E3: Beyond Two Souls reveal

MWEB GameZone takes a look at the Beyond Two Souls E3 reveal

Games that are able to tap into a player’s inner dialogue and enable us to explore the dark caverns of our souls – those are the games that we don’t forget. This is exactly what David Cage from Quantic Dream promises to deliver with Beyond Two Souls.

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HanCilliers1747d ago

I really hope this won't be a disappointment, especially since Cage has been mouthing off so much abt how other devs don't use the medium to its full potential, especially when it comes to storytelling and emotional engagement.

GabeSA1747d ago

Looks like an amazing game. Its as anticipated as The Last of Us. Lets hope it wont disappoint.

WelshPixie1747d ago

Really does look interesting. Been keeping an eye on it since seeing that trailer they released a while back showing the character graphics. Crazy stuff there.

HanCilliers1747d ago

Indeed. this game is a must play. I love the way Cage thinks

DesVader1747d ago

I don't want anyone exploring my dark caverns that you very much :). Seriously though, it looks like its going to be a game that has good potential and its nice to see new IP on the radar.

schmoe1747d ago

*giggle* That is not what you said last night....