GTA IV Special Edition almost sold out in New Zealand

The first indication of GTA IV's presales performance was revealed today when Take Two Interactive confirmed that the special edition of the game has almost sold out in New Zealand. While the tiny island nation of just over four million inhabitants doesn't put much of a mark on worldwide sales figures, the excitement which must be brewing among Kiwis is probably something echoed all around the world.

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Rattles3738d ago

yea go NZ good tast in consoles and games.

Exhaust3738d ago

Its going to break all records. Selling way more than Halo 3 or any other game. The record will stand for a long time.

Both XBL and PSN are going to have trouble keeping up with the volume of people trying to play it online.

Can't wait!

King20083738d ago

Will deliever in every aspect. While i'm personally getting the ps3 version the fact that its a multiplat title guarantees that it will sell millions upon millions. I will be calling off tuesday and wednesday for this game. Maybe the rest of the week to.

decapitator3738d ago

har...I called it. I have been saying this for a while now..GTAIV will sell like crazy.


its got to be a one week holiday for me....

4 weeks to go...

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The story is too old to be commented.