Killer Instinct Is a Fun Free to Play Xbox One Launch Game

Killer Instinct is a day-one digital-only release on Xbox One, and features -- get this -- one character. Jago is free to play on launch day. Everyone else -- unspecified returning characters as well as original fighters -- will cost money. Price is to-be-determined (of course).

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Majin-vegeta1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Well it's official.You have killed KI.Thankfully i can still play my full versions of yesteryear.

Edit:Is M$ being run by brainless people or what??

Just sell rare back to Nintendo or Sony along with this IP.Cuz it's obvious you guys don;t know how to use a studio too it's full potential.

zeal0us1627d ago

Microsoft found a way to screw this up. Something told me it was too good to be true.

xPhearR3dx1627d ago

Depends on the price of the characters. I mean, it's free to play. So if there's 30 characters for example and they're $2 a piece, that's $60. Normal price. Which would benefit gamers who only choose to play a handful of the roster.

This could be very good, or very bad depending on the pricing model. My guess? Very bad.

Septic1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Yeah what phear said. If the cost of unlocking all the characters is that of a full game anyway then this just operates as an extended demo albeit one that you can play online against other players with different fighters.

If the game turns out to be more expensive than buying a retail game.....well then're the masters of fudging things up.

abzdine1627d ago

he was so proud to say "we listen"!! i'd love to punch his arrogant face right now!!!

What a big disgrace to gaming! As a Nintendo fan i feel insulted

Raf1k11627d ago

Is buying with real money the only way to get characters? It would be really shitty if it is.

F2P games need to use a proper F2P model like League of Legends where points you earn can be saved up to purchase new characters and buying with real money is just an extra option. The only thing LoL requires real money for is cosmetic changes to characters.

user55757081626d ago

online play will be:

and now JAGO VS.........JAGO


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Garbanjo0011627d ago

I'm pretty mad about Killer Instinct, I waited forever to play this game, and this is what they do to it? MS is turning into a bigger joke all the time. I completely agree with you. MS has the ability to do some bad ass games, but then they do shit like this and it totally pisses me off.

dedicatedtogamers1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Woooooow. Bomb after bomb after bomb. Good luck geeting this game included in EVO. And correct me if I'm wrong, but it's not even being made by RARE: it's being made by the same people who did the GI Joe game and the Battleship game, so don't expect the fundamental gameplay to be deep or polished.

Also, the point of a fighting game is to have polish and balance. What do you think will happen when they involve the, excuse me, what do you think will happen when they involve the free-to-play model in a fighting game?

Cueil1627d ago

??? Pay to win? Looks like you purchase the characters you want to play with... sounds like pay to play... it's an interesting concept though I wish they would have also released a full version

Veneno1627d ago

How the hell are you going to know which characters you want to play as when you don't get to try them out? You know, like a real, full fighting game.

fermcr1627d ago

"Killer Instinct Is a Fun Free to Play Xbox One Launch Game"

I was surprised Microsoft was offering a free game... then a read the article.

Microsoft only thinks of ...

Jaces1627d ago

Now I'm down to only 2 games I'm interested in for Xbone now. Nice going MS, fucked up KI, what else can you destroy?

GenericNameHere1627d ago

Lol this game is NOT even made by Rare! Haha what kind of joke is this? So what, Rare is still relegated to Kinect work? Hey, Microsoft, nice job! I'm pretty sure the guys who made Battleship The Board Game The Movie The Game is worthy of working on a game so beloved by fans right? Because we all know Battleship was an awesome game, and so was its movie, and Rare's much more untalented that they can only work on Kinect Sports Rivals!!

What next, you gonna make Halo 5 a game made by Gearbox Studios, the company that made such great and Game of The Year worthy games as Duke Nukem Forever and Aliens: Colonial Marines?

badz1491627d ago

plus...the RARE we know is no more! instead of continuing to taint the name of RARE, they should just change their name to MKS, Microsoft Kinect Studio as that's all they have been doing these days!

MizTv1627d ago

Well it's not 1998 anymore
A shell of there Former self

FriedGoat1627d ago

The majority of the rare team went to free radical that are now called Crytek UK.

MizTv1627d ago

We saw it and were like for real?
Looks like a game I would play on my vita
Next gen? I think not

Veneno1627d ago (Edited 1627d ago )

Dude watch your mouth, Vita's got

Marvel vs Capcom 3
Mortal Kombat
BLazblue CS Extend
Street Fighter X Tekken
Dead or Alive Plus
Dive Kick
Playstation Allstars BR

The Vita is 100 times the fighting game console the XSux One will ever be.

Veneno1627d ago

You guys! You guys! Microsoft really did listen! They're bringing back the Killer Instinct we all know and love! Remember how we used to not have the full roster of characters out the gate and we had to buy them all separately? Just like the good ol' days amiright?

1627d ago
whoyouwit041626d ago

Now I bet if sony was doing this with one of their games you would think it was genius. there is absolutely nothing wrong with what microsoft is doing with killer Instinc if the characters are priced right. 2 bucks a character is 40 bucks which is a deal.

kenshiro1001626d ago

If Sony did this, nobody would agree with it. Stop defending Microsoft.

kenshiro1001626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )



You have to buy the rest of the characters?! What the...what are they thinking?!

Okay, this is not the KI I grew up with. I had KI for Gameboy and Super Nintendo. That was my favorite fighting game along with the SF and MK series.

...-shakes head-

FrigidDARKNESS1626d ago

Rare is not developing this game and the Original Rare developers have been long gone. No one cares if you play your N64 this game rocks and kicks ass on the xbox one.

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MattyF1627d ago

This is not what I expected. Thanks MS! You just completely killed Killer Instinct.

MrBeatdown1627d ago

I kind of sensed something was up with that "Round One" subtitle. It didn't fit for a big budget title.

BullyMangler1627d ago

i'll pay whatever it takes to have Jago's ninja blade back.

Jago is no Longer a match against Leonardo like this .. .

1627d ago
Baka-akaB1627d ago

All in one , input for one .... one character . Welcome to Xbox One !!

whoyouwit041626d ago (Edited 1626d ago )

this is only bad if they fuck it up by over pricing the characters but you Sony fans are going to make something that isn't a negative a negative any ways.
this is basically letting you customize the game with the characters you want to play with.

vividi1626d ago

How do I know what characters I want to play if I can't try them?

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