Capcom debunks Resi 4 on 360, PS3 rumours

Capcom has debunked internet reports claiming that an updated version of Resident Evil 4 is coming to Xbox 360 and PS3.

Blurry photographs of "Resident Evil 4 Classic Edition" appeared on the internet yesterday, supposedly having been leaked from "Capcom's San Francisco building".

A Capcom spokesperson replied on its official forum: "Wow. Really? We work in San Francisco? I didn't know that. Why does my business card say we're in San Mateo? Darn it, I need to get it updated." Looks like the faker should've done more research.

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I Call 9MM3712d ago (Edited 3712d ago )

Damn, this does sound fake. It's too bad really, it probably would have sold quite well. I own the Gamecube version so I've missed out on all the extra content that has come out since then. Plus, it doesn't do 16x9 either. A 360 version for myself would have been nice, and a PS3 version would be great for those gamers with the 40 gig version that never got a chance to play this classic before. The 20, 60 and 80 gig owners should be able to play the PS2 version though, I would think it is fully BC.

Hey Capcom, spend a few months tweaking the code and make this happen anyway. And guys, use the Wii/Gamecube version as the base. None of this funky PS2 port stuff like what happened with the crummy PC version. I'd buy this game if it was like 19.99, 24.99 but 29.99 would be pushing it for me.

mrdeli13712d ago

It was one of the best looking games of the last gen - really made the Cube look good. I didn't play the expanded edition but I heard it didn't look as good on Playstation (what else is new).

I'd get this for 360 in a heartbeat.

leon763712d ago

Oh poor Resi 4 for them....what a shame.....I played it on's that, guys???........and xbots, don't try to say that you own a PS2 or a GC or played in your PC (you don't have a PC capable of playing it, you spent all your money fixing the 365655 RROD that you had........), because we don't believe in it!!!!!!!!!! Âhahahahahahahahahahahah. .......Rumours and rumours, lies and lies made up for desperate xbots, like the price of GTA4 in the UK.......Stop that xbots!!!!!!

JasonPC360PS3Wii3712d ago

I'm looking forward to the better version of 5 on my 360. You of course will probably end up having to install half of it to your hard drive. PC version is the best looking and best playing version of RE4, to bad you got stuck with all those jaggies on the pore ported GameCube version for your PS2. I'll probably be done with the first level, while your waiting for yours to install.

Whats with the .......)!!!!!???.... through out your comment? Looks like someone took your comment and shook it up, then poured it out.

Covenant3712d ago

Looks like someone combined wishful thinking, Photoshop, and too much free time.

It's too bad, though. I'd buy a 360 version of RE4. Brilliant game, easily one of the best games of the last ten years.

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