E3 2013: Indie Developers Continue to Choose PlayStation

Adam Boyes: "We also reaffirmed our dedication to independent developers and their ability to self-publish on PlayStation. We’ve increased our efforts in a huge way to bring unique gaming experiences to PlayStation platforms, and as we just revealed, we have an excellent lineup of games coming to the PlayStation 4 from the indie development community. Let’s take a look at some of those titles."

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US8F1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

PS4 is for everyone. All kind of developers and all kind of consumers. Its a dream come true. Still waiting for more gameplay footage of the witness. Sorry guys guilty pleasure

Army_of_Darkness1930d ago

I was hoping for dead nation 2. Sony should buy the developers of that game.

r211930d ago

Those 5 vita exclusive indie titles. One of which is Kickbeat, one of my most anticipated vita titles this year!

Shinobi1001930d ago

I'm still waiting for those AAA Vita announcements

Inception1930d ago

Transistor, Outlast, and Abe Oddysee remake got my interest.

Viper71930d ago

Those three looked amazing, but considering how unpredictable indie scene is, I would keep my eyes open as with self publishing you just never know when the next big thing hits.

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