Diehard GameFAN: Hands-On Preview: Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara – Tower of Doom

DHGF: Having beaten both HD remakes of the game multiple times now, I can say that, while the game isn’t arcade perfect, it’s still a lot of fun and is a cheaper and saner alternative to the Sega Saturn or arcade cabinet options that we’ve had for the past two decades. To get you ready for the game’s release next week, I’ve included a set of ten helpful hints and tips to get through the game.

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Drewminati1895d ago

how can it not be arcade perfect?

Lucario1895d ago

None of Zero Galaxy's HDremakes have been arcade perfect. Hell they haven't even been Sega Saturn/Dreamcast quality control-wise. The Darkstalkers collection was ripped apart by fans of that series as was their version of SFIII.

Scarfy1895d ago

Hmm, odd.

I imagine because it's not emulated, and the team responsible decided to either reverse engineer the code (doubtful) or used the original arcade code and made tweaks.