Making the Next Smash a Smash Hit

The reveal of the next version of Smash Bros. is finally on the horizon. Christopher Erb of VGU.TV throws some less than likely candidates for new characters, stages, and game mechanics out there for the speculative to chew upon.

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nekobun1986d ago

Wouldn't be against that. They've done what they can to insert her into every other media orifice.

GuyThatPlaysGames1985d ago

Put it on another system. Just sayin

CaptainYesterday1985d ago

I hope we hear about more characters soon but I'm sure a lot of people are happy that Mega man was added :)

nekobun1985d ago

Totally. Wish I hadn't forgotten about the Capcom character rumors that started back in 2011.

Firan1985d ago

I sure am! Mega Man needs more love these days.

-Gespenst-1985d ago

I wonder if the 3ds and Wii U versions link up in any capacity, like Playstation Allstars on the Ps3 and Vita?

I know the graphics in this case are dramatically different between the two games, but it'd be cool if they worked out some way to have games with Wii U players through the 3ds version...

CaptainYesterday1985d ago

I remember Nintendo saying that they will some how link to each other in some way it could just be in some way small like stats or could be online. Super Smash Bros could really learn a few things from PSAS.

pr0t0typeknuckles1985d ago

i dont care for megaman at all, but that was a good score on nintendos part,they are actually getting characters that people have asked for.

ricochetmg1985d ago

It like one of the only games on wii u so how can it not be a hit.

dark-hollow1985d ago

Or maybe because its one of the biggest fighting franchises of all time.

-Gespenst-1985d ago

"It like one of the only games on wii u"