PlayStation 4's price and DRM policies not an answer to Xbox One, Sony exec says

The PlayStation 4's price and DRM policies were welcome announcements to those watching Sony's E3 press conference, but they weren't created in response to the same policies for Xbox One, Sony VP of Worldwide Studios Scott Rohde told Polygon in an interview earlier tonight.

"I literally have goosebumps right now, because that was always our plan," Rohde said. "It's something that we believe in. We know gamers come first; we know what they want. I was personally overwhelmed with the massive explosion on Twitter, with everyone essentially begging, 'Please don't do this Sony, please don't do this PlayStation!' It was so hard not to say, right away, 'Well, we never were going to do that, but now let's have a little fun and announce it in a fun way at the PlayStation press conference.'

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Donnieboi1534d ago

Sony did it for the REAL gamers. Not because Microsoft was gonna do it. Microsoft's plans were outright evil and controlling.

ThatCanadianGuy5141534d ago

Pretty much.I mean, damn, they said as much back in febuary but people were gobsmacked at MS's audacity and tried to drag Sony into somehow.

Oh well.I hope those people are eating some humble pie.

blitz06231534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

As it shouldn't. This shouldn't even be big news if MS didn't go anti consumer. Now Sony looks like heroes. Not saying they aren't.

I'm glad with the news, but let's be honest. Sony has ALWAYS been about gamers and this should have come as no surprise

Enemy1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Where are all the butthurts that said Sony would have their own DRM and mandatory online now?

4 > One

RedHawkX1534d ago

i agree ms fanboy chumps said microsoft wont do this wait until the reveal then ms did all the drm crap and such then them same fanboys tried to say sony was gonna do the same. im like you idiots gave ms the benefit of the doubt and they are the most grimy company but you didnt believe me or sony that they didn have the slavery bs drm crap.

Angeljuice1534d ago

The thing is, everyone was talking about 'publishers pressuring Microsoft and Sony for DRM', however that is not what happened.
Microsoft dreamt up the cloud idea and all the DRM and then TOOK THIS MODEL TO THE PUBLISHERS!!!
They wanted to create a paywalled garden where they could lock people in and control their funds more easily. At no time were they under pressure from the publishers and even Activision thought it wasn't a great idea (EA and Ubisoft loved it).

This all came about when Microsoft saw that it's console was doing well and decided the team in charge should be replaced by their 'money men' to maximise profit.

(Thanks go out to cboat and ms employees for this info).

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Donnieboi1534d ago

Wow lololol. Nice find! Funny bubble for you!

Snakefist301534d ago

OMG that is Hilarious!!!!

DrakenSilverwing1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

lmao, i was trying to put up something else as well but its not working for some reason... :(

jc485731534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

yea, but that didn't stop Sony from making fun of MS. Like who wouldn't find xboxone's features outrageously absurd? Read the damn facts. The videos won't tell you everything, so that they can trick your wives into buying it.

EcliPS31534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Let me say that I am a multi console owner. I play both systems. I tend to play my multiplayer games on my Xbox due to my friends mostly gaming on that platform. I've always said that I prefer the Xbox's online functionality over the PS3's in terms of user friendliness, etc.

HOWEVER... This is all going to change now. I am furious at what MS has done regarding their used games policy. To add to it all, the console is going to be priced higher.

The PS4 will be my go to gaming platform from now on, as long as their online is useable and functionable. The only thing I'll need to get used to is the controller.

Angeljuice1534d ago

If anybody out there can convert an Xbox controller into a PS4 controller, go into business now, you will make a fortune ( big issue with touch pad though)!

Same goes to third-party peripheral manufacturers!

hunggago1534d ago

@Donnieboi. Yup, I agree. The moment a software company like Microsoft went into to gaming industry, I felt that one day they were going to apply that same ole 1 OS per PC deal that they have with Windows to console games, just for the $$$. They seem to be leaning towards that non-disc based games for the future of console gaming. I'm glad Sony stayed traditional with theirs.

Garbanjo0011534d ago

Yep. Well said Donnieboi.

Mottsy1534d ago

I own a 360, wii u and ps3 and I have to be honest. I was considering buying the Xbox first then PS4 but now I don't think I'm going to buy Xbox at all! What a great show by Sony!!! Hoping the Nintendo one is good. My Wii U needs games damnit!

GenericNameHere1534d ago

So... They admit they.... Had fun... Hmmm

Lol that crowd reaction sure was the greatest thing ever! I bet even if Tretton farted, everyone would have still cheered and clapped for that small gaseous wind that came out of that brilliant man!

Manwhoore1533d ago (Edited 1533d ago )

I can tell you one thing for sure that GameStop will be supporting PlayStation for sure; since that's how GameStop's generates a lot of their revenue with used games. Sony this time has really fucked Microsoft. Not even a vaginal rejuvenation will save Microsoft.

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xPhearR3dx1534d ago

"PlayStation 4's price and DRM policies not an answer to Xbox One, Sony exec says"

Price probably not, DRM policies, come on. Don't lie, you know damn well that a response to the backlash MS got. You made that clear as day. This was a very good choice to make, but don't act like MS had nothing to do with your choice of words when announcing it.

Dunpeal1534d ago

dude, if you read the quote he says they chose to have a little fun with it at the event, but DRM was never going to be an issue they just chose to address it at E3 because of the shitstorm caused by MS

greenpowerz1534d ago (Edited 1534d ago )

Not to mention Jack spent a few minutes bad mouthing MSFT at the presser and then Sony released video further talking Sh!T.

They knew they were going to have a bad E3 from their point of view and offerings and MSFT's unexpected stellar E3 presented them with a no brainer. They had 9 hours to go to the back up plan, with MSFT leaving them no choice.

I form this opinion based on Sony not having new IP's or doing stage demos on PS4 hardware with already announced Ips. Sony's presser had a bunch of fluff with no new Ips to show they claimed they had in abundance.

Sony's exclusives didn't match MSFT's graphically most likely the reason they focused on 3rd party games that were most likely shown on PS4 spec PCs again. I read even PS3 fans complaining about Sony only demoing 3rd party games(Unless PSN games)

CGI-Quality1534d ago

That has to be the worst explanation and excuse making I've seen in a while.

M-M1534d ago


Sadly, his only purpose here is to make delusional posts.

Cupid_Viper_31534d ago

Lol, This guys has been running his mouth since the original Leaks about the Xbox One requiring Kinect and online connection and blocking used games. He denied every single one them and said it was just wishful thinking from Sony fanboys

Then Sony did the reveal in February, and he spend his entire time downplaying the specs of the PS4 and claiming that MS will have "Dual GPU"? or some sh!t like that.

Then Microsoft revealed the Xbox one and guess what? Rumors were spot on, Kinect required, so is online, so is DRM for games.

Then he moved on to an even more absurd level as he started telling people that Sony will have the exact same policies as MS with the Xbox One. And that all PlayStation fans are being "so naive"...and guess what?

He's dead wrong! anyone surprised though? Nope.

And now he's basically saying that Sony went back in time to february and re-did all the interviews to make it seem like they've never had any plans to do gamers dirty.

The_HarryEtTubMan1534d ago

You're full of shit and I used to back you up a couple of years ago. Xbox One doesn't look that great man. It looks like you're being treated like a thief that doesn't even own the games he buys. Are people this stupid

gta28001534d ago

Let it all out. It's okay to cry.

thereapersson1534d ago

Still think it's a good idea to give EVERYONE their bubbles back? There has to be an N4G reputation system implemented.