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Submitted by BadCircuit 975d ago | opinion piece

E3 2013: Are Microsoft Back In The Game? Xbox One shows some fight


"The first cab off the rank was Microsoft.
Needing to regain some momentum after the pretty dismal Xbox One reveal, Microsoft needed to deliver a strong showing.

They didn’t disappoint. After being ridiculed about going on about TV throughout the reveal, Microsoft focused solely on one thing…
Games." (E3, Xbox One)

BadCircuit  +   975d ago
I think they did better, but Sony swooped in with a cheaper console without so many restrictions!
dedicatedtogamers  +   975d ago
I still think Microsoft dropped the ball on several key titles
- that hardcore game you bought Kinect for? Ryse? Yeah, it's a QTE simulator and now it's exclusive to X1
- Killer Instinct? Confirmed to be a digital-only free-to-play release. Only one fighter included. You have to buy the extras.
- where was this tremendous indie support, Microsoft?
- no gameplay shown for key games like Halo, Quantum Break, etc
MichaelLito79  +   975d ago
IF you look at the Xbox One show it was much tighter and games was the focus.

Sony's system had more indies and 3rd parties games which is not a bad thing but truly the show was boring.

It came down to a few power points from Jack tretton that won the show for gamers.

Sony hid a lot things well yesterday.
1- In order to play online you have to pay for psplus. Something that was never done with ps3
2- Cloud gaming is not coming to 2014
3- The pseye attachement will cost another 59 dollars

This E3 was more politics than anything else. If you really look behind it MS really had the best E3.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   975d ago
"This E3 was more politics than anything else. If you really look behind it MS really had the best E3"

I think you mean policys not politics and policys are VERY important.
I'm not sure how Sony hid those things when they were displayed on a massive screen for all to see lol but yeah I'm guessing you meant they didn't talk about them.
It doesn't effect me personally because I'm subscribed to PS+ and I absolutely love it but I can see why other people would be pissed off about it.
I thought Microsoft's conference was great though. They showed some really good games but none of them are good enough for me to sign away my consumer rights to microsoft and publishers. So, it's automatically a no buy from me.
Also Metal Gear V, Dark Souls 2 and The Witcher 3 are all multiplats and they were the best games in my opinion. TitanFall looks good though.
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DARK WITNESS  +   975d ago
If MS want back in, they need to learn from these guys;
JokesOnYou  +   975d ago
Yeah, of course they got some fight....every xbox fan I know loved the games they saw.
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DARK WITNESS  +   975d ago
The xbox fan in me only liked QB, the rest did not do much for me.
aiBreeze  +   975d ago
If you take away all the things Microsoft done to shoot themselves in the foot, I'd say their conference was far better focusing mainly on exclusives. Microsoft though just made it really easy for Sony to win E3 and the cheers from the crowd at the announcements speaks louder than any of MS's PR spinster crap.
DOMination-  +   975d ago
I was following the comments on gametrailers and up until Sony started talking about their pricing and policies, the consensus was that their show was pretty poor. In terms of games, I think MS did do a better job but I was disappointed with both. Sony for only showing one new exclusive and MS for some more silly decision making. Sony connected with gamers right at the end and that's what most people are going to take away from yesterday.
aiBreeze  +   975d ago
Spot on tbh.. Microsoft spent E3 convincing everyone they are all about the games. Sony spent E3 like they've always done showing everyone they're about the gamers. That's the difference for me this E3 and the deciding factor of what console I'm buying this year.
YNWA96  +   975d ago
People forget, in the US, which matters, Xbox will be huge. This market is important, budgets are based on what happens there. Sony are still major, innovative too, and will probably sell more, but when games in the US sell more on Xbox and they are all new games, not trade ins, things might change. There is no doubt publishers are happy about Xbox, no one wants to be the bad guy, but someone had to do it and Microsoft did. Whether you like it or not, this might have saved the console industry, or we would be only playing cheap indie games on IOS only. The future looks very interesting, will end up owning both, not because I prefer on over the other, but simply I will want to play those games on other systems. As for this always on crap, can guarantee you most of the whingers here are online 24/7 with any device they have and it would have made no difference to them. Most will probably just be plssed that they would actually have to buy the games...
badz149  +   975d ago
Back in the game?
Not to be a jerk but last I saw the XBone was in a mort after dissected. I think now it's on it's way to the grave!
BallsEye  +   975d ago
Did I watch same E3 as people here? MS conference rocked! Sony however didn't show ANYTNING except the fact you can trade games and no DRM. People just cheer about destiny on SOny show which is multiplatform, like rest of titles they presented. I'm disappointed.
DebraHampton   975d ago | Spam
Majin-vegeta  +   975d ago
They were until Sony came in and delivered the finishing blow.

@dedi same here i can watch it over and over.BTW I heard the 3rd one is on its way.
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dedicatedtogamers  +   975d ago
I freakin' love that movie.
Septic  +   975d ago
I think they are definitely back in the game as far as GAMES are concerned. Their showing was, in my opinion, far superior to that of Sony's in this regard.

However, the price point and restrictions will be a big stumbling block for MS.

Whilst I'm most likely going to buy both consoles at launch anyway, things like the price point do play at the back of my mind. I'm somewhat conflicted; if I don't buy both consoles first which one do I buy? The one that is cheaper and more powerful without all these over-bearing restrictions but don't necessarily have the games that excite me as much as the other console?

MS need to re-evaluate their position with regard to their restrictions and to a lesser extent, the pricing. But yes, MS backed up their words and really delivered the games.
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gaminoz  +   975d ago
They actually seemed to have more exclusives, but that might be because we knew about the Sony ones?
Rusty515  +   975d ago
Yeah. If they waited for E3 to reveal killzone, infamous, knack, and driveclub, no doubt their E3 would have been better. But they needed games for their console reveal instead of showing a bunch of apps and features. So going all out for the console reveal and only having an average E3 did a lot more for them than doing what Microsoft did, and that's having a terrible console reveal with a pretty good E3. First impressions mean everything, and that's why the ps4 still has positive reception despite having a somewhat underwhelming conference. If Microsoft never screwed up with online and used game restrictions, it'd be a fair fight. But I like how Sony knew they didn't have much to show so used their competitors biggest weakness to their advantage. Very smart move.
Lolrus  +   975d ago
MS did trump sony in regards to initial set of exclusives, but sony presented a far more accomplished console and pricing. Small things like it being region free and allowing your own hdd and ofc drm free made it a much more consumer orientated console. XBone seems bloated with a heavy OS, mandatory Kinect etc and a weaker console releasing at a higher price point at the same time as ps4. Sony has a larger amount of first party devs so Id imagine it to have a slew of quality exclusives throughout the lifecycle like now with the ps3 but initially MS seems to win on exclusives.

Also as gaminoz said, sony already showed 4/5 exclusives in Feb so it seems it presented less
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gaminoz  +   975d ago
What I missed the PS4 region free still? If so....awesome!
tiffac008  +   975d ago
You are right, if MS did not have the DRM issue with the X1. Outside of the price, this would have been an easy win for MS just from the sheer amount of game presentation but they gave Sony the silver bullet from the beginning. So the Sony presentation just overshadowed whatever MS just did.
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mcstorm  +   975d ago
@Septic I agree with you about the price. I was hoping for £350 max but the price is what it is. I really enjoyed the Microsoft E3 the games on the console for me out did the ones on the PS4. The other issue I now have is paying £40 on both consoles for online play. that £80 a year to play them online.

I am going to wait until early next year to see what happens between the to big names as I already own a WiiU and im sure Nintendo will also give us some of there big names this E3 so that should keep me going until I have saved up for one of the 2 consoles early next year.

For me the none used games and check-in was never an issue for me with the Xbox one its about the games they offer that I want and so far the Xbox one has been the one that has got me more interested but I am also glad the PS3 and 360 are still getting support to.
gaminoz  +   975d ago
I was surprised by the price...until Sony beat it! I think that's going to be a game changer.
Number-Nine  +   975d ago
like a good neighbor
urwifeminder  +   975d ago
Great its Forza baby song still has my feet moving just an epic show will be looking to pre order this week.
mcstorm  +   975d ago
I do like the look of the new forza. For me MS has shown us they mean business with the games again. The lineup had a nice mix. I cant wait to get the new MGS to the new open world side looks like it could be a good thing for the MGS game.

Just a shame I wont be getting one day one so ill be playing games like watch dog and project cars on my WiiU until I can pickup a xbox one.
izumo_lee  +   975d ago
Well Microsoft didn't really have a choice after all the negativity that surrounded them all week. They had to show the games which i think they did really well. Compared to their past E3's they overwhelmingly made some forget about all the negativity.

The games they showed catered to the audience of Xbox, the FPS & such. They did good but i don't think they can overcome what Sony announced but they will still sell no doubt about it.

It's okay to be 2nd next gen.
gaminoz  +   975d ago
What I liked is that they trimmed the talk and showed more games. The Sony keynote dragged on a bit.
Xyle  +   975d ago
It doesn't really matter what it does now. The fact that they are screwing around sharing games, used games is a big boner move for M$.
also who wants an always on Kinect? Who wants Microsoft to always be watching?
I was a hardcore xbox supporter but this new direction they are taking? I can't support it. Going to switch to Sony, even though I'm not used to their controller. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it
The Meerkat  +   975d ago
That is just how I feel.

I'll try to use the DualShock but I'll probably end up getting a 3rd party 360 shaped controller.

I just hope Epic bring Gears to the PS4.
gaminoz  +   975d ago
So much love the 360 controller more than my PS3 one! So I of course agree.
Jaces  +   975d ago
Who knows, the PS4 controller could be quite comfortable compared to it's PS3 counterpart. Can't wait to get my hands on one.
hellvaguy  +   975d ago

Couldn't agree more. Especially with the controller part. However, it looks like the ps4 controller could be more comfy since its a bit bigger this time.

Hoperfully the ps4 has a 3rd party convertor like the ps3 did.
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airgangstarr  +   975d ago
my biggest problems with sony was there controller an network seems like there tryin to fix both... so it definetly sucks havin to switch to sony for me but as of now i dont know any xbox teammates of mine that are stayin with xbox or family or friends its very clear no one wants a part of xbox 1 an there anticonsumer ways
DARK WITNESS  +   975d ago
I am in the same boat with you guys. the controller has always been my big issue.

I have heard from someone I know working with the ps4 that the controller is a lot better now.
PS4OUR  +   975d ago
Sony didnt need to come out and prove anything to the gamers. They have already proved their intentions back in February. Its MS that needed to prove that they are taking games seriously and that played to Sony's advantage. They could focus on indie dev support and hit MS where it hurt in price and no restrictions. Sony still has Naughty Dog, Media molecule and Santa Monica Studios new games to show. The telling part of this E3 showing is that despite MS coming out with guns blazing, its Sony that has emerged with even more gamer support and arguably won this E3 and that without showing 100 exclusives. Sony played this smart with their most prized 1st party studious being completely absent.
Studio-YaMi  +   975d ago
The Xbox one has so many negatives going for it that it's not even funny! while the PS4 has mostly positives(only one negative people can fine is the PS+ requirement for online gaming).

Xbots got this "1" thing to cling on (required PS+ for online multiplayer) and they are trying to pass it as a negative as hard as they can,guess what? you were paying 60 dollars a year for online multiplayer ONLY while I was having discounts,free games & early access to demos & betas thanks to the PS+) <<< Which I'm STILL subscribed to

Go eat your hearts out you pathetic xbots! :D

Xbox One :
-Restrictions on used games
-Kinect still listening to you even when it's shut down
-Must have kinect connected to the console
-Paying additional fees for your cable box + online + used games
-they only have 15 exclusives (most in the shadows still and might be kinect titles)
-Not region free
-Cannot upgrade HDD(but can use external hard drives)

PS4 :
-No restrictions on used games
-Camera isn't needed unless you wanna buy it for specific games & it's not bundled with the system
-Region free
-Upgradable HDD (and can use external hard drives)
-Has 140+ games in the works for it(100+ coming in first year + 40 games which will have exclusivity to them one way or another)
-Only one payment(PS+) which has great value over the years
-Your PS+ will carry on to the PS4 from the PS3

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hellvaguy  +   975d ago
"only one negative people can fine is the PS+ requirement for online gaming"

Add 1 more negative to the list (very minor grip). The ps4 is ugly as sin. But so is xbox one. Neutral point there I suppose.
Hicken  +   975d ago
Neither one looks that bad, to me. Well, the XBO doesn't look bad. I LOVE the PS4.

Maybe it's my bias... which would be strange, cuz according to you guys I should hate everything Microsoft... but the more I look at the PS4, the sexier it gets.

As for Microsoft, I guess there's still time. We waited for E3, and not much changed: all the DRM and crap is still there. In fact, they didn't even address those things. That said, the system comes out in November, so they still have time to prevent a rather embarrassing debut by ditching to online requirement.
BadCircuit  +   975d ago
Yes they are both butt ugly
ChrisW  +   975d ago
So... Are you saying that you pay for what you get?

BTW, MS never said how many games they have in the works. Moot point, I guess.
MichaelLito79  +   975d ago
MS had a much better show. I was watching Gametrailers and pretty much everyone was bored with the Sony press conference up until Jack Tretton won them over with the political DRM Issues and used games policy. Great going for him and sony.

Also here are a few things that you failed to see last night and what has transpired this morning.

1- In order to play multiplayer you have to pay for PS+.

2- The Eye attachment is another $59 dollars

3- Cloud gaming not coming until next year 2014, Xbox One showcased how strong cloud is and Forza is a perfect example.

4- PSVita got no real support going forward and pretty much is going to become a gimmick as Jack Tretton tried to win you gamers over by saying it is just starting its life now, really then why not show games for it.

If it was not for the Jack Tretton moment trust it would have gone down as the worst E3 for sony focusing on online features that already on Xbox 360. Pretty much all 3rd party games shown are coming to Xbox One. Once all this political nonsense gets cleared up people will realize that ps4 is really 2 steps behind Xbox One.
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plaZeHD  +   975d ago
No they aren't. They showed few good games(personally none of the games got my interest) and you guys are all convinced now, forgotten the always online and used games DRM bullcrap?
WOW gamers are very easy to fool
Bakkies  +   975d ago
Got some fight in 'em? Let's take a look:

Related video
GenericNameHere  +   975d ago
Again, Microsoft starting off E3 with MGSV was a HUGE thing (well, actually Destiny of Spirits and Kinect Sports Rivals were the first E3 reveals), and that left me expecting a complete mindblow. However, what I got was an overwhelming amount of games after games after games that personally didn't have any lasting effect on me.

Maybe I'm just bias, but I think Microsoft was the one the cause Sony to get back in the game. Look at it. It kinda looks like a PS2, having two of the most well known and well received JRPGs under Square Enix instantly gave it a PS1/2 feel, it's getting the indie devs, it's getting exclusive DLC for multiplatform games, they got Bungie to debut the game on Sony's press conference, and the price was really attractive, making it only $50 more expensive than the Wii U, and $100 cheaper than the Xbone. Plus, we all know Playstation did a big slap to the Xbox. Watch it again. Jack Tretton had an innocent smug look about it, everyone clapped and cheered so much they didn't care about the PS+ requirement, and that little 15 minute section was probably the ballsiest dig at a fellow rival in E3 history.

I hate to make this comment a Sony thing instead of what's supposed to be relating Microsoft. But I personally think that Microsoft, while great that they focused on games, was hiding something, and that the DRM problem would be a bigger issue than we think.
Foxgod  +   975d ago
Best E3 conference ever in my opinion, they where a powerhouse on games, the only thing that matters to me when i buy a console, so the Pre order i made remains.
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optimus  +   975d ago
It would be more appropriate to say they got out of the game...
I don't know how some people haven't grasped the fact that once they announce their next box some 8-9 yrs from now that all they will have left is an over priced blu-ray/smart-tv player... All the games they bought and collected over the years will go "poof" into the big cloud in the sky once they pull that plug... UNLESS they decide to make it backwards compatible and we all know how much microsoft cares about their gamers, don't we?
#15 (Edited 975d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Foxgod  +   975d ago
Did you ever consider that their next one after the XB|One will make use of the same cloud, and therefore the 24 hours checking can remain for the XB|ONE for as long as they keep that service running?
optimus  +   975d ago
You mean like the x-1 will use the 360 cloud so you don't lose your game saves??...exactly, they COULD, but they WON'T cause they don't want people stuck playing their old games when they are trying to push new ones.

You're assuming or hoping that they will have backwards compatibility in order for them to keep the x-1 cloud in the air but microsoft gave their stance on backwards compatibility shortly after the 360 came out, and they were against it, sony felt the same way after that...don't expect it in the future if it's not some kind of remake that they can sell you again.
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Otacon999  +   975d ago
Remember not all the games shown in the xbox one E3 conference were exclusives so betchasome shown games will come out on the PS4 also...and we all know that ps3 has more exclusives studios that makes AAA games (naughtydog, sta monica, quantic dreams...etc) so im pretty sure good games will be abundant on sony's new if they can make epic gorgeous games like the last of us in ps3, imagine the games they will do in the much superior ps4!!
and yup sony made an earlier reveal with their games that is why xbox l seems to have shown more in e3...
hazardman  +   975d ago
I think so.. PS4 stole the show and perhaps next gen with that $399 tag and no restrictions helped to. But i believe MS did a good job overall. I dont care about price tho if the PS4/XB1 was $550 i would have still bought one!
Wizziokid  +   975d ago
At this point I don't even know what an Xbox One is all I can think about is PS4.
Otacon999  +   975d ago
and btw the MGSV xbox one reveal is not an exclusive as some people might think!!!! it will simultaneously be released with the ps3 and 360...and most probably in the ps4 (just wait for the announcement)....and remember microsoft not all countries have good net services...more than half of the world's gamers still play single games offline, so how will you cater to their market?..I myself, despite having good net connections still play 70% of my games offline.....tsk ms tsk tsk!
koolaid251  +   975d ago
Who plays offline what's the point of playing against the computer? lol
optimus  +   974d ago
I buy most of my games for the single player mode...whenever i play multiplayer it's usually a mismatch with players that are either too good, kids that are too bad and just chatterboxes, or people that will kick you out cause you're just not up to their level or refuse to talk while playing... Personally, i have more fun playing against the computer.
Cherchez La Ghost  +   975d ago
I give credit where credit is due. Sony listened to their fan base. Sony show was OK, but they went for MS throat in the end. I'm sorry....., but the game sharing viral video Sony did was funny!! And to be honest, I seriously think the investors @ MS are going to have some words with them. It's straight suicide if MS don't price match.

MS did a good job with the games. Straight to the point, and they kept the show moving with a mixture of gameplay.

BadCircuit  +   975d ago
It would be a very competitive move to listen to your advice there.
IBleedXbox  +   975d ago
XBOX ONE - Ain't nobody got time for that

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