inFAMOUS Second Son - E3 Trailer (PS4) | E3 2013

Reggie isn't so sure if the people will be so accepting of his brother's new found superpowers... but Delsin Rowe can't get enough of his powers and he's ready to show Seattle what he can do.

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Walker1645d ago

Looks like a CGI movie ! the graphics and facial animations is just amazing !

first1NFANTRY1645d ago

it's very impressive. keep in mind they still have till next year to polish the gameplay and graphics further.

NewMonday1645d ago

if you look carefully at this game and "the Order" demo you will find they look very similar, it's like they are using the same engine or share much of the same code.

and if you look further at the Dark Sorcerer demo you see the same fire and smoke effect, and also in KZ:SF the lighting and the very silky smooth textures are similar.

what this means is that Sony 1st party studios and partners are very advanced in their toolset and understanding of the PS4 hardware, if they get this good this fast imagine what the second wave of games will look like, i predict the quality AND quantity of Sony 1st party games on the PS4 will dwarf the PS3.

Septic1645d ago

Yeah this looks incredible. I also love the acting. I never really cared for Cole at all but I already feel more of a connection with this guy. I'm just bummed that this isn't coming out at launch. Ah well, take your time Sucker Punch; this looks set to be an instant classic.

seanpitt231645d ago

Sony is offering a more powerful console with games like this and it is $100 cheaper iam just mind blown right now

hulk_bash19871645d ago

Day 1 Day 2 hell I'll give sucker punch all the days. I love the infamous franchise. One of the most under rated this gen.

shammgod1645d ago

Agreed. I support the hell out of these guys!

Haules1645d ago

It looks freakin fantastic!

They showed so many games!

abzdine1645d ago

some of the most amazing in-game facial animation i have ever seen!

Greatness awaits

badz1491645d ago

Knowing Sucker Punch, they are all in game footage too. Is it just me or the dialogue has some kind of GTA vibe especially the humor? Disappointed that the game is now a Q1 2014 release but relief at the same time as I was scratching my head on how to focus on this when we will have KZSF and Drive Club too...not to forget Knack! Now the dilema is prwtty much gone but still...2 Killzones weee...

1645d ago

Man that's the first thing i noticed, the game is going to be awesome!!

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PerryCaravello1645d ago

Ladies and gentlemen, nirvana making an appearance!

NegativeCreep4271645d ago (Edited 1645d ago )

It sounded like it was actually a cover of Heart-Shaped Box heard near the end of the video.

shammgod1645d ago

I love how they threw that in there! Seattle!!!

himdeel1645d ago

I could see Deslin as the type that might have an ipod or something and we could listen to some music off the harddrive while in game.

Pug1645d ago

Day one, looks amazing.

sly-Famous1645d ago

Is there a release date?

ceballos77mx1645d ago

I think he said Feb 2014.

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The story is too old to be commented.