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Sony Has Outwitted Microsoft at Every Opportunity with PS4

Push Square: "Let’s be honest, today’s PlayStation press conference wasn’t the best that Sony’s ever put together. The pacing was lethargic after Microsoft’s high-octane offering of trailers and live gameplay demonstrations, and it all took a while to hit top gear. The platform holder fell headfirst into the trap that we’d forewarned, spending far too much time talking, and not enough showing. It was even subjected to a hardware fault on a far greater scale than DICE’s Battlefield 4 blunder, when Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag actually crashed during a cut-scene. But while there were plenty of negatives, the Japanese giant can still sleep tonight satisfied with its performance, as it somehow managed to completely get the best of its closest competitor yet again." (E3, PS4, Xbox One)

ThatCanadianGuy514  +   694d ago
Sony played a mean hand of poker.And it looks like MS just ran out of chips!
Relientk77  +   694d ago
I mean a 2 and a 4 won't get you very far when you gotta constantly check-in
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   694d ago
>Dat pun
Enemy  +   694d ago
Let's run down the list together.

No DRM (unlike Xbox One)
No mandatory online (unlike Xbox Live)
$100 cheaper than Xbox One
Indie developers allowed to self-publish their games on PSN (unlike Xbox Live)
Standard 500GB hard drive (no hard drives for Xbox One)
Already two new IPs (The Order, The Dark Sorcerer) completely owned by Sony (in addition to InFamous: Second Son, Killzone: SF, Drive Club, and Knack)
A ridiculous, ridiculous amount of indie games for PSN

It wasn't just a win. It was a murder.
falviousuk  +   694d ago
@enemy more sony fan boy rubbish. The xbox one has a 500gb hdd the same as the ps4.

Conference was better as far as games go, sony made uo for their poor showing with the price and their policies for used games etc.
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Hydrolex  +   694d ago
Sony just killed MICROSOFT ! Microsoft is probably crying right now

+ PS4 has better hardware
+ PS4 No forcing to be online 24/7
+++++ $100 CHEAPER !!!!

That's just homicide right there, RIP Microsoft
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Hydrolex  +   694d ago
I really suggest you guys to get your IQ levels checked if you decide to go with Microsoft Xbox One this holiday over PS4 !!! Please do
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chazjamie  +   694d ago
i'm still concerned about mgs5
Hydrolex  +   694d ago
Microsoft Dictatorship is over !


yea yea yea shove all those up your ... and watch Sony win. Sony truly went all out for the its fans !
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Hydrolex  +   694d ago
You guys wanna hear a joke ?

PS4 is only 50 dollars more expensive than Wii u

HA HA HA HA HA !!! Very funny ! Even tho Wii u is 10 generations ahead lolz
MRMagoo123  +   694d ago

I think he meant you cant swap harddrives on the xbone but you can on the ps4
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   694d ago
I would have loved to have seen the almighty Kaz lift up the ps3 and mention all of what jack tretton said along with the price but I'm sure he was in his lair with that infectious grin that he has in the article image.
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   694d ago
@Hydrolex Holy mother of gawwwd. I had no Idea geeezus nintendo have to lower their pricepoint now that's for damn sure. Sony's pricepoint is one hell of a bargain thats for sure
kparks  +   694d ago
Yeah but the ps4 HDD is removable unlike the One
Number-Nine  +   694d ago
Sony is playing with a full deck.
MS is looking to borrow a few cards but their policy won't allow that.
Relientk77  +   694d ago
Yea but Microsoft can only borrow cards from someone who has been on your friends list for MORE than 30 days
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tarbis  +   694d ago
How can they borrow any? From the day of the reveal to E3. It's not even 30 days. XD XD XD
Lord Anubis  +   694d ago
ran out of Doritos chips?
Relientk77  +   694d ago
Lol, what Microsoft didn't show at E3

Xbox One runs on Doritos chips
nthstew  +   694d ago
$399 no doubt PS4 for me ..
B-radical  +   694d ago
xbox did deliver on games games games and games like they said so kudos
sobekflakmonkey  +   694d ago
Agreed, I think MS killed it in that section, the only reason people are praising Sony right now is because of Used games, DRM, and that stuff just in general, nobody is really saying anything about how they didn't really show anything new, no new gameplay besides Destiny, games were freezing and stuttering with a low framerate, some of those games just looked like ps3 games, or games you could get on a tablet, Watch dogs looked like it was running in 720p with no AA what so ever, and Assassins Creed just stopped working (it didnt even look that good) the only really impressive game was Destiny and even that was freezing and having issues...
fooltheman  +   694d ago
Gameplay of first party games will be released today, like they said.
Microsoft showed alot of multiplatformgames, that are also coming to ps4.

Sony already showed exclusives in February, Microsoft didn't show alot of games three weeks ago.
jc48573  +   694d ago
more like Microsoft is terrible at card games. I get the impression Microsoft never really quite understood gamers.
NextGen24Gamer  +   694d ago
+ xbox one has better software & cloud computing
+ Xbox one & PS4 plays used games
+ Ps4 is 39.99 cheaper (xbox one comes with a year of live) (ps4 with a year of psn is 459.99)
+ Xbox One has kinnect with every console
+ Xbox One has Snap mode, TV integration, and smart glass integration.
+ Xbox One has the most robust online infrastructure with xbox live over PSN.
+ Ps4 makes it easy to borrow games
+ Xbox one has the better 3rd party support & 1st party exclusives.

Easy choice for Real Gamers and new tech enthusiast!

That's just murder right there, RIP Microsoft
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   694d ago
You are clearly in a state of denial so i'll forgive you for that burst of insanity.

Hopefully you correct that misinformation by tomorrow tho.
Parapraxis  +   694d ago
"+ Ps4 is 39.99 cheaper"
See this is why people realize you are some sleazy lying bag of SH!T.
We all have the ability to watch the conferences, you can't just go and change FACTS.

Others will be added as seen fit, clearly after E3 2013 weeding out the plants has become far easier.
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MRMagoo123  +   694d ago
Where the hell are you getting the xbox one has better software lmao give it a rest

and you missed a few that are actually true like

+PS4 lets you rent games
+PS4 has better hardware by a large margin
+PS4 is just so much better its not funny
dark-hollow  +   694d ago
The price was a huge freaking surprise!!
MS needs to get of the shitty mandatory kinects and cut the price or they are toasted for sure.
Muffins1223  +   694d ago
They will probably have a deal like '"Pay $399 for the console then buy a 12 month year of xbox live gold and buy a game or you cant get the deal" Just so they can have the $399 price tag on it to look as nice as the ps4's price tag.I think sony made online you have to pay for it because their selling the console really cheap($399) and probably should of sold it for $450 but sense they did not they make up for it sense almost everyone who gets one buys ps plus with it for 50 bucks..
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Jeff257  +   694d ago
Sony may come up with another sku with a bigger HDD, 1 year Plus subscription, maybe an additional controller, and/or a game with the price point of $499. Then still have the current sku at $399 and completely trump anything MS could possibly do to try and make the One look like something other than a complete piece of crap.
pimpschitz  +   694d ago
I bet it will be $399 as marked, and if they bundle it with a year of online I would pay it because it's still cheaper than XBO, and it is a better machine.
tehpees3  +   694d ago
Not just cut the price but get rid of that DRM stuff. I can honestly see a re-release happening next year.
Xer0_SiN  +   694d ago
i agree. sony owned this year. on a side note, the order, the crew, destiny, shadowfall, elder scrolls online, versus (in no particular order) are all on my list.
Jeff257  +   694d ago
Kingdom Hearts 3 is the big one for me. With KH 1.5 coming out in the US this fall for PS3 I hope they have plans to do a HD release of KH 2 before 3 hits though. granted I want all of the others as well but KH 3 is just wow I didn't see that coming.
Xer0_SiN  +   694d ago
definately. i didnt catch that one cause i was streaming sonys confrence from m phone via blutooth audio to my car.p, just so happen i ran into a dead spot. so i didnt see that part LOL. kingdom hearts is a gamers delight! sony did very well this time around.
Jeff257  +   694d ago
I had the same thing happen to me. I missed the entire middle of the conference. i was streaming it on my phone while heading into work and it dropped out completely.
InMyOpinion  +   694d ago
I think it's more like Microsoft took every chance they could to do things wrong.
Jeff257  +   694d ago
Agreed. They are blinded by their own misguided ambitions and never saw the cliff ahead of them. They walked right over the edge and even on the way down still thought they were doing the right thing.
badz149  +   694d ago
Cliff B was there?
lol just joking but agreed!
Geezus  +   694d ago
they just let ms self destruct then said we are the exact opposite of the xbox with all the hate ms was getting sony just came out shining especially with their pricing
DeadIIIRed  +   694d ago
Now Microsoft needs to decide if they move ahead with the terrible features or swallow their pride. I'm sold right now on PS4, but if Xbox One lightens up restrictions I may buy one sometime after launch
RandomDude655  +   694d ago
MS got cocky......
Sony got humble and let MS's cockiness destroy themselves
pimpschitz  +   694d ago
I am a little upset with the crashing of Assassin's Creed, but I am not condemning them for the game crashing, I am not blaming anyone. These things happen, and Assassin's Creed is still in development. I cringed with that, had a buddy texting me laughing. Then after the console price reveal he shut up pretty quickly. The only thing he could say was "you have to pay for online now."

I am happy with paying online, they gave us a great deal on the console, and with the bonus' that we are getting this year and next year, and the next after that we get a great value, they still make gobs of cash and show the gamer who and what is important. You feel me N4G?
fooltheman  +   694d ago
It was the game itself that crashed (so it's ubisoft problem). Other games played just fine.

Thief, Watchdogs even destiny...
EffectO  +   694d ago
Except in games category.
GamersHeaven  +   694d ago
Sony have done everything right with the PS4 that crowd reaction tells it all when they stood up and started cheering and chanting Sonys name that was amazing that is something microsoft could never buy.
RandomDude655  +   694d ago
The confusing part is that was the media that has been cutting MS slack, but then exploded when Sony's announcement was made.
iliimaster  +   694d ago
just like in bluray MS will cave they have to there is nothing that says im worth 500$ oh and if ur internet doesnt work you cannot use me
JAMurida  +   694d ago
I feel like I'm in the minority that was sold when hearing FFXIV coming to PS4. All the other points were dam good, but that's all I wanted to hear to make me solidify my purchase of the system.

Regardless, I hope Sony supports PS4 well in the upcoming years. And going off their record with PS3, I'm sure they will. I only wish Zipper Interactive would of been there with us for next-gen.

- Also to add, Naughty Dog nor The Last Guardian was there, so maybe they're being saved for later. And with Versus XIII going next gen, I won't be surprised if Last Guardian follows suit.
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saimcheeda  +   694d ago
Talk about learning from your mistakes
SONY has completely killed its competition!
vigilante_man  +   694d ago
Credit to Sony. They have listened and learned their lessons. Microsoft can afford to be arrogant. It makes you wonder whether they actually bothered about games all along.

Has a large company ever made such a huge set of mistakes? DRM, Kinnect always watching (privacy laws), always online. Tv box. Pricing.

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