Sony talks plans for PSP in 2008 as sales increase by 85 per cent

According to John Koller, Sony's PSP senior marketing manager, US sales of PSP are up 85 per cent over last April. The console's price cut and new streamlined design has helped the company target a whole new demographic – namely the teenage consumer rather than the 20-something one – and users are adopting PSP for internet browsing on the move, listening to music and watching videos.

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Rikitatsu3741d ago

why ppl chose DS over PSP ... if you want to play DS games that badly , there is a DS PC emulator , it works great

there is no PSP emulator though

crck3741d ago

I bet if someone were to do a study. PSP would probably be about equal or have sold even more units to males 15 and up.

Silellak3741d ago

Popularity perpetuates popularity.

A friend of mine bought a DS so she can play at work, because other people there have a DS and she can play multiplayer games with them.

The more people own System X, the more other people want to own it, too. People hear how great System X is from their friends who have one, so they run out and grab one when they have the cash.

I think word of mouth sells more game systems than any advertising campaign. I know *I* wanted a DS until I did a bit of research and realized there weren't really any GAMES I wanted for it. All because I'd heard how great it was.

KingKirchner3741d ago


I know what you mean. The same thing is hapening with the Wii. I bought a DS for that very reason, and as it turns out, I have 2 games for it (Zelda and Mario Kart) It's been collecting dust ever since I beat Zelda (which was a great game btw).

Same thing is happening with the Wii (allthough it actually has a nice selection of worthwhile games). It's not the games like Zelda and Metroid that are selling the Wii, it's Wii Sports and word of mouth.

After doing some research into PSP games and features, I've decided to get one next month. I'm now wishing I had gotten it over the DS in the first place.

Blue Legend3741d ago

actually, i've seen 2 psp emulators, one called pspe or something like that released years ago, then was abandoned. Another called potemkin came out a year or so ago, then, i'm guessing was abandoned.

DS emulators run great only on 2D games, make it do 3D and it slows down.

Also, game piracy is illegal, so you have to get the thing anyway :p

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Massacre3741d ago

Looking like it will be a great year for the PSP. Good stuff.s

decapitator3741d ago

Great news. I will be picking up FVII:CC up this week. I beat GOW:CoO already. I had a blast.

BeaArthur3740d ago

spectyre...actually from where my TV used to sit in relation to the bathroom I could. But I might have a problem if I bought a PSP for the purposes of using it in the bathroom.

BeaArthur3741d ago (Edited 3741d ago )

I would definitely get one if I would actually use it. My job doesn't require me to travel, I don't ride any type of public transportation and I only do about one vacation a year. I would really like to get one but I know I would barely ever play it and I'm not going to spend that much money on something that I'm barely ever going to play.

decapitator3741d ago

There's the GPS and Camera add on which could come in handy if you really want one.

crck3741d ago

until you lazy in bed playing a psp.

BeaArthur3741d ago

decapitator...true but the main feature would be games and I just wouldn't use it enough to justify how much it costs.

crck...haha, I can play PS3 or 360 while laying in bed.

Skerj3741d ago

Once you start playing some of the PSP games you'll probably play them even at home, I know I often do in the face of the other consoles.

spectyre3741d ago

play the PS3 or 360 on the crapper? I thought not. Just watch out for the leg numbers.

Skerj3740d ago

I actually can play the 360, PS3, and PS2 on the crapper and often do. Wireless controllers and massively large TV aimed to the bathroom ftmfw.

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Skerj3741d ago

But the PSP needs saving!! Hah I'm playing mine right now.

decapitator3741d ago

har har, I see what you did

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