TiQal Is Out On Xbox Live Arcade

TiQal is out on Xbox Live Arcade it will cost you 800 Microsoft Points the game is available in all Xbox LIVE regions also the game is 43.03 MB it's rated E for EVERYONE here is some information about the game: Single Player, Xbox LIVE Multiplayer 2, Local Multiplayer 2, HD (High Definition).

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wageslave3646d ago

The demo is 43.03 MB. I downloaded it in < 1 Minute.

Playing it now... will come back with some idea of gameplay in a second.

wageslave3646d ago

The game is a puzzler, and they've added some kind of story or narrative, just skipped that.
Very good graphics, lots of colour and particle effects.
Good sound, nice art design set in pre-spanish American history.

Rhezin3645d ago

just give me castle crashers

KidMakeshift3645d ago

If you like the Aztec styling of Zuma then you'll like this

It play like Tetris / Dr. Mario. Nothing new puzzle wise, but still a lot of fun