How to play MKV content on PlayStation 3

The PlayStation 3 (PS3) console does not support the MKV / Matroska container, but it will support much of the audio and video that can be stored in the MKV container. This guide assumes that the video and audio of your MKV file are H.264 / AVC and AC3 audio. For the record, DTS audio does not work with this process, you need the MKV2VOB method for that.

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Vicophine3680d ago

Wayy to hard for me. I'll stick to using my audio/video file converter for MPEG4 Ty.

suedester3680d ago

MKV2VOB is the way to go. It retains 5.1 sound and is super fast - I'm talking 10-15 seconds to convert a 1.2 gb file. This process looks to take much longer.

bumnut3680d ago

i hate converting videos, thats why i decided to plug a pc into my tv and play everything through that.

Kwertie3680d ago

I wish pirates would stop being up their own ass with their "free standards" and use MP4. It would be a lot easier for everyone.

Some free standard if it is restricted to being played on a PC. It's only really free to those that make it, but isn't the end user the most important aspect?

Torch3680d ago

you forget this and just opt for the quick and simple PS3Video9, by Red Kawa.

It's, an excellent one-step FREE program...and there are other versions available which are customized for other systems as well, including the PSP and the Wii.

Yes, I did indeed said "Wii." (Mjpeg)

Here's a link:

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