered both and paid off both. Is it November yet?
sourav93  +   898d ago
That's the thing, you don't HAVE to add the camera if you don't want to. It's getting forced down your throat with the XBONE.
torchic  +   898d ago
that reasoning is silly.

in that case Xbox One + XBLG + VAT = +$600 easy.

Eye is not mandatory, while Kinect is so Microsoft had no choice but to bundle it with X1.

PS4 IS 399, no matter how you spin it. if you like Xbox One more out of just being a fan of MS, then you don't have to hide it beneath spin.
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T2  +   898d ago
Well to be fair you do have to add +50 for ps plus for the year , as its not included from what I understand... Not saying plus is bad value just gotta factor that
givemeshelter  +   898d ago
I can't see myself buying an XboxOne unless policies change. Price I don't care about as I will never buy a console near launch again after getting burned with a Launch PS2 and Xbox360.
I wait about one year after release or more and the price goes lower and more games are out. My gaming PC and gaming Laptop keep me occupied until then.
The Policy for the XboxOne however is my killing stroke not to get it. Not to mention the PS4 is more powerful then the XboxOne (Even though it won't be a huge difference)it's still there.
What was MS thinking? Release a system less powerful and price it more?
Sadist3  +   898d ago
Actually it's not $100.00 cheaper since you're required to pay $50.00 for the online. So if I buy it on day one I have to pay an extra $50.00 that day because let's face it, who doesn't play online? So it's actually $450.00 I'm spending. And then if I purchase online, I'm obviously going to be online all the time, so why would I mind if my system checks every 24 hours to see if I have a connection? Shit, I just paid to have online, damn right I'm going to be online all the time. 24 hour check doesn't bother me because why would I pay for online only to not be online all the time?
Foxhound922  +   898d ago
You do know you have to spend 60 dollars for Xbl right? Lmao I would Wikipedia the word logic and dive in bro
Seraphemz  +   898d ago
Do you want a puppy brother as well?
Foxhound922  +   898d ago
Yeah when I spend my hard earned money on a 64 dollar game I should be able to do what the hell I want with it.
I see no point in buying a PS4. I already have a PS3 and that was Sony's last good console. I'm not going to buy a system where the publishers can choose if they want to restrict used games on PS3 (sure, they don't BLOCK them but Sony gives them the option to restrict them). I sure as hell don't want to pay monthly fees for games that I could be playing online for free to begin with either.

I'd rather stick with PC & Wii U. Free online play. I'll have a next-gen console and a PC that can do everything else so I can play exclusives & superior multiplats.

And yes, Wii U is a next-gen console despite how many of you Sony & Microsoft fanboys want to stick your fingers in your ears. Of course PC makes PS4 & Xbox One last gen consoles to begin with.
hellvaguy  +   898d ago
I don't see how WiiU is next gen when the specs are similar to 7-8 year old sony/ms tech. Like if someone were to tell me my gaming laptop is the latest and greatest when the components are 3-4 year old tech.

Idk just my opinion, but I don't see it. You can tell me a horse is brown and gimme your reasons why, but if it's a black horse it still is black to me.
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Sadist3  +   898d ago
Also DRM doesn't bother me, I buy a game to play a game. I don't buy it with the intentions of letting someone else borrow it. They can get their own games the same way I did.
Foxhound922  +   898d ago
Do you not have friends to trade games with or something? Lmao
hellvaguy  +   898d ago
Id never trade with friends. Im anal with my things and most people just throw things around and don't take care of it. A lesson I learned the hard way all too many times.
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xJumpManx  +   898d ago
That is how I feel but I am an adult who also likes to keep their games in Mint condition. I can see where the kiddies let their friends borrow games.
fsfsxii  +   897d ago
Lol, you must be a lonely guy at home.
Its ppeople like you who ruin gaming for us
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Fat-Milkers  +   898d ago
There are so many reasons. But honestly the hardware superiority of the PS4, imagine where the likes of Naughtydog will take that 3-4 years from now.Every PS4 exclusive will make Xbox one exclusives look lame in comparison.
Jdoki  +   898d ago
The MS games looked good - but there was a definite quality jump when looking at the PS4 games.

I was surprised how 'old' Beyond, Two Souls looked in the trailer after seeing some of the PS4 stuff.
DivineAssault  +   898d ago
I wont support companies that try & control my stuff.. If my internet goes out for any reason or i go somewhere without it, i still want access to MY GAMES.. I wont give M$ a damn cent of my money & already payed off my PS4!
Sci0n  +   898d ago
Mika 95% of the games Microsoft displayed was multiplats so why do you say dumb stuff like that?
xJumpManx  +   898d ago
The entire Sony show was about multiplatform games. One thing you can not say is that Microsoft went that direction.
torchic  +   898d ago
but it's no secret that Sony has the biggest 1st party portfolio. so big that they're providing great support to THREE consoles simultaneously.

with PS4, the games WILL come, it's just inevitable.
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Seraphemz  +   898d ago
Do you know what "entire" is?

Because they showed Killzone 4, Infamous, and Drive club. Those were 100% NOT multiplatform...
Im not sure if other games were exclusive or not, but the show was NOT entirely about multiplatform.
Sci0n  +   898d ago
Sony showed off exclusives for the PS3, Vita and PS4. The PS4 is the better console, it has better specs, a better design, no drm always online no used games BS polices and its cheaper. Its a no brainer.
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xJumpManx  +   898d ago
I am not arguing with anyone I already have both consoles preordered and paid off looking forward to both I do not want to miss any good games.
Smoovekid  +   897d ago
Sony said they had 40 games to show and E3 is not over.
remanutd55  +   898d ago
$399.99, Knack!!!!!! the memories, THE MEMORIES!!!!!!!
despair  +   898d ago
I don't need convincing, was ready to buy at 499 and now at 399 its just a steal(expensive steal but very good still).
Jarhead1776  +   898d ago
As an older gamer with kids, I'm 42, I really can only buy one console. I've been with the Xbox since the original came out. To me the original Xbox and the Xbox360 were superior machines to the Ps2 and 3.
But the new generation coming up, it seems to me the PS4 is the superior machine in every category. Upgradable HDD, no DRM, etc. We all know the differences.
An honest question and I hope I get a clear answer for... How is Sonys online service? I haven't had any experience with it and I was wondering is there any lag since they don't have servers for online multiplayer.
This is my first post here and please be kind haha
AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   897d ago
You must be joking when you said that Xbox is better than PS2.
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AsunaYuukiTheFlash  +   897d ago
Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III. Nuff Said.
#23 (Edited 897d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Tatsuya  +   897d ago
I don't need a reason, PS4 is built by gamers for gamers.
gamer2013  +   897d ago
LMAO! Gamers play games and don't care about brands. Get it?
Jarhead1776  +   897d ago
I didn't want to debate on which was better the Xbox/Xbox360 or the ps2/ps3. I wanted to know how Sonys online service ran.
xkevmandc  +   897d ago
why will I buy that Xbox wanna be, I'm getting the Xbox one. it dose more....
Jarhead1776  +   897d ago
Jesus. I asked a simple question about Sonys online service, and I don't get an answer. Wtf
gamer2013  +   897d ago
It blows compared to XBL that's the truth. So there ya go. Being honest probably just cost me all my bubbles. Ahh well this is a nutjob site anyway.

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