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Submitted by paddystan 977d ago | news

Sony confirms: PS4 apps such as Netflix, Hulu etc. are not behind PS+ paywall

Sonys Yoshida confirms via Twitter that PS4 apps are not behind the PS+ paywall. (PS4, Sony)

Sharius   977d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
Saints94  +   977d ago
Thank you, I have to PAY to watch nexflix on gold and PAY to use YOUTUBE. SMH on Xbox.
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Army_of_Darkness  +   977d ago
Already a PS+ member...
So I'm happy and already set for the ps4 :-D
Gimmemorebubblez  +   977d ago
Still a bit disappointed about the online pay-wall......but $5 a month with all the bonuses of PS+ is a fair deal but considering the PsVita has party-chat and cross-game chat at no charge I am disappointed. Still its better than MS's offering.
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Viper7  +   977d ago
Yeah it stinks, but think of it as a small sacrifice to potentially "save" console gaming. (Grass doesn't really look greener on competitors side.)

It's most likely Sony's hidden move to make for consumer loyalism trough massive instant game collection, similarly to Steam sales
(it's a lot harder to abandon steam as a service if you already have gaziljon games on it.)
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GenericNameHere  +   977d ago
When Sony is doing such a brilliant thing as eventually letting me play PS1, PS2, and PS3 games on my PS Vita and PS4 with the use of Gaikai, I have no trouble paying for PS+! As a Vita owner, I'm speechless to know that I'll someday be able to play Uncharted or The Last of Us on my Vita, and also be able to stream all PS4 games on it! Not even Nintendo is doing this. With their game pad yeah, but not the 3DS and Wii U.

Let's just hope they actually follow through with this, unlike the PS3-PSP remote play.
Gaming_Guru  +   977d ago
On the PS3 the remote play had to be intergrated by developers and i think the developers were spending so much time getting code to run they didn't bother. As with the PS4 the remote play is intergrated into the opertating system, so without developers help you can use remote play.

The only thing that will hold it back is whether it's playable on the Vita, meaning can the control scheme be mapped to Vita controls. From the looks of it there might be a default mapping system that can be overridden by developers.
Blackdeath_663  +   977d ago
on this site i have probably said that i hate having to pay to play online the most and i still do but its really hard to argue ps+ is not a good deal, i already have it on ps3. to pay $5 an get free games + a load more other goodies is well worth it. also i think that is just how sony are going to make their money since the console is alot cheaper. a year subscription or PS+ is the same price as buying a new game.

also i'd much rather pay that then have to consistently connect to the internet and lose ownership of my games
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mike32UK  +   977d ago
I'm with you 100% I was really peeved when I read that. I don't see why people are trying to justify it when the same people have been bashin Microsoft for it for years. Im still getting a ps4 but I probably won't get ps+ it's very rare that I play online anyway. I'm more of a single player story kind of guy!
abzdine  +   977d ago
i understand your disappointment but look at the whole package you get, it's unmatchable!

and if you are disappointed because you never tried PS+ before i can tell you that it's one of the best thing. and imagine you are getting Drive Club as offer!

You were planning to buy Drive Club? now for a cheaper price you get PS+, Drive Club, indie games, online features and a whole lot of PS3/Vita content!!!
dboyman  +   977d ago
Well probably the reason Sony is charging for online play his time is $$$. I can see why they have to do that. Especially considering Sony current financial situation, It costs money to run servers, plus with all the extra costs of online services like Gaikai, they need to bring in extra revenue to compensate. Even though, PS+ is still a great value..
abzdine  +   977d ago
remember that X1's 499$ doesnt include any LIVE and you need to pay extra 60 bucks to get it
asmith2306  +   977d ago
Put it this way... I have a 320GB HDD on my PS3 and I ran out of space because of all the games I was getting access to from PS+. It's an unbelievable offer as it is. The 'pay to play' online argument is completely transparent for me and for those who it is not, you will only benefit by having a PS+ subscription.
HurstDarkStar  +   977d ago
yeah thatss the one thing I kept reminding blind faith people of xbox360 only gamers is that they had to pay to play with the internet...but honestly though ps+ shits on live so hard its not even funny
kwyjibo  +   977d ago
Sony have done a great job in softening up their audience to the point they welcome pay-for-online after a generation spent deriding it.
PS4OUR  +   977d ago
$399 price point, upgradeable HDD, No DRM, PS+ mutliple account service to play online and no region locking for PS4 games AND you're complaining about a less than $5 montly fee to play online multiplayer????

And to the fact that PS+ already is incredible value for money as it is.

I dunno about you but the other plus points far outweight the less than $5 montly fee to play online.
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TwinDad  +   977d ago
Where did you read that the HD was upgradeable? I tried to find this last night and didn't see it on the spec sheet.
P_Bomb  +   977d ago
Speaks to the appeal of PS Plus. I've had it for 2.5 years now and haven't looked back. Just platinumed Sleeping Dogs through it actually, and have the digital copy of LBP2 and the PS1 Spyro's on my wife's PS3 for her 'n' the kids.

I love the way cloud storage circumvents and backs up all DRM locked save files (like the aforementioned Sleeping Dogs', boo Squeenix) so I was always gonna renew anyways. Tying MP into it won't affect us in the least, unlike my 360 Gold sub' which I won't be renewing in September (no freebies, apps behind paywall, DRM still blocks certain saves from cloud, online limited to one account). If they were gonna do it, this was how to do it. Driveclub just paid for itself.
kwyjibo  +   977d ago
I'm sure you're going to love it. But with Xbox Live, you're already used to paying subscriptions for things you can get free on other systems.

As for the free games? I have an entire back library stretching back years that I still haven't got round to yet. I tried to stop buying games for most of this year, but the humble bundles and sales keep on piling on.
LeCreuset  +   977d ago
You can thank the low bar Xbone set for that.

Honestly though, there's an argument to be made for costing money to run servers. Online multiplayer was a new thing for consoles and it came free on PS3. They're now charging for that added feature. I still don't like it as a consumer. We'll see if this actually improves Playstation's online service.

When it comes to Netflix and similar things, there's no excuse for charging to access that. Those services are already being paid for. So it's good to see they're not nickel and diming there.
PS4OUR   977d ago | Immature | show
ballisticvoodoo  +   977d ago
This just makes since. Sony gets it, MS doesn't. Hell, since you have to sub to netflix and hulu you should have access free of charge. 5 bucks a month for online play is not a big deal. The cross chat and community features are worth it alone. Toss in all the perks of PS Plus and it's a hell of a bargain.
Hicken  +   977d ago
I don't like paying for online, but at least it's a full service this time around, unlike a certain other console.
Rai  +   977d ago
I was ready to pay for online next generation. I felt that the PS3 generation for Sony was a building block for their PS4 online. I'm glad Sony allowed us to enjoy a generation of online gaming without making us pay for it. I had a feeling they would now more to a pay to play model because lets face it..servers aren't cheap. Its nice to see them allow people who don't play still have access to their apps without paying for it.
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joeorc  +   977d ago
They were most likely :
According to Shuhei Yoshida, president of Sony Worldwide Studios, this new requirement will help Sony offset additional investments on its online gaming network. On the bright side, you can expect some perks which comes with the PlayStation Plus membership. These include free games, as well as an option to save games and synchronize game trophies to the provided 1GB cloud storage.

A very strong "request" by Investor's to charge for a portion of the Online component, that's what happens when you loose over 9 billion in 9 straight years of Loss in the TV section and it effect your parts that make profit, than to top it off a rival corp charges and 46+ million user's who are happy to pay that fee.
And the Company Makes Billions yearly for online fee's.

Ivestor's see the $$$$ and want it, .This is how it starts you know

I say Never take your company Public peep's if you want to keep control of your Company!

This confirm's that because Multi-Player Online is still free on the PS3 and PSVita

the point is a free Game like DCUniverse is free to play on the PS3, but with the PS4 due to "the online share" and the ability to remote access games even on other's PS4's with ability to take over control of the Game, that will take more Bandwidth. for me I Would do without that feature to have free online Play. but that's just me.
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Pillsbury1  +   977d ago
50 a year and you get free games and other free stuff is WAY different than just being able to access multiplayer.
stage88  +   977d ago
Sony keep throwing those punches.
clarkjames   974d ago | Spam

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