Phil Spencer: here's why you'll need to be online

"I mean the analogy, and I don't know if it's a great analogy… let's say I live in an area that doesn't have cell service. I wouldn't go buy a cell phone. Now, I might roam in different areas where my cellphone becomes active."

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Septic1649d ago

Phil Spencer just dodged the questions really. I still don't understand why its mandatory to sign in at least once a day.

DxTrixterz1649d ago

Either to see if the game is a legal copy or you still own it.

US8F1649d ago

Or maybe phil spencer that you might not get that big fat bonus check you were promised if MS is not successful.

abzdine1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

hahaha and the show goes on! what they dont know is that sometimes i freaking dont want to be online.

dantesparda1649d ago

So should all smartphones apps stop working if you dont check in every 24hrs Phil? Such bullsh!t, keep digging MS, keep digging. Arrogant bastards

theaceh1649d ago

It's because the Xbox One is more than just a gamming console... its a digital parole officer!

JokesOnYou1649d ago

"I mean the analogy, and I don't know if it's a great analogy… let's say I live in an area that doesn't have cell service. I wouldn't go buy a cell phone."

I mean that says it all...X1 is a online console, dont buy it if you dont want to be connected or live in a area that doesnt have internet. Thank fully I like the benefit of being connected where my content goes wherever I go.

famoussasjohn1649d ago

That doesn't make sense considering that they require us to install the game and gives us the option of playing the game without the disc being in the drive.

bootsielon1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

@JokesOnYou Joke's on you

badz1491649d ago

that's when you know he's DESPERATE!

"I mean the analogy, and I don't know if it's a great analogy…" - NO, PHIL! THAT's not a great analogy, in fact, it's STUPID!

you can't put the XBone in your pocket now is it?

your phones doesn't REQUIRE you to be online once everyday is it?

and you don't get to buy discs for your phone's apps are you?

see how STUPID that analogy is?

dumahim1648d ago


You better not decide to take your Xbox to a place without an internet connection.

BallsEye1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Is it so bad with internet in America? In europe 100 MBps cost 12 euro(16 USD) a month ( even in poorest european countries slowest connection is 10mbps which cost 7 euro). I was living in a small town before with only a little over 1000 people living there... I had 50mbps connection as cheap as bread.

Kleptic1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

^its horrible in America...Horrible...

I live about 90 miles west of Pittsburgh, PA...a fairly 'normal' sized city in the US. I do have broadband access, but without a cable TV package, the cost starts at $60 a month after your 6 months of reduced price for being a new customer...and there is only a single provider available in my area...

if i drive 15 miles from my home, in nearly any direction...broadband isn't available for residential customers...only businesses can access it, and only by paying through the teeth to have the wires run...

i won't even talk about mobile broadband, we're lucky to have voice calls...

While it is true that nearly any urban area has no problem with broadband access...urban areas don't even make up a quarter of the country...Just a 1 hour drive into the pocono mountains from New York City, and they don't even know what broadband is...

this is very common in a lot of the US...this place is still 70%+ farm land. Its almost a 100% guarantee at this point after sony's announcements; MS is going to drop that always on thing...there is NO WAY they'll remotely put up a fight if they keep that policy...

SilentNegotiator1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )


So you've never had connection issues? And you don't think people should be able to enjoy SP games without internet because Xbone is nonsensically "an online (required) console"?

Stop trying so hard with your "OH U DONT HAZ INTERNET AT ALL? XBAUX IS ONLINE SYSTEM!" crap.

Do you EVER get tired of sucking up anything the Microsoft corporation feeds you?

dillydadally1648d ago

His explanation doesn't even make sense and is almost insulting he thinks we'll buy it! The products he's taking about have no problem letting you play local content if you go offline and the media he's taking about is small or streamable! I'm not going to go away from my home console and download a flipping bluray sized game just to play it! But you know what I might do? Bring my disc! His answer doesn't even apply and there is no real excuse other than anti consumerist, draconian DRM!

Narutone661648d ago

Here's Don Mattrick's recommendation for those who don't have internet connections:

SilentGuard1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

They can still keep their DRM policies by only requiring connections during game installs. Their is no need to require check-ins every 24 hours.

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GamerToons1649d ago

What a tool.

You can do all of that on your PS4.

It's a BS lie. Just like EA tried to spin SimCity is an MMO BS

georgeenoob1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I hope you fanboys do know that you're only making MS stronger. When fanboys bitched about games, look what happened e3. Now we wait for their next move on this.

dantesparda1649d ago

You're calling people "fanboys" when you are one obvious diehard MS fanboy.

StanLee1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

You know, at the beginning of this current gen, Microsoft was criticized for monetizing online play with Live. Turns out, they were right; it was a bold move that proved hugely successful. The criticisms today aren't any different, they're taking bold steps to connect users with each other and their content and they'll be proven right again. Case in point, look at Sony's attempt to now monetize online play on the PS4 after realizing how successful a model it was. The internet has a vocal community but it's the minority. I think sometimes, it's better to just take a wait and see approach to see the benefits to users rather than leveling criticism.

dennett3161649d ago

Uh, what? You know if they backtrack on this that it will be very humiliating for their corporate image, right?
Also, it wasn't just "fanboys" (ahh, the throwing around of that word when somebody has an opinion you don't like) criticising MS for their original reveal, a lot of Xbox fans were unimpressed as well.
If you think all the criticism is just coming from trolls and fanboys, well you've got your head deeper in the sand than Microsoft do.

StanLee1649d ago

@ dennett316

I don't think fanboys and trolls are the only ones with criticisms. I think there is general concern that Microsoft's policy could disenfranchise some users but that's a small minority I believe and I believe the numbers will bear this out in the end. If you read what Phil Spencer said, you see Microsoft's thinking.


Then you should be happy we have been bitching...

Can you imagine what the MS E3 would have been like if there had not been all this rage..

you would have had another 1hr+ of TV, sports, more tv, sports... and they would have showed 10 sec teasers for all the games.

JackBNimble1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

@ Stanlee

You know you don't have to own an always online console to be connected. MS could have done the same dam thing with xbone with out always online.

dillydadally1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

What an ignorant statement. A lot of these "fanboys", including myself and all my friends, were Xbox 360 owners but are now reluctantly switching to PS4. Only a true fanboy would still stand up for MS after the incredible amount of anti consumerist, draconian principles they are trying to push on us! We just don't want to support such an evil company and shame on anyone who defends them!

I mean even this guys explanation is offensive in that he basically insulting us thinking we are stupid enough not to realize his statements don't even apply to the always on DRM. If it was just a service so we can connect anywhere, why can't we play single player games without internet? You can on the devices he's talking about! The answerer is he is lying! It's nothing about this and everything about DRM and his explanation doesn't even make sense. I mean, if I'm away from my home console, I can't stream the game to another device and I'm not going to download a bluray sized game just to play! This model doesn't even apply to games! He's lying to us! And you defend him!

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callahan091649d ago

"Any other device that you own, your library is digital. Frankly, if you're on the PC, or a Steam customer, or an App Store customer on iOS devices -- this is how you think about your library of content."

PHIL!! I don't need to check in with Apple every 24 hours to use the content I download from the App Store. I don't need to check in with Steam every 24 hours to use the content I download from Steam. Are you following me? This is quite significantly different. Do you know what DID require constant check-ins to play? Sim City 4. Diablo 3. These games were PANNED by fans for that policy. People hated it. You shouldn't be going down this road.

Death1649d ago

GameCenter on your iphone is constantly "checking in" while you play. Steam does the same thing when you boot up your computer or launch a Steam game.

famoussasjohn1649d ago

Death - Gamecenter doesn't work if you don't set up an account. The games will still work without a problem. You won't receive achievements and such, but it's not a mandatory feature.

Death1648d ago

It's not mandatory, but it limits the gaming experience. If you want to use the online features, you need to set it up.

Phil is essentially saying the XboxOne is geared towards customers that want the full experience of being connected. It's not marketed towards people looking for a purely offline system. If Microsoft had close to 50 million Live subscribers, they are targeting them as potential customers, His analogy about cell phones sums it up. You aren't going to buy a cellphone if you aren't going to subscribe to cell service. Sure, you can still use the calculator in it, but at that point you should probably just buy a calculator.

callahan091648d ago

Death, of course not going online with your games limits the features and experience. That's a no-brainer. But having online features as an option to expand the experience, and requiring online in order to play any of the experience AT ALL, are two totally different things.

waltercross1648d ago

@ Death

Steam does not Check in when you boot up your PC and you can start steam in offline mode.

gaffyh1648d ago

@Death - Nobody wants a purely offline or online system, people want CHOICE. This systems takes choice out of the equation, which means if your internet goes down, or XBL servers go down, or your network hardware gets damaged at some point for more than 24 hours, you are basically left without a gaming system.

MS is basically pushing their consumers towards PS4. They are basically saying, "You can buy a PS4 for the times when the internet is off", which is the stupidest decision ever.

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GuyThatPlaysGames1649d ago

That feature is the stupidest thing I ever heard of. MS shot themselves in the foot with this one.

StanLee1649d ago

Okay, I know this is asking a lot but, intelligently, no trolling, what are your criticisms of the policy? Because in it's simplicity, it's not asking owners to do anything the majority don't already do daily. If you're here criticizing, you're not one of those persons who will be marginalized by the policy. This is a serious question and I invite anyone else to detail their complaints intelligently as well. Keep in mind, "it's Marxists!", isn't a complaint.

mydyingparadiselost1648d ago

Once the server is gone your games are gone and your left with a brick and some blu ray coasters. If your internet is shut off, brick and coaster. This digital future of all installed games is complimented by a hard drive that is nowhere near big enough for the amount of games most gamers buy. These 'features' limit what can be done with your games and where it can be done at. If I want to take my console over to a friends (or anywhere for that matter) to show off they better have an intenet connection or brick and coaster. The digital content that is provided on most 'always connected' devices is cheap, like under ten dollars and usually just a dollar cheap, but so far no info on game prices going down even though your basically just renting your games for as long as M$ wants you to play them. And how about choice? Just the choice to buy a used game from a friend or on ebay or loan out games as I see fit? Oh yea, and all those other devices that store all your information and constantly connect to the net, the ones with the cameras and the facebook apps, are being monitored non stop by the US government all the time which makes putting a camera in the middle of your home with easy access to the net at all times a little ridiculous to me. But whatever, I'm sure there's all kinds of benefits to having a console that's always connected, just not as many as one that gives a choice.

FunkMacNasty1648d ago

Yea, I'm not sure what he means by this either:

'Spencer points out that these days people expect their library to be with them."Any other device that you own, your library is digital. Frankly, if you're on the PC, or a Steam customer, or an App Store customer on iOS devices -- this is how you think about your library of content."'

I don't think about my gaming library needin to to 'move' with me. This is a rediculous statement, or I have no clue what he's really getting at. This might be different if we were still in an age of split-screen 2-player gaming. For all of Microsoft's alleged glimpse into the future, they seem to be ignoring the fact that 97% of multiplayer gaming is done via internet these days.. we have no need to take our gaming library anywhere


KingKevo1648d ago

Simple: Authentication, downloading new ads and uploading the data Kinect has collected.

That's really everything I can think of and it all sucks.

TheTwelve1648d ago

Microsoft has no choice but to truly show clear reason for their policies...and promote them as good for you consumers. Good luck!


BallsEye1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

The thing is, with xbox one you can play your games (or people's profiles who are chosen as your family members) on ANY xbox one ANYWHERE without the disc. Because you can play those games without the disc on any xbox one it requires you to check in to make sure 10 different consoles are not using games bought by 1 user in the same time. I admit it's not needed, they could'v done this better but it is what it is. Doesn't really affect me since I'm ALWAYS online when I'm on my console or PC. Still IMO they should ditch the retardd 24h check-in and think of something more consumer friendly.

waltercross1648d ago

I Know, It sounds so good right? Steam has that to. But XBO is a Console, people prefer Discs on Consoles. on Steam the games are fully Digital, you d/l your game. on XBO you buy a Disc and it acts like a transfer thingy(stupid), then once It's on your XBO and tied to your Account nobody else can use your game. MS is saying "It's still theres , yes even though you bought it you're just renting it" since you have no say as to what happens to it.

Logging into your account from any XBO will allow you to play any game on your account but this Isn't some new Tech, many things on PC already do this, The downfall is on the XBO the HDD is only 500 GB. MS's vision is for everything to be fully Digital eventually. That means, no Trade ins, no Lending, no Sales...NOTHING. Many people will lose Jobs and all games will still be $60. We suffer, MS and Developers gain. PS4 for the win!.

BallsEye1648d ago


As I said, I don't like it too but it's something that has to happen. Back in the day when there was no internet I loved my monthly press collection. We were exchanging it with friends, it was awesome. Now gaming press is almost dead, everything is on internet and eventho everyone complained about it at first now no one cares. Same thing will happen with gaming, everything will go digital no matter how you feel about it. It is the future, even if it's not the future you'd want.

wellard1648d ago

And Phil Spencer, here's why your fans are switching to Playstation.

DarthJay1648d ago

I'll explain it to you: modded Xbox's. It's a problem. It has been for a long time. No one wants to talk about it. No one wants to accept responsibility. Almost everyone I know that has an Xbox, at one point or another, has had a modded Xbox, myself included. It's not something I am particularly proud of but it was something that was so easy to do. Most people that mod their Xbox's use them offline. Some people use them online and eventually they get caught.

I would love some data on how many Xbox's they have found that have been modded. It's a bigger problem than people want to admit. So when people ask what brought them to this point, it's not really hard to figure out why. I'm not going to justify why I did it because there is no justifying, and it doesn't matter that I ended up purchasing most of the games I downloaded. It was wrong, and in the end, people like me that at any point had a modded console are the reason Microsoft has chosen to walk this path.

The cell phone comparison is a good one, and it's not surprising that it is lost on people. His point was that if you can't get reception where you live, you don't buy a cell phone. If you live in a tropical climate, you're probably not putting an ice skating rink in your back yard. If someone lives in an area where internet is a challenge, then maybe this console is not going to be right for that person. Clearly they are building the games in a way that they are not going to work properly without an internet connection, therefor, if you want to play them offline, there could be problems. Yes, they are essentially preventing people from buying their console, and it doesn't make sense, but that's a decision they will have to live with.

I'm not agreeing or disagreeing with what they are saying, simply breaking it down instead of turning it into the constant pissing match of one liners that it always seems to devolve into. The reality is that for many people, this will never, ever, ever, ever be an issue. Ever. Do I love the direction? Again, no. I think it is abundantly clear that the 24 hour thing HAS to be dropped. There really is no two ways about it.

What is getting frustrating is the constant need to shame and insult people that want an Xbox One some people seem to have. I'm buying both and I am 100% stoked to have them both. None of these seemingly life or death issues remotely concern me. I really don't see a need to go beyond that. I really don't see how my personal decision effects anyone else. You don't want one? Oh well.

MoveTheGlow1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

Consoles weren't supposed to be cell phones, Spencer. We got them because they *didn't* do what cell phones do. If your console is just a hybrid of a PC and a cell phone, we don't want it. Especially people in developing countries don't want it. Ugh. Change or lose, Xbone!

Also, giving a cell phone analogy really doesn't work when you're talking about modding. I mean, how big is the Android market? Those things are still rootable, and still constantly modded. And they should be. They're *your* phones.

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GameCents1649d ago

Microsoft, this is not the toe to dig your heels deeper into the ground.

Wizziokid1649d ago

Phil you can't defend the Xbox 1 at this point.

Why o why1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

You're wrong....he IS doing his a double agent. ......and doing it well

Conan-O-Brady1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

I think you're thinking of former Sony exec Phil Harrison.

Why o why1649d ago

Yeah, my mistake... I was.

JeffGUNZ1649d ago

Defend what? This is the way of the future. Digital downloading is going to be the norm in a few years. I have internet, so for me, I don't care one bit. If one is too cheap to pay for internet, then they shouldn't be spending 400-500 on a next gen console. Every area can have internet, even with satellite internet or DSL. The connection requirements to be logged in is so minimal, it's not like you need high speed internet for their 24 check in. For people who are technology sound and have stepped into the 21st century, this is not a big deal. The DRM requirement is pretty standard with digital download and install. You can't let someone buy the game, install it on his hard drive and then sell it or just give it to multiple friends. People here are so ignorant to the fact that MS is actually doing this to protect the video game industry, which helps us in the long run. You still can buy a used Xbox one game, so that isn't an issue. A lot of people are just trying to find anything negative about MS to cry about. Look at the preorders already, many people could careless about the internet connection as most people in the markets MS is targeting have internet.

Wizziokid1649d ago

Enjoy renting your games while I buy mine then.

I want no part of MS and their future plan for gaming.

SkullBlade1691649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

Stop being a tool. There is no reason why I should be required to check in to some dumb service just to sit down and play a single player game for awhile.

People who are defending this console seriously are stupid. If you want to pay more for weaker hardware and all these restrictions, go right ahead.

I don't give a damn what's better for the companies, they make enough money off games already. I'm not going to sacrifice control of my games and system just because some random greedy company wanted to increase their profits by limiting their products.

The machine as a whole is simply inferior, and is more expensive. I'm not going to buy it, simple as that.


Jeff, Please.... oh please.... please, don't do this, don't tell me you actually believe that crap !!!

NOoooooo... Jeff, NOOOOooooooooo

LeRise1648d ago

Single player games should be like movies, music or books - they don't need online connection.

JeffGUNZ1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

I don't give a sh*t what you buy, I plan on getting both eventually, but some of the comments below are so uneducated it's pathetic.

@WizzioKid. You're not renting the games, you own a game you buy until you trade it in, simple as that. You don't pay a daily or weekly rate to own the game, it's a flat rate and that's all. I want Dead Rising 3, I can have it for the rest of my life. If you want a PS4, knock yourself out, I am not telling your or suggesting to you which purchase you should make. It's your money, buy what you want.

@ SkullBlade169. Really? They make a lot of money, I guess that's why we had a record number of studios collapse and fall this generation. As tech increases, so does the revenue to produce a game. I don't think you really know how much goes into making next gen or this gen type of games. It's not that I am defending the console, but rather stating for a person like me, who resides in the USA, who is always on wifi, this system with it's always connected doesn't effect me negatively. You know, just like you don't care about what's better for the companies, I don't care that the system will be always connected. Christ, my 360 & PS3 are always connected now. The restrictions are so miniscule in reality but people on here, who hate anything MS related, make internet connection and DRM the end of the world. You still buy games new or used, nothing changes. The DRM is not going to ban one from buying second hand games.

Listen, I loved the PS4 conference as well, but some of the comments about the xbox one are just overkill. Again, get what you want, I respect any consumers opinion on what they spend their earned money on.

rockbottom30761648d ago

Jeff for us not being able to distribute games on steam or ios we pay a lot less for said game typically. Lets not forget xbox really pushed DLC as well to help publishers now we get unfinished games with DLC day one. Microsoft originally bought there exclusivity away from PS3 it was a bold move that worked. PS3 however still has some of the best exclusives this gen while 360 has halo. I appreciate them trying to combat pirates but theres got to be a better way. I'm a life long gamer ripe age of 37 never pirated, and have always had multiple consoles. The Xbox model really doesn't concern me but I'm more SP, BUT If I cannot connect online because of some unforeseen problem and cannot play my game then I have a 500 paperweight

Sideras1648d ago (Edited 1648d ago )

@JeffGUNZ You can give up your consumer rights all you want. But I'll keep mine thankyouverymuch. I'm a human being not damned cattle.

waltercross1648d ago

@ Jeff

Don't be so blind, Many companies collapsed not just in the Game Industry. Countries are going bankrupted, I suppose you'll blame that on Video game companies not making enough to right?

I have no Idea how you can defend the right to Lend/Sell/Trade in your games to anyone you want.
Don't sit there and try to tell us "But you can!", can only Trade in/Sell your games to participating Retailers. even MS said that, and to Lend out a game you have to deactivate it on your XBO...which in turns requires Internet AGAIN. Then your Buddy needs to pay ANOTHER fee to use it on his XBO, Fuck that. The more I think about MS's BS the madder I get. Up yours MS.

Grindlefly1648d ago

its the check that is the problem. I have no doubt that at some point we will have an all digital console, and ultimately that might be the future, however, if ms are pushing for this include a 1tb hard drive and remove the check. Once something is purchased digitally it should be yours to access whether online or not. All my apps dont stop working on my ipad if i have no wifi

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a_bro1649d ago

Dodging questions for the real reasons I see....

pompombrum1649d ago (Edited 1649d ago )

And here is why you won't need to be online: PS4

/end discussion.

Also lol @ the Happy Gilmore picture.