Famitsu: Tri-Ace blowout next week, possible Star Ocean 4 details

Today's Famitsu issue includes an announcement that next week's issue will feature a "Tri-Ace blowout", which means a lot of new screenshots for us. That means a possible Star Ocean 4 platform announcement, more Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One screenshots and finally more Infinite Undiscovery details.

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green3493d ago

hope they reveal alot more details of infinite undiscovery

Daver3493d ago

Even if it looks like a nice game... i would prefer more info on Star ocean 4

BilI Gates3493d ago

I just want to see Star Ocean 4.

zainkis3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

gogo SO4 xD, please tell me it' on ps3~~ or at least multi~~

EDIT: O.o it saids next week... anyone got a date of when? next week today?

OoLegendoO3493d ago

Hopefully its SO 4 for Ps3 or multi. Like this series and hope tri ace does a good job again.

Lumbo3493d ago

/me crosses fingers for SO4 info

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