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Sony's PlayStation 4 Eye is a $59 add-on, PS4 packs a 500GB HDD inside

While the US press release for the PlayStation 4 mentioned details about games, used games and pricing, it did not confirm all of the specs for the console. (PlayStation, PS4, Sony)

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dedicatedtogamers  +   712d ago
Wooooooow. So a PS4 + camera combo is still cheaper than an Xbox One.
Starbucks_Fan  +   712d ago
Yep. Didn't realize it wasn't included before I preordered it but oh well. Not like I need it for Killzone and Battlefield

Oh and it's cheaper than when the first KInect came out. Crazy.
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darthv72  +   712d ago
they will do a bundle for $450 that includes the camera. That is a savings of $10 from buying them individually. Im for that but if not...i will get the camera by itself.

@jc485... but there is a benefit to the consumer if they did make it part of the complete package. Not mandatory to use but if one came with each ps4 it would mean that everyone who buys a ps4 gets one and devs would know that and use it if they saw the opportunity.
BattleAxe  +   712d ago
If the PS Eye is compatible, I will just use that device, but I rarely use it anyway unless I'm video chatting with friends, but even then, you can still just use your headset anyway.
NumOnePS3FanBoy  +   712d ago
more gifs are on the rise

abzdine  +   712d ago
i will buy a PS4 for myself and ask for the PS4Eye as a present :)
jc48573  +   712d ago
I don't think the EYE is a mandatory gimmick like the Kinect.
koolaid251  +   712d ago
The Kinect is far more superior in tech than the ps eye/move combo.
Sephiroushin  +   712d ago
So what?
It can be 20 years ahead of tech (which is not just and exagerated example), cost a million of USD and it does not change the fact that its a gimmick
TruthbeTold  +   712d ago
To me it's not about whether or not it's a gimmick. It's about choice. The choice of not paying to have a camera in your home that you may find out 5 years later that is being used by governments or has been hacked by 3rd parties even though they claimed otherwise. And MS does not allow the choice of buying their gaming console without a high quality camera/microphone combo, integral to the system. Deal breaker for me. Period.
badz149  +   712d ago
you hear that M$? "ADD"! "ON"!

THAT's how you do things! not slap it as mandatory and then price your "lower-than-PS4" spec cable box a whooping 100 quid more!

if you really love the thing so much to make it mandatory, why not integrate it INSIDE the box in the first place? ironic that your slogan is "all in ONE, input ONE" when the device itself is a TWO!
Cam977  +   712d ago
It's 100 bucks more, not 100 quid. So 60-80 quid more.
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badz149  +   712d ago
ah...my bad! you're right!
krazykombatant  +   712d ago
@Cam if you exchange the currency nrate its $160 more here jn the UK.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   712d ago
Ya, I'd guess it doesn't come close to doing what the Kinect 2 does though.
CandyCaptain  +   712d ago
Do you want it to? Honest question...
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   712d ago
No, I only have enough money to buy them both with only one of them doing what Kinect does. It's going to be the best gen of them all yet for games.
rainslacker  +   712d ago
Yeah....you're probably right. Thank god we don't have to actually have it then, because it sounds like a piece of junk. I'll take a $100 savings over a camera any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
edonus  +   712d ago
And it still does less.
Why o why  +   712d ago
Told you already....stop being bitter. Be happy for us
Hicken  +   712d ago
He can't help it. Microsoft owns his soul.
KwietStorm  +   712d ago
Less shovelware yea I agree.
edonus  +   712d ago
@Why O Why
I am happy for everyone just spittin that truth.
You are smarter than that you could at least make a list showing what each system does side by side proving whose right.
Shovelware for one is a matter of opinion and 2 these systems arent even out yet, jumping to unfounded conclusions is fanboyism 101.

What I find funny is the insecurity in fanboys. I can point out something that is absolutely true and it causes lash outs.
The Ps4 is a fine console and will be great in its own right but you find these people that cant live with it having a chink in its armor.

Like for this comment a rational minded person would have said to himself yeah that true but they re features I dont care for and the system is still doing everything I need it to do.
Hicken  +   712d ago
I don't need to make a list. It's pretty evident to most everybody which of the systems is better, particularly for gamers.

Better specs and policies, backed by a company with a better track record in the industry, the PS4 is clearly the better system. That it will cost less at launch is a welcome bonus. That the Eye is optional and not a mandatory device whose absence bricks the system is a bonus. That the HDD is upgradable is a bonus. That it's region free is a bonus.

... do I have to keep going, or do you get it yet?
Muigi  +   712d ago
OK while your yelling at your Xbox, I'll be at a friends house SHARING my PS4 games.
Azrabain  +   712d ago
IF I was Sony I would release a bunde at $499 that included the camera and a 1 year playstation plus membership that would kick ass!
Thomaticus  +   712d ago
The best thing is to leave it at 399 and find a game to bundle the camera with. Like how the wiimote was bundled with Wii Play. It's just great advertisement for The PS4 to have that 100 dollars less price tag. They can pack the camera in next year.
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Thomaticus  +   712d ago
I was completely prepared to pay 500...... Sony just saved me money...WTF?!!
sync90  +   712d ago
Or another 100 to spend on games. ;)
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FrigidDARKNESS  +   712d ago
Yep....very nice.
Snookies12  +   712d ago
Yeah, definitely glad we don't HAVE to have it or anything. Although I probably will get one anyway at some point.
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DivineAssault  +   712d ago
NOT BAD! I think ill buy the PS4 eye if an eye of judgement comes out for PS4.. I wonder if i can swap HDDs like on PS3.. Anyway, hows the battery life on the dual shock? & it seems as if i can still use my pulse headphones with this so im good! Damn im so effin excited!!!

U can get the PS4 & the camera cheaper than xbox one.. PS4 comes with a mono headset too, i dont think M$ is including one... None of the 360 accessories (including headsets/headphones) will be compatible lol..
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a_bro  +   712d ago
Eyedentify.... Wanna see that game come back from the grave.
project_pat36  +   712d ago
or a upgraded version of the video recording app "PSEye"
CandyCaptain  +   712d ago
They better allow me to swap it out, I have one twice as big in my ps3. <.<'
DivineAssault  +   712d ago
I thought the PS3 wont read anything higher than 750GB.. I only have a 500GB in mine & still have about 100GB left in it.. The 500 that comes with PS4 should be just fine for a long time.. U dont have to install everything like xbox one so it should last..

The wii u deluxe is $350 with only 32GB of storage lol.. PS4 took a poo on every competitor there is.. Its going to be a hot item this holiday for sure being that its only $400... I already payed one off & ima go deposit $50 on another later today if i get a chance to sell later or help out a friend in need
Virtual_Reality  +   712d ago
The light bar of the DS4 controller, might not be used at all from many knowing the PS4 Eye is not included in the bundle.
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Jeff257  +   712d ago
I expect their will be some games in the future that will either use it for something or have it as an added option. One of the cooler aspects they mentioned back in Feb was how the PS4 could track the position of a controller and change the split screen orientation. Anyway it is nice that it is optional and also not expensive either.
Geezus  +   712d ago
Yeah im wondering what its for now maybe they scrapped an included camera to get it at a cheaper price point than the one or is the light bar just to differentiate between multiple players when gaming on the same console...
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killalot100  +   712d ago
I was wondering this too. Was kinda hoping they would of included it but no big deal.
farhad2k8  +   712d ago
The light bar doesn't require the camera.
It will still be in use. They didn't have a camera at E3 yet everyone that had a Dualshock 4 in their hand still had a light bar.
Drekken  +   712d ago
The lightbar on the DS4 is seen by the camera and functions like the move did. You can't use the controllers feature without the camera.
GamersHeaven  +   712d ago
Btw when is it coming out? they never mentioned a release date.
aceitman  +   712d ago
Tokyo game show with a surprise sept. or oct. release date
GamersHeaven  +   712d ago
That's what I was thinking :D October would be perfect.

Xer0_SiN  +   712d ago
excellent value. i already ought two ps4s. probably gonna get another one and then flip it when it gets released LOL.
tiffac008  +   712d ago
Well I guess this would confirm the multiple sku rumors.
Jeff257  +   712d ago
Yeah maybe one with a bigger HDD, another controller, and the camera included for $499. Or maybe add a game in that as well for that price. Then let people decide between that and the $399 one and this thing will absolutely fly off the shelves.
yesmynameissumo  +   712d ago
They need to show me why I need the camera (besides Move) in order for me to bite. The console Drive Club PS+, Killzone and maybe even Knack will be getting scooped up.
AutoCad  +   712d ago
gta2800  +   712d ago
How much you charge?
kryteris  +   712d ago
its just odd that they would not ship the camera with the system when the controller will have this useless light on it leaving every1 thinking wtf!?
ReconHope  +   712d ago
The main use of the light on the controller is to complement gameplay example you are dying your light starts beeping red. Emotional state- sad blue.

Yoshida used Guerrilla Games’ Killzone: Shadow Fall as an example of this concept.

“So it has a dual – or it could be a triple – role because game designers could use it for some effect. Like when [players are] losing HP, the colour could change from green to red. Like in the ‘Killzone’ demo, if you were watching Steven playing, [that game] has that function already.” he said.

“People were watching the main screen, but Steven (the guy playing the demo) was facing the audience, showing how the light bar colour changes as he was hit by the enemy; as he lost hit points the colour was changing from green to red. And when he used the health replenishment, it went back to green.”
Snookies12  +   712d ago
The light is also used to determine which controller is which. Blue for player one, red for player two, etc.
Man-E-Faces  +   712d ago
How much is Sony losing on every PS4 sold? The real winner if PS4 can't distant itself from XboxOne sales wise will be the 1 who makes the most profit or least amount of loss on each unit sold. What if Microsoft is making money day 1 off of every XboxOne sold while Sony is losing? Think about that.
xhi4  +   712d ago
You have to remember, PS4 is built with off the shelf components, this means much lower component, manufacturing, shipping and R&D cost (which is very smart) especially in comparison to the proprietary stuff that was in the PS3.

The Xbox has Kinect 2 (proprietary) which increases their cost quite significantly so I wouldn't be quick to assume that one is making a loss over another.
SniperControl  +   712d ago
They might have been off the shelf components but according to Sony, these components were heavily customised.
dethpuck  +   712d ago
yep casuals will see the kinect and scoop it up. Still looks like a win for sony. getting both systems
mrmancs  +   712d ago
Just woken up so I am on Sony ps4 news catch up , so just looking at this piece of news I'm impressed your getting a big hard drive and camera for a low price and is a optional buy? Excellent... More good news I hope! Lol.
xhi4  +   712d ago
Plus no DRM, no always online, no restrictions.

And awesome first party studio games + multiplats to boot.

And Gaikai is coming out next year, looking forward to hearing how that actually works.
mrmancs  +   712d ago
Yay!! Lol , going to be smiling all day... :-)
Skynetone  +   712d ago
the only use I see with the camera, well except for the usual, was that a character would always be looking at you when they are talking, they would look where the light of the controller is
Loki86  +   712d ago
Add-on is not the way to do it, it limits the developer interest for making games to take advantage of it. Where as if it is native then they can focus on taking advantage of those aspects.
LKHGFDSA  +   712d ago
Wow, headset with every console?
That's unexpected.
InMyOpinion  +   712d ago
That is really good. Will improve the online install base I think.
edonus  +   712d ago
I didnt see this one coming......
I really didnt think Sony was this stupid. I have done bundles of posts about how this would split their market take features away from them. It even takes away from the functions of the controller.

This splits their base. There are a lot of bad side effects to to this. Up front it lowers the price but direct product comparison it lacks hard. Ps4 is basically a 360. This leaves the dance and fitness markets dominated by MS any motion control interactive stuff MS dominates. The check list gets bigger and clearer.

Unless something changes Sony doesnt even have the games to compete. Their power advantage is non visable.

Once MS starts that holiday campaign across Good Morning America and Ellen and Oprah again.

I say both the Ps4 and ONE will sell out through the launch. But I feel the ONE will gradually become more appealing. Its really a more appealing product, once the people see others that have it and the DRM and they see the DRM stuff isnt crippling anything it will just become more and more acceptable. While the Ps4 will stay the same.

I cant believe Sony is this stupid.
Skynetone  +   712d ago
no one I know plays just dance, I don't see why I should support the just dance community and be down 100 bucks

ive nothing against Kinect, if it helps people out and people enjoy that type of thing, that's well and good
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edonus  +   712d ago
The tech these cameras use do a lot more than play just dance.

Like I said in the shortsightedness its smart it brings down costs helps out a lot.

But Sony has left a very big weapon in their enemies hand. Think about the day EA releases Fight Night with full kinect integration or when devs start using that head tracking stuff or object scanning.

Basically what I am saying is sooner or later innovation comes and if you arent prepared for it you get left behind.
Skynetone  +   712d ago
in a couple of years there will be new cameras and new Tec and virtual glasses, how many cameras do I have to buy to keep the just dance community happy, ill do it
Parapraxis  +   712d ago
Oh god, you are really an MS apologists, just looking at your posts confirms this.,
We do not need people like you around N4G.
Go Away please.
Ask MS to send you to some other sites ffs.
edonus  +   712d ago
I keep the balance around here or at least open mindedness. I am exactly what N4G needs there are plenty of circle jerks out there if you want to do is be told how great sony is and how they dont nothing wrong and everything is perfect.

I am not trying to change anyones mind. You can only change weak peoples mind over the internet anyway and they are easy enough to manipulate so who cares about them.

If you want to refute a point that I make fine. If all you can put together is hate because my comments made your brain ache get some rest. Really are these the only thoughts you have about my comment.... not no your wrong because .... or that isnt right and it would work like this....

The quality of commenter has really taken a hit these days.
HammockGames  +   712d ago
"I keep the balance around here or at least open mindedness"

Have you ever read your own comments? You're about as one sided as they come.

I'm all of keeping the balance, but you're pretty far from being one of the four horsemen.
Ineedtacos2  +   706d ago
It could fragment their user base, but just look at Ms and the original Kinect which could be purchased (and often times was) separate from the 360. Yet the Kinect sold well and increased 360 sales. Sony can just use the $399 price point to drive the install base then announce a bundle that includes the PS4 eye, which they might have a separate bundle with the eye at launch. Our Sony can wait a year and bundle all PS4's with the eye starting next holiday season (when the technology will be a little cheaper) allowing them to keep a low price point for the bundle and already have a large install base. Plus if people are interested in motion gaming then they can still purchase a eye for $60 which still makes their purchase cheaper than the xbox1 (PS4+eye=$460, Xboxone=$499). All Sony has to do is advertise the eye and differentiate it from the Kinect2 while at the same time show that it offers both the same experiences provided by the Kinect2 but at the same time its own unique experience at a lower price. If Sony pulls it off right they could give MS a run for their money in the motion gaming market.
dethpuck  +   712d ago
Yeah as much as I hate kinect, soccer moms love it. Causals will love going home with one box. How can you do dance central with no cam. Not for me but the casuals ate it up just like the wii last gen
johnniejay  +   712d ago
What helped sony beat Microsoft is the fact that they left us gamers with a choice a choice on the ps eye always on being able to buy and sell and loan out our games and the 399 price was the icing on the cake
majedx9  +   712d ago
Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida has announced that, like the PlayStation 3, you’ll be able to upgrade the PlayStation 4′s Hard Drive. The PlayStation 4 comes with a 500GB HDD in each unit. At the moment, we’re not sure if the PlayStation 4 HDD will be 2.5 inches like the PS3′s or 3.5″. We’ll update this post when we receive more information.
Ineedtacos2  +   706d ago
I love how a lot of people (not saying anyone on here, just the internet in general) are talking up the Kinect 2 so much and counting out the Ps4 eye because of the resolution deference. The Kinect as a 1080p(@30fps)camera while the eye has two 1280x800(@60fps)cameras, which at first glance would give the Kinect an advantage but thats not factoring in the capabilities of the two eye cameras combining resolution. By combining multiple low res pictures together its possible to produce a higher res picture, a technique that has been around for a while and yielded great results see here for examples http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... The Ps4 eyes input is twice as fast (for each camera) as the Kinect 2, thus allowing the the eye to take 4x the fps (at 1280x800) as the Kinect does at 1080p. What the resolution increase would be I have no clue but it could potentially be equal to or exceed 1080p, assuming the eye takes advantage of this process.
Ineedtacos2  +   706d ago
Sorry about the spelling/grammar, I typed this pretty fast and my computer incorrectly auto-corrected some stuff.

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