Wyclef Jean brings Burnout Paradise to new music video

seems the borders between video game culture and other forms of popular culture are melting away. Wyclef Jean recently teamed up with Electronic Arts to feature bits of Burnout Paradise in a new music video. The result? Well, it's a neat concept to be sure. Having Wyclef Jean driving a car while a kid is "controlling" him is pretty fun. If only we could control some of our friends while they were driving, huh?

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decapitator3738d ago

Good stuff. I love this song man. Is getting a lot of replay from me.

yesah3738d ago

good song + good game + ps3 + psp= win

mighty_douche3738d ago

He has an "interesting" way of playing the guitar.

Surfman3738d ago

And its the PS3 version, which is a good choice ;)

ud3738d ago

I like your picture
Go habs go!!!

ShAkKa3738d ago

He is under the Sony BNG music label.

pwnsause3738d ago

I like the PSP interactivity, that would be pretty cool with burnout