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Submitted by B-radical 903d ago | news

Ubisoft CEO undecided on Xbox One pre-owned stance

Ubisoft chief executive Yves Guillemot has said his company is undecided on its stance regarding pre-owned game fees. (Ubisoft, Xbox One, Yves Guillemot)

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Lord Anubis  +   903d ago
This makes sony the Knight in Shining armor.
Xbox fans should thank sony.
first1NFANTRY  +   903d ago
i agree. now publishers and devs face potential loss of sales on the xbone if they impose these policies. this only means multiplats will sell well on the ps4. how the tides have turned.
CaulkSlap  +   903d ago
I'm going to own both (eventually) and I fully intend to buy every multiplat on PS4 regardless of what MS says from here. You're probably still only going to own a license to the game on Xbox One regardless of what used game policy they change and PS4 is more powerful anyways. It's really a no brainer.
TheBrit  +   903d ago
Publishers LOSE money on used games because they don't see a dime of it.

The Xbox Oneforces people to buy the full game which makes the publishers more money.

Sony on the other hand by doing the right thing doesn't make the publisher any more money once that game is sold / traded in.

You will be surprised how much money will be made on the Xbox One - you just cannot see it because of tunnel vision.
dedicatedtogamers  +   903d ago
Wait. People actually think....Microsoft might change their policies? No. No, they won't. This is the same company that was "listening to feeback" and still employed all of the rumored restrictions for Xbox One. This is the same company that ignored the failure of Windows 8 and Zune until it had been on the market for months.

Microsoft is currently in Full Maximum Hubris Mode. They're been in this mode for the last 3-4 years. Remember, you are not their target audience. They still think this thing will sell to the TV watchers.
ziggurcat  +   903d ago
i shudder to think what the policies were before they "listened."
dedicatedtogamers  +   903d ago
@ ziggurcat

Actually, what is worse is that - according to a few leakers prior to E3 - the policy information we leaned on June 7th was only half of it. There are still policies that Microsoft hasn't yet announced. Can't wait to see what new restrictions they dream up.

Oh, did you hear the new Killer Instinct is a download-only free to play title?
MRMagoo123  +   903d ago
LOL killer instinct is a free dl game wow must be high budget.
vigilante_man  +   903d ago
I never liked Bill Gates. I respected him as a business person but never like MS ethics.

But even Bill Gates would not have allowed this shambles to happen.
porter470  +   903d ago
I bailed on MS three years ago, moved to PC. The people running the MS games division are middle aged businessman and women that haven't played a game in their life's and only looking to make as much money as they can.

Hers a link to an interview of one of MS former PR saying the very same thing's and how MS has changed in 2012 and now this is the result we have now. Interview starts at 00:25
ThanatosDMC  +   903d ago
Well, they also wanted to kick Steam out of Win8 and make Win8 their "Apple Store". They wanted devs to pay MS to publish their games on Win8. Same concept. It's still on the fence since Win8 is incompatible with lots of programs and screwing customers.

Win8 and Xbone is basically trying to do the same exact thing but got slapped by consumers.
fermcr   903d ago | Bad language | show | Replies(5)
DebraHampton   903d ago | Spam
Sharius  +   903d ago
damage control, huh?
Ninja_G_Aidan  +   903d ago
Blahh who actually cares now. It's not like anyone is going to buy the piece of shit console now!
StanLee  +   903d ago
I'll take that bet. :D
Rusty515  +   903d ago
This basically means ubisoft wants to, but they don't wanna look like the bad guys. I think they're waiting to see if anyone does it first so they arn't the primary scapegoats. And you know EA is just wanking off to this idea so you know they're gonna say yes to used game fees.
Jeff257  +   903d ago
Well Sony has been and will continue to push Day One Digital download of games. I have yet to buy any big titles through that since I still generally like having a physical copy. But I have also used Steam and I like what Sony is trying to do with PS4 that allows you to start playing a game while it is downloading. I can certainly see myself making a transition to buying games more through digital means.

But to really make that feasible the Big Publishers need to allow Sony to be like Steam and have big sales and also bundle games together.
Cueil  +   903d ago
both consoles still tied down by retailers
sashimi  +   903d ago
That will forever be the problem since console sales are reliant on retailers while digital services like steam do not.
Legion  +   903d ago
Not so much. MS and Sony both are pushing more to download sales then hard sales. Looks like next Gen is hoping for more of a STEAM situation in their sales out look.

We will just have to see.
Cueil  +   903d ago
we may see one more hardware release... and then that's it

Personally I was really hoping to see cross platform play between Sony and Microsoft on multiplatform games
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Grindlefly  +   903d ago
Highly feasible I think that by the time we get to ps5 that it won't have a disc drive. Digital only maybe?
Talamak  +   903d ago
What I don't understand is why do these publishers and M$ consider parity with Steam the next logical and evolutionary step concerning console gaming ?...honestly, it's just money grubbing hidden behind the guise of being something the "consumer will want logically as a next step"'s funny how M$ and certain others want to bend over gamers and then tell us it's in our best interest. So is rape and exploitation also the next societal or evolutionary step forward ? I think not, but by some pubs and M$'s logic they'd like you to believe so
Number-Nine  +   903d ago
oh ms
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PerryCaravello  +   903d ago
Sony = good guys

microsoft = evil overpriced guys

Me = baby boars
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Legion  +   903d ago
Right now digital downloads on consoles has actually been very lucrative for MS and Sony.

So the factor that all those people that purchased digital copies were not able to see any resale value in their purchase, is a big factor in why we see this happening now.

Sony is not coming out and saying it.. (they like to wait and imitate later) but they too would prefer to see a download oriented sales perspective reach the favored option for gamer's choice in purchase.
STICKzophrenic  +   903d ago
I would like to tell the Ubisoft CEO that a pre-owned copy of Assassin's Creed, was the beginning of my AC love.

ACII, AC:BH, AC:R and ACIII were all bought brand new at launch. Three out of those four also had collector's editions, which I purchased. I have also purchased the majority of the single player DLC.

Had I not been able to get the first AC used, I might not have spent hundreds of dollars on the others.
Drakesfortune  +   903d ago
Like wise...same with some music artist...if i had not downloaded the first lot material i would not of gone out and bought the 2nd and 3rd albums..

pre-owned does help
dcbronco  +   903d ago
All of this talk of Sony won is so silly. Actually it's plain stupid. Sony fans have always defended the higher price points so price is a non-issue really. You don't get to brag about things you thought were unimportant in the past. It also makes you look stupid to do so. While I disagree with Kinect shouldn't be forced on people, in the long run I believe it will be a factor in gaming over time. MS needs to push innovative ways to use it and give them to all developers.

But using common sense when you look at next generation, for all of the talk nothing has really changed. Publishers might decide to never block any used games. Most people probably don't loan many games and quick get arounds will become known. And you can still gift your games to someone, though the limitations can't be denied. So what really changed. Sony gamers will now be paying for MP. And strictly for MP. Previously you were paying for extras with PSN+, now it's the MP you're paying for. MS can drop there price. Both consoles are being sold at a profit.
Captain Tuttle  +   903d ago
Now that's a load of BS

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