Elder Scrolls Online New E3 Trailer And Next-Gen Confirmation

E3 is in full swing and Bethesda have released another juicy trailer for ESO. The Elder Scrolls Online New E3 trailer showcases some of the iconic features of the Elder Scrolls franchise including epic environments, deadly duels and large-scale combat. Accompanying the new trailer is confirmation for the release of Elder Scrolls Online on next-generation console platforms, Xbox One and Playstation 4.

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fluffydelusions1591d ago

Have you played SWTOR? It's based on that engine and that engine is terrible.

mrmancs1591d ago

Nope but one can only hope... Be good if I could upload my skyrim character , he awesome!

threefootwang1591d ago

Being an MMO and all, I wonder if cross play between all supported consoles will be available? I was planning on buying this for my PC but if it's available on PS4 that'd be an interesting concept.

MysticStrummer1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

History says there's not much hope for cross platform play, but there are exceptions so it is possible.

I didn't hit disagree by the way.

threefootwang1590d ago

I know you didn't hit disagree, I saw that before you commented, but all good!

And yeah that sucks, looks like I'll be sticking to PC for the game then..still buying a PS4 though :)

SlavisH21590d ago

dev said on GT TV no crossplay!

threefootwang1590d ago

Sucks, that could have had huge potential and help prolong the duration of the game, oh well!

despair1591d ago

I really don't want this to suck but track records for most MMOs these days are not good.

Xaphy1591d ago

skyrim online? count me in! looks good

ANIALATOR1361591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

can't tell if Michael Gambon or Nigel Thornberry

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