Cutting edge console technologies may soon be a thing of the past

Games-Digest writes:

"Recently we've heard a lot of worrying tales that PC games are losing favour with developers and publishers alike, and possibly even gamers themselves. The very future of the platform appears to be under threat. It's hardly much of a surprise: modern consoles have become so powerful that they are easily comparable to all but the most powerful PC gaming rigs. And thanks to manufacturers heavily subsidising the hardware costs, they are a much cheaper option."

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Shadow Flare3765d ago

No it won't. Simply for one reason vision. Nintendo sells alot of consoles to casuals with a machine with dated graphics and tech. Sony has a vision to push the tech as far as it can go or to put it another way, play beyond. Sony won't take up Nintendo's philosophy just because they sell more consoles. Because pushing tech to the limit is what sony IS. Im just using sony as an example. I mean look at Gran Turismo 5, already 1 million preorders alone. I know GT is a famously impressive franchise, but im sure everyone who is buying the game was impressed by the graphics, and some of those buying it probably don't even like racers. And how many ps3's were bought because it uses bluray aswell? If anything though, it would be a bad for gamers if the companies stopped pushing the consoles as hard as they do.

thisisim3765d ago

It's easy to forget that these companies are more concerned with their bottom line than beating out the competition. 1 Million pre-orders is impressive, but there are games like Carnival Games for the Wii that have sold more than a million copies and had next to no development costs.

So as a software developer do you engage a huge staff to put out a game with stellar visuals and gameplay to sell 1-2 million copies or get a much smaller group together to develop something not as technically advanced, do some decent marketing, and sell 1-2 million copies?

And as a hardware manufacturer do you put out systems that lose you money with each sale, banking on your software sales to pull you through while your competitor profits with each machine sold and outsells you on the software front as well?

I'm not saying the systems won't improve in the future, but if the companies are wise they won't try to sell technology that is so far ahead of the market.

It's like buying an all electric car today. Sure it's neat. But it'll cost you more than the others and won't save you money. The batteries will need to be replaced, the industry hasn't matured. You always pay a price to be on the cutting edge. The further you go, the more expensive it gets. When you buy a video card, do you grab the $50 one or will only the $4500 work for you? Where to stop should be evaluated by each company, and I agree with Nintendo's philosophy that they ought to profit from the get-go. Financially it's responsible.

It'll be interesting to see if I get a bunch of disagrees.

ChickeyCantor3764d ago

but you cant Upgrade the hardware of the PS3 while its possible with pc's.
PC's will dominate in power anyway.
Sony did make a impressive piece of hardware when it comes to power but dont expect it to be everlasting. nothing is.

cysna3764d ago

I don't want to upgrade my PC all the time and spend lots and lots money to it JUST because PC game developers are too lazy to invent better graphic engines witch could use the hardware more efficient!! With PS3 you don't have to worry things like that. Just but the disc in and play!!

Lifendz3764d ago

MS and Sony would stop trying to put out advanced consoles because Nintendo had success with Wii? No. Of course not. What they'll do is put out their own casual friendly console. In fact, they're probably looking at it now. Maybe a console where you strap something to your body and your movements are simulated on screen with more accuracy than the Wii. Or maybe they'll just flat out rip off the Wii but make enough changes to avoid a law suit. Whatever it is, they will not stop making the most powerful machines they can. Lets not forget how successful games like Gears, Halo, Call of Duty 4, Devil May Cry, and very soon GT5p, MGS4, etc.

Oh and didn't we all read something not too long ago that MS and Sony may actually be breaking even if not making money on their consoles? Probably not a Nintendo amount on each unit sold but releasing these machines is not making either bankrupt.

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leon763765d ago

Wii IS the Past....x360 is allready a crap from the past........PS3 IS THE REAL FUTURE!!!!!!!!!!!

iAmPS33765d ago

The Wii is selling a lot cause it's bringing casual gamers to the party. As soon as these "casual gamers" develop a taste for the thing, they will demand more complex games in terms of graphics/gameplay/simulation/p hysics and so on.

The Wii is selling but it will not develop itself as a trend, and it will never destroy or lower the demand for AAA titles like MGS4, GT5, FFXIII, R2, LBP.

As soon as a Wii gamer lay his/her eyes on Little Big Planet they will want a PS3 and will leave their Wii dusting up for life.

Mark my words.

Statix3765d ago

I don't see this scenario happening next generation for one reason: Competition. Sony and Microsoft are still very much involved in a battle to outdo one another with their graphics and hardware; mostly, to gain favor from the hardcore, early-adopting gamers. Microsoft will try hard to make a technologically advanced first-to-market console so as to not be completely embarrassed by the PS4 graphically. And Sony then has the incentive to try and blow out whatever Microsoft musters up with the Xbox 720, to make the latter seem as outdated and obsolete as possible.

In short, Microsoft and Sony are too competitive to let the other possibly have the upper hand in anything, graphics included.

e-ray3765d ago

One of the many reasons I dislike the Wii.

RealityCheck3765d ago

Geez, another one of those, let me cut and paste my other reply...

The Wii did not steal market away from the 360/PS3 market, it opened up a new one.

So now in simplistic terms there is two major gaming markets. As such, you need two different types of console to satisfy each market. So I don't see all the players making their next console to fight for the same one market and ignore the other.

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