Legal Battle Over Warcraft 'bot'

The makers of World of Warcraft are locked in a legal battle with a firm that has produced a tool to automate many actions in the virtual world. Blizzard is suing Michael Donnelly, the creator of the MMO Glider program, which performs key tasks in the game automatically, such as fighting.

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pswi603617d ago

"Mr Donnelly said the first time had had been aware of potential legal action over his program was when a lawyer from Vivendi games, which publishes Warcraft, and an "unnamed private investigator" appeared at his home."

wow...i think as long as the bot is progressing along at the same speed a normal player does, then what's the big deal? someone has to give these poor addicts a break...

LJWooly3617d ago

Hey, give the WoW addicts a break. They can't be at the desk ALL the time...

Leord3617d ago

I think that usingbots or cheating is lame. Very much so.

Still, I am a bit scared by some actions Blizzard takes, like Warden and stuff like that. Not sure I want to sacrifice my own integrity to beat cheaters.