Electronic Theatre Retro Review: Altered Beast

Even to this day, some twenty five years after its arcade debut, many gamers hold SEGA’s Altered Beast in very high regard. It’s seen as a videogame that went places where others wouldn’t. Adult themes, horrific enemies and brutal combat all rendered in such vibrant detail unlike anything that had gone before it. Sadly, the last two-and-a-half decades have not been kind to Altered Beast, nor in fact were the three years that followed it.

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nick3091623d ago

The reviewer's mom should get 16 outta 100. Altered beast is one of the best games that ever embraced the gaming industry.

nugnugs1623d ago

It was great at the time. The graphics blew me away, but I played it recently and it's probably best to keep the memories and not sully them by replaying it.

rmedtx1623d ago

"The reviewer's mom should get 16 outta 100."
That is the funniest thing ever... lol you rock nick309!

Kurt Russell1623d ago


Spookshow1623d ago

Altered Beast is a great game, and a truly awesome masterpiece for its time, the 16/100 score is just retarded.

mrmancs1623d ago

16 out of a 100 for this arcade classic!? Travesty.

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The story is too old to be commented.