Side-by-side: Xbox One gamepad vs Xbox 360 gamepad

TechRadar: "The Xbox One controller has over 40 improvements over the Xbox 360 controller, and while a few are noticeable right away, it's hard to gauge the rest without a side-by-side comparison.

That's why we gave the Xbox One and Xbox 360 gamepads an impromptu photoshoot at a Microsoft E3 2013 event last night."

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SwiderMan1625d ago

What a difference 8 years makes.

Cam9771625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

I wouldn't be able to tell which one's which. Hey, they've probably kept it the same as it's pretty much the only area the 360 is complimented in. I told a friend to buy a PS4 rather than a ONE and he said no because "the controller is ******". Some peoples' ignorance really annoys me. Most people who jump to such a conclusion don't know about the system (my friend didn't even know of the DRM and didn't watch the E3 event) so yeah, it's ignorance. If that's what they do then the price they pay can be the terrible XBONE.

Microsoft know they dont't have much better than Sony so kept it the same. Exactly the same.

Geezus1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

The ds3 is sh-t the ds4 tho looks infinitely better but still the xbox controller is better imo the analog stick positioning is key along with ergonomics

mcstorm1625d ago

Its all personal preference on which controller is better. For me the Xbox controller and the WiiU Pro controller fit better in my hands than the DS2 and DS3 as they are small and I have big hands. I have never had cramp when playing games for a long time on the WiiU and 360 but I get them when doing it on the DS2 and 3. So for me the 360 controller is the better of the two but the DS3 will be better for some other peoples hands.

The DS4 looks like it could be better for me than the DS3 but I would need to get my hands on it 1st to say if it will be or not.

As for the 360 and One controller I like what they have done with the One controller they look like they have improved on what they had on the 360 controller but again I would need to hold it my self to say if I liked it or not.

Geezus1625d ago (Edited 1625d ago )

@mcstorm yeah thats my main issue with the current DS's the hand cramping and i have small hands never really encountred that problem with the xbox controller tho i think the positioning on the ds analog stick is too close thats my main gripe

UnHoly_One1625d ago

Saying that he wouldn't buy a PS4 because the controller is crap is not ignorance, it's personal preference.

I'm buying both consoles, but unless the One fails completely and gets crappy ports, I'll buy all multiplats on the One, simply for the controller.

That is just my preference. No ignorance involved, just because I don't agree with your preference.

And you can talk until you're blue in the face about all the "restrictions" and DRM, but none of that will affect me. My internet is reliable and I buy all my games new. I don't swap with friends and I don't rent.

I'm in the minority on this website for sure, but that's how I game, so the One is not limiting me at all.

It's a shame we can't all just get along and allow everyone to have their own opinion.

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Geezus1625d ago

Damn i love the One controller........
But the restrictions...sheesh!

stage881625d ago

It's... the same controller.

muffinbutton1625d ago

might be useful for PC....might

tigertom531625d ago

from what I have seen ps4 going to charge 60 dollars to use their camera and another 60 for the controller so it's still the same price as the X1 WHEN SAID AND DONE. not sure on this but a lot of website said they are also going to have an online multiplayer cost of 5dollars a month on the ps4

Foxgod1625d ago

back then the 360 didnt have wifi, but was cheaper then the ps4, i remember everybody claiming the price difference wasnt so big if you bought all the stuff that supposedly came with the ps3....

On topic, it stays my favorite controller, and it got a little better, so no complaints here.

tigertom531625d ago

Im going to wait it out a year and see how things fall

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