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Sony confirms: 1 account with PS+ will let the other accounts on PS4 also play online

Sonys Yoshida confirms that if you for example have multiple accounts on a PS4 and only 1 of the accounts have PS+, all the other accounts will also be able to play online. (PS4, Sony)

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Majin-vegeta  +   815d ago
Damn Sony keep it up :D.
ArchangelMike  +   815d ago
Dang, they showing how it's meant to be done. M$ sit up, wipe that blood of your face and take note.
abzdine  +   815d ago
i have been a PS+ member for the third year and i have never been so happy. In fact, i cannot install all games they offer on my DD cause i have no space left :D

and PS+ is only getting better on PS4! Drive Club offered day one? ARE YOU SERIOUS?????? I just have to buy Killzone and Knack next to

X1 offers Assassin's Creed 2 and Halo 3... LOL.

Greatness awaits
iGAM3R-VIII  +   815d ago
Intentions  +   815d ago
You do realise MS has this feature too. Just saying, assuming you've read the articles and watched the e3 conference.

If not, then yeah. News flash.
shoddy  +   815d ago
I'm still sad to pay to play online.

Still ps4 day one
Raf1k1  +   815d ago
Yes I'm not happy about having to pay to play online. I mentioned to someone the other day how it was a big reason for me not getting a 360 this gen.

I do want a console to go with my PC next gen so I'm having to weigh the pros and cons of both PS4 and XO. I think even with the pay wall to online access on PS4 it's still the better option for me considering all the pros PS4 and PS+ have over MS's offerings.

Also, I already saved enough to spend £500 on a new console if I had to but the PS4 being as cheap as it is means I can also get a bunch of games for it too. Plus Drive Club for free is a very sweet thing and I like sweet things :)
LoveOfTheGame  +   815d ago
Just making sure I didn't hear them wrong, it is pay to play online right?

This should help Sony with server upkeep and make PSN better for those getting it. Also cool both systems are doing one account for online, makes things so much easier.

Still technically on the fence but leaning heavily to Xbox one (liked their offering of games better) but probably going to own both eventually.
iamgoatman   814d ago | Off topic | show
Mainman  +   814d ago
To be honest, I rather have DRM on used games, then having to have to pay for multi-player.

What if I only play multi-player once every 3 weeks or something? That is simply not worth the 5 dollar price tag. I believe they messed up on this one.

Or maybe, what they should do, is let me pay a one time fee per individual game that lets me play online with that particular game for-ever. Because I only play multi-player with a handfull of games.

I personally hate monthly or annually recurring fee's, I much rather pay one time and then not worry about it.
bluetoto  +   814d ago
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darthv72  +   814d ago
good news
this plus the announcement that live gold can be shared among others on the same system is a welcome change.
Jonoc33  +   814d ago
@Mainman what if you had DRM AND.you had to pay for online?

Besides, if you pay for online you also get all the ps plus benefits. There's more to it that just the online play.
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   814d ago
@intentions Assuming they will continue to sell their psn cards, which im sure they will continue to do so, Itis only $50 a month for a years worth of psn+
Calm Down Sunshine  +   815d ago
Xbox 360 - pay to play online - bad idea.

PS4 - pay to play online - amazing idea.

Whilst Playstation + is a better deal than Xbox live, we shouldn't be so bias as to accept this as if they're doing us a favour. Online multiplayer should be free all-round.
unchartedxplorer  +   815d ago
Yes but you get a ton more features with ps plus like free games every month.
Wenis   815d ago | Off topic | show
paranoid1971  +   815d ago
Don't like it myself, it's one of the reasons i stopped playing on my 360 and focused on ps3.
But, i can see why they did it, it must have been painful watching MS rake in all that cash for something they were doing for free, plus they're a business and businesses need to be profitable.
Still i'd rather it be free.

Even so ps4 and ps+ is still cheaper than Xboxone minus Xboxlive.
Hicken  +   815d ago
What all were you getting with your subscription to XBL?

Playing games online.

What all are you getting with your subscription to Plus?

Entirely too much.

That's why there's a difference in the reception.

I agree that it should be free, but there's more reason to be happy over how Sony is doing it than how MS is doing it.
princejb134  +   815d ago
Pay to play online is a horrible idea no matter what platform, however, if we have no choice but to pay than why not pay for the obsolete best. The one with the most benefit for the gamer and the best features.
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karl  +   815d ago
I agree but u cant blame sony while there are millions of xbox sheep paying for online.. the same thing will happen again.. if xbox fanboys keep buying xbox even with drm and all the other restrictions next gen sony will use it aswell.

VOte with your money dude. Its simple. Xbox is affecting us all. And when I buy a sony console im even helping xbox users.
x5exotic  +   815d ago
Xbox 360 = shitty, doesn't have god of war or other sony exclusives, anything in it is le bad idea
mt  +   815d ago
never said it is good idea, it is always bad idea for consumers to keep paying. but PS4 is the best option out there now. I mean come on use your mind, $399 no DRM, no used games restriction.
SuperLupe  +   815d ago
I hardly play online, I dont have an Xbox Live account so when I play the only game I play online i.e FIFA I use my PS3.

Sorry but it sucks to HAVE to pay to just play inline multiplayer.

Also the double standard the N4G crowd is showing is absoluteley mind blowing.
Gaming_Guru  +   815d ago
I would rather pay for online than to have DRM restrictions like Microsoft. Paying this time around has more value than just online, so it's more on the expression of the idea than the idea itself.
vigilante_man  +   815d ago
I agree its a bad idea. But it is more preferable than having to purchase a network pass with each game - and cheaper.

Plus (+) you can still use netflix, lovefilm, etc. for free on PS4. That is important.

And you get cloud game saves and free games on PS4, PS3 & PS Vita. That is an amazing deal.
xxBiG_BoSSxx  +   815d ago
I'm in somewhat the same boat as you. My online play is sporadic and I'm not happy with having to pay each month for the potential. $5 a month over the current 7 year lifespan of ps3 is $420. That's another console or 7 games.

I have 2 ps3's now because my wife and I play co-op together and hate splits-screen because we're cyclops'(some of that may be inaccurate).

Will we now have to pay $10 a month? This past year has been rough financially for us. And I doubt one ps+ membership extends to multiple consoles, but perhaps an existing member here could clear that up.

Also, its not so much having to pay that has me irked as it is the way Jack Tretton glossed over it during the conference. If they had been clear about what has changed/improved about their online that requires me to pay now I probably would have accepted this news easier.
Firan  +   815d ago
Yeah the community made a 180 degree turn again. Gotta give credit that this is the only negative feature of the system.

What they could do is bundle a 3 month subscription to lure in customers. Once I went PS+ there was no going back. Excellent service.
One_Eyed_Wizard  +   815d ago
I think the amazing idea part in these comments come from the fact you'll be able to play online if there's a ps+ account on the ps4, not that you have to pay to play online.

However, PS+ is still cheaper and gives you more. Having more subscriptions could potentially lead to better deals in the instant game collection eventually.
farhad2k8  +   815d ago
Did you not READ the title?!
On XBOX you have to pay for EACH ACCOUNT if you want to play offline. So if you have FOUR people living in a house, that's $240 a year blown on XBL GOLD just to play online.

PS4? $60 a year for EVERY account, along with that, you get WAY MORE free games than XBOX GOLD, and keep in mind, the XBL GOLD games theyre giving for free right now are ONLY UNTIL XBOX ONE is released.

I agree that the fee for MP is still a bit sad, but Sony had to do it at one point, they have to pay for their servers in one way or another, as long as it helps them make the servers better, I'm willing to pay, and I've been a PS+ member for almost two years now anyway, so it's no problem for me.
Tiqila  +   815d ago
I dont like it.

But since PS Plus is so awesome I definitely will buy a plus membership and so I dont care.

It is free games for Vita, PS3 and PS4 with driveclub as first free game, I mean c'mon, that is just amazing value.

Still would be better if there was no charge at all to play multiplayer games online.
Raf1k1  +   815d ago
I agree. Online play should be free regardless so we should really make a fuss about it on twitter.

However, I think the fact that Sony have saved our freedom on the PS4 is making that particular pill much easier to swallow for a lot of people.
Ju  +   815d ago
Blame it on MS, tbh. Sony can pull this off because they know the alternative is getting screwed over even worse. Not liking it, but still the better alternative.
cleft5  +   815d ago
People don't like paying to play online in Microsoft case because you get nothing real in return. Microsoft holds the online portion of their console hostage and gives you nothing for paying the online fee. Sony is giving you a PS4 game day 1, so yeah it's worth it.
specialguest  +   815d ago
look at all of these hypocrites on the comments section
Go ahead hypocrites, defend yourselves. This might be an end of an era for me. I barely game these days as it stands and i refuse to pay for access to play the other half of a game i pay full price for. The extra perks i get with PS+ does NOTHING for me in my case because i don't game enough to take advantage of it.
DOMination-  +   815d ago
The 360 actually already does this. I have two accounts but I can play online on both despite only one being gold. MS confirmed this for X1 as well. So whilst its obviously nice the fist pumping in this article for Sony is not really necessary.
avengers1978  +   814d ago
I dont think it's an amazing Idea, in fact it was one of PS3's strongest selling points IMO, but something had to give I guess, a 400$ price point, region free, no DRM, No used game blocks/fees...
Plus is a great option now, and If you are a Plus member than you know that a few free games, and that pretty much pays for itself... I've had plus since it came out and The amount of good free games that come out is amazing, totally justifies the 50$ a year......
Besides that Xbox has done it for years, and it's no big deal, in fact a lot of people will tell you they don't even care about the 60$ a year price MS makes you pay... at least PSplus is cheaper
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   814d ago
Yeah but jack Denton and Johny Toyota never announced u gotta pay for plus. "IF" u pay for plus. I watched the whole conference. I buy plus anyways but its still free
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linkenski  +   815d ago
Their conference was dissapointing because it didn't really hype me up with new game reveals, but they punched MS in their face with the non-DRM reveal! I'm still totally getting the PS4. It is cheaper after all, and all those awesome games from MS' conference, BF4, The Witcher 3 and MSGV are all coming to the PS4 anyway!
PS4OUR  +   815d ago
Lol, i have been in tears of joy since the PS4 reveal. Its like i have died and gone to gaming heaven where all my dreams are coming true *sheds a tear*
T2  +   814d ago
The pay online was a negative but its one small negative and the price is cheapest I had hoped for so paying for plus is not too bad in that case
thezeldadoth  +   815d ago
Suddenly paying for online is sweet now that sony is doing it. "bu bu bu dey offer free gamez"

Microsoft is doing this as well. I'm probably not buying either console, the fanboyism on here is just beyond pathetic.

Also on xbox one all of your family members can play the games your main account has, same thing.
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DebraHampton   815d ago | Spam
Megatron316  +   814d ago
i love this, i prayed for everything that happened today. Abes Odysee returns!! PS$ blue LED i wanted it, PS4 BF4 64 players it there, Battlefront BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
THE-COMMANDER  +   814d ago
Yea that's really awesome!
Sharius  +   815d ago
next news: PS4 can cure the cancer
#2 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(32) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
sobekflakmonkey  +   815d ago
'can cure "The" Cancer'

That made me laugh so hard, just the fact that you put "the" in there... :D
Rusty515  +   815d ago
I don't think there's any way to cure the xbone anymore.
vigilante_man  +   815d ago
They've got a loaded gun and the're shooting themselves in the foot...
Septic  +   815d ago
TrevorPhillips  +   815d ago
Sony, ya killing me here!

Can't wait to pick this bad boy up! :D
badz149  +   815d ago
Why is Sony killing you with this? Are you the XBone? /jk

But this great news as we will still be able to play online using different accounts with only 1 PS+ account! Sony definitely know how to win a gamer's heart!
SonyPS4  +   814d ago
Christ will bless the PS4 from the heavens.
Lolrus  +   815d ago
Pheww..not the idyllic free online but took away a lot of the concerns. Now that they are charging for online, they better have a comparable service to MS. Does anyone know how much ps plus is in uk for per month subscription and yearly?
paddystan  +   815d ago
Comparable service? PS+ already knocked out Xbox LIVE.
Lolrus  +   815d ago
I meant in the online service itself when playig games. Like features the xb live has, dedicated servers and the interface etc.
GoldenGamer  +   815d ago
£11 for 3 months at the moment.
Lolrus  +   815d ago
Thats quite expensive? Isnt xb live cheaper over the year then.
GoldenGamer  +   815d ago
It's £3.60 a month... for what you're going to get out of it that is nothing. I pay more than that in one night on pizza, besides that is from the PSN itself it's probably cheaper elsewhere.
Grindlefly  +   815d ago
£39.99 for a year
£3.33 a month
Saints94  +   815d ago
Sony why u so gewd to me dood?
Agent_hitman  +   815d ago
I love Sony..
pimpschitz  +   815d ago
This is what I was just looking at on another article. It's doing exactly the same thing as MS, just with a better console, better marketing strategy, and a better sense of moral compass. Keep talking MS, this is the decade of domination.

Who needs Halo when I have Destiny? There are many more but my brain is mush.

XBO just got their ass kicked.
mrmancs  +   815d ago
Sleepless nights till release day...
optimus  +   815d ago
That's good for families i guess, everyone can pitch in to pay for the subscription if you want to be fair about it...those of us that live alone are stuck paying it on our own...still better than the xbox-1... (wow, i haven't said those last words in over 10 yrs).
EmptySkyForm  +   815d ago
Makes me wonder. I hope they let us buy 1 month at a time instead of forcing us to get a whole year or 5 months at once(which = $25).
tarbis  +   815d ago
you can get the 3 months package for $17.99. That's the lowest though.
Hicken  +   815d ago
Isn't it 3 months for $17.99? Never seen a 5 month option.
coolasj  +   815d ago
I love the way Sony answers questions.
Steps to get a question answered.
1. Ask a Sony Exec a question
2. Sony Exec give a yes or no answer

Boom. That's it. On Twitter. No news release no articles just answers. We are doing a degree of journalism all by ourselves just through twitter.
PS4OUR   815d ago | Immature | show
IronFistChinMi  +   815d ago
They had to do this, especially after Microsoft announced it at their conference. Although with their free games to keep initiative (starting with Fable 3 and 2 new titles each month), Microsoft may have the better deal. Depends on whether they'll offer next gen titles for free, like Sony.
Virtual_Reality  +   814d ago
Xbox Live will only give 2 games only until November, and it's over.
Nunchez  +   815d ago
This just proves how money hungry Microsoft have been. Sony are going to wipe the floor with Microsoft this time.
#13 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Sony are already money hungry with this pay to play online garbage.

I don't need ANY PS+ account to play online with every other account on PS3.

RIP Playstation. Their last good console was the PS3.
perdie  +   814d ago
lol what?
Intentions  +   815d ago
Just like how xbox live is =P.

Both sony and microsoft are doing great respectively
mushroomwig  +   815d ago
'Both sony and microsoft are doing great respectively'

'microsoft are doing great'

You don't seriously believe that, do you? They've made so many mistakes these past couple of months.
tiffac008  +   815d ago
I hope Yoshida did not read that question wrong because if that is confirmed then HOT D@MN!

Of course, this would mean the PSN accounts need to be on the same region because every region has a different PS+ promotion. Unless they are finally giving us a world wide account. Nah that would probably be wishful thinking but I can dream. lol!
Jeff257  +   815d ago
I have been wondering about this the whole night. I have had Plus since it started and I loved that anyone on my console could play the free games. I still don't really like that they put multiplayer behind Plus but at least it is still pay once and everyone can use it.
Wizziokid  +   815d ago
And they slap MS again. way to go sony <3
SignifiedSix91  +   814d ago
How? MS is doing the same exact thing...
Wizziokid  +   814d ago
Wait so I can turn my 360 on now and play online? because my brother has gold but I don't anymore.
cheameup  +   815d ago
Is this not the place I've read a million times how greedy M$ is for charging to play online .how you would never pay to play.

joeorc  +   814d ago
And yet the Legacy PS3 and PSVita system's is still online multi-play for Free!


Can you say the same thing for every xbox legacy system?

The fact that Sony's Online Pay wall was set in because of the extra cost's needed, but it still is not "Required" to play online single player games though on the PS4. Now the PS3 has a unique feature the PS4 does not even have free Online Multi-player.

You really think Sony wanted to make it a requirement for the consumer's? If that was the case they would have done it years Ago!
cr33ping_death  +   815d ago
Man i feel bad for MS........ Hmmmm no i don't..... 2 consoles entered one console leave.... Sony is sticking it to MS in everyway possible
DxTrixterz  +   815d ago
What will be PS4 games price anybody knows?
opinska  +   815d ago
399$ not including the ps eye , the ps eye will be 59$ more but it's optional... For now
DxTrixterz  +   815d ago
I don't mean the price of console I mean the prices for the games.
DaReapa  +   815d ago
#20.2 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
DxTrixterz  +   815d ago
Thats good but if ps4 games were cheaper even by $5 than x1 games then that would be overkill.
opinska  +   814d ago
Oh, we'll games will cost 60$ if they are brand new here in the US. I guess around same price world wide.
PS4OUR   815d ago | Trolling | show
FullMetalTech  +   815d ago
I don't mind paying as long as the apps stay free. Being that most of them are accessible on the PC. Ive been a plus member since it was released so no biggie for me and enjoyed it across my vita as well. So for it to span across all the devices makes it a great offer.
vigilante_man  +   815d ago
Stop! Stop!

You have a very detailed early reveal with specific hardware info.
You throw in 8GB Ram.
You open yourselves up to developers and ASK them what they want.
You produce the most powerful console.
You show off games, games, and games at your reveal.
You listen to consumers and actually TRUST them.
You allow region-free hardware.
You offer all this for $399/£349
Now you allow us to share our on line gaming on the same machine.

Stop! Stop!
spinbot_lv1  +   815d ago
I really hope that platinum trophies are part of single player campaign in every game and multiplayer trophies are a separated pack enabled with a psplus subscription. But if I need to subscribe psplus to unlock platinum trophies after the multiplayer trophies, well, to me the ps4 is instant no buy! I'll return to play pc games with free multiplayer!
#24 (Edited 815d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
FullMetalTech  +   815d ago
I know some trophies like the ones in DCUO you had to be a DCU member to unlock some of them. So im hoping they do that too. But you were still able to play the game.
Rivitur  +   815d ago
I've never seen so many hypocrites at once news flash guys why don't you guys actually try to fight this fee rather than taking it in the rear with a smile. Change the the Sony to MS in the title and negativity rolls in but since its Sony its ok not like gaming online is free anywhere else.. other than on PC and WII F#ckin U (even that piece of crap has free MP)
Campy da Camper  +   814d ago
When a kid is told the family is moving and he doesn't want to go he throws a fit. The family still moves. If the kid chooses to stay he is homeless. If a family says they are moving to Antarctica and the kid throws a fit and the parents agree to move to a very decent place to live, as a kid you smile and accept youre moving but at least got the best out of a bad situation.
#25.1 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Rivitur  +   814d ago
Not bad however in this case the kid is the only reason for the family to live and that kid is essential for the family's existence. This is like smacking the child in the mouth then giving him a lollipop that still stings a little in the wounds in the mouth.
grimmweisse  +   815d ago
Sony ain't messing around!
Xx-ADITYA-xX   815d ago | Trolling | show
Darkseed22  +   815d ago
What about the F2P games ? or did everybody forget ?
iamgoatman  +   814d ago
What was it a week ago? "Games aren't F2P if they're behind a paywall" I believe it was. Wonder how many times we'll hear that now.
joeorc  +   814d ago
And Yet
the PSVita and the PS3 will still have free online Multi-player gaming, which is still more than can be said for Microsoft other than the PC platform. right now Microsoft is still the only one out of the big three with no free to play multi-player online gaming console in the market both Nintendo and Sony have at least one platform or more with still free to play. Hell With Nintendo their entire offering is still the same.

FrightfulActions  +   815d ago
Anyone know if this means an EU account can play with an US accounts Plus?

If not I hope like all hell that sony finally lets you change your country region with the new PS4. Im sick of having my main account stuck in the EU even though I'm American.
TwinDad  +   814d ago
Sounds like an excellent question to ask the playstation or yosp twitter accounts. I would suspect that if you can do that on the PS3 now, you should be able to do it on the PS4.
LKHGFDSA  +   815d ago
Great, I was worried about that.
I love this, no negative speculation.
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