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Pachter: PS4 price is 'genius,' Microsoft 'messed up' with Xbox One

XMNR: Controversial Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pacther had a few choice words about the PS4 and Xbox One following the two E3 press conferences on Monday and clearly came out on the side of Sony over pricing and a lack of restrictions with the console. (PS4, Xbox One)

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mattmatt_  +   814d ago | Funny
"Well, well, well. How the turn tables.." - Michael Scott
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blitz0623  +   814d ago | Well said
Hey look, it's Michael Captain Obvious Pachter
Gandalf  +   814d ago | Funny
Pachter please, we already know it's over.

Relientk77  +   814d ago | Funny
^lol Hydrolex

The Rock

Hey Microsoft can you smell what Sony is cooking?
Hydrolex  +   814d ago | Funny
Microsoft you jabroni candy ass roody poo.... CAN YOU SMELLLLLLL WHAT SONY IS COOOKIIINNNNN !!

God says Xbox GONE

x1: but my name's Xbox ONE

God: IT doesn't MATTER what your name is !!!
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BattleAxe  +   814d ago
Don Mattrick......You're Fired!!!


Come on dude, don't stop there, do a Stone cold Steve Austin impression :D
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Ausbo  +   814d ago
SONY is doomed now. You don't want him on your side. He is always wrong.
Shadow Flare  +   814d ago
Someone needs to make a gif of the ps4 snowploughing xbone out of the way
Blacktric  +   814d ago
The Sonysters send their regards...


It was even worse than the red wedding to be honest...
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Ritsujun  +   814d ago
Pachter tried to patch up MS's wounds.
However, Xbone's already turned into bones.
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loulou  +   814d ago
Microsoft now have the ball in their court

they cannot go toe-to-toe with sony 100 more expensive... So they need to drop the price!

They cannot leave the drm in place so it must be on-line passes like this gen.

Always on-line needs to be rethought as well. The games that need on-line will just have to stay. To late to change that now. But future games need to have options.... Unless they are specific on-line only

Anyting else would be disastrous, microsoft know it. If they dont. This will be the quickest gen ever.

Sony should be thanked for what they have done. But, if microsft change those three things, sony will have a fight on their hands
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RedHawkX  +   814d ago
lol ikr
Zabby91  +   814d ago
"Pachter picks microsoft to win next console generation"

Pachter, go home.
Haules   814d ago | Trolling | show
douevenlift  +   814d ago
lol For some reason I remember Michael Pachter predicting the next xbone would be 399, in that range, with PS4 being 349.... go home Pachter, you're drunk
Nafon  +   814d ago
Microsoft when nobody buys the Xbox One:

chestnut1122  +   814d ago | Funny
Microsoft is down. call an ambulance. Wii u Wii u Wii u
KrisButtar  +   814d ago
Bubble up, couldn't help but laugh
Xer0_SiN  +   814d ago
scream laugh when i saw that, i aint even gonna lie ;).
Relientk77  +   814d ago
Hilarious and clever
ABizzel1  +   814d ago
Nintendo wants to help M$

ssj27  +   814d ago
Comment of the year!
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   814d ago
..Reggie? is that you?
Rivitur  +   814d ago
That would be a Francis joke but solid joke nonetheless.
rezzah  +   814d ago
lol nice one.
Temporary  +   814d ago
Lmao great
Protagonist  +   814d ago
Funny ;))))
theaceh  +   814d ago
The hardest thing to accept for corporate CEOs like Steve Balmer must be that, in the end, the consumer is the real master.
nosferatuzodd  +   814d ago
very nice, very nice indeed lol
showtimefolks  +   814d ago
Lol good one wiiu wiiu lol
Boody-Bandit  +   814d ago
I email and texted this to everyone I know that has any interest at all in gaming. That was really clever.

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starchild  +   814d ago
Yeah, but Wii U is even worse. How could they rescue anything?

Sorry, the DRM sucks, but I would still take that over a console that has few games. The exclusives are childish rehashes and it doesn't get very many of the big 3rd party games.

PS4 is the clear choice.
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shuuwai  +   814d ago
thanks.. now I have to clean my keyboard..
Psn800  +   814d ago
Brilliant !
RyuCloudStrife  +   814d ago
Copy paste from youtube still funny... I have the original version of the comment and will paste it on another post ;)
titletownrelo  +   814d ago
lol, seeing the same comment copy/pasted everywhere
RealtorMDandDC  +   814d ago
Bubble for
You kind sir...

Very clever
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Doctor_Freeman  +   814d ago
Doesn't take a genius to figure that one out Pach.
famoussasjohn  +   814d ago
Wonder how long it took him to analyze this and determine the PS4 in general is genius and Microsoft messed up.
TheTwelve  +   814d ago
Pachter said Xbone would win this gen earlier. Remember with Pachter --- whatever he says go with the opposite and you'll be correct.

Boody-Bandit  +   814d ago
That was before he knew MS came in at $499 for the XBOX ONE. When Pachter was interviewed after the MS E3 event, he said if Sony can come in at $399 and not have restrictions that it would be game over for MS.

I'm not a Pachter fan or anything. Quite the opposite actually. In that I think he is a pompous ***hole. But it's not exactly rocket science to say Sony has a HUGE advantage going into next gen. The only chance MS has of even being competitive is to 86 DRM and possibly even the price of the X1. If not, Sony will roll over them like a bulldozer.

Pachter, as usual, is just pointing out the obvious.
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lilbrat23  +   814d ago
This feels la deja vu, and the tables are turned.
T2  +   814d ago
I agree, and I am kind of amazed.. Is anyone else kind of shocked that Sony kind of went the 360 launch route, and it kind of worked? Seems the 399 price is a bit subsidized by online pay, which is pretty smart cuz kids will ask their mom for a 399 present for xmas, then hit them up for the plus sub later... good intro price.
Where MS went the other way, lots of extra toys (which half people don't even want), higher price, still pay online though??? Jeez what were they thinking, they would have been better to go 549 and announce free online forever and say "you will save 400 dollars in the long run"... they did a bad job, pure and simple.
ravens52  +   814d ago
Why does this patcher have any credibility if anything he shuld b blocked frm n4g. He really grinds my gears lol. Neway a def blind mute can make better predictions than him smfh get him out of here...horrible
JBallerX  +   814d ago
Great quote! After seeing Microsoft's press conference I was very excited about the Xbox One.

HOWEVER, after seeing the Sony press conference...wow. I was an original PS owner way back in the mid 1990's, and loved my PS2. I grabbed an Xbox and then a 360 and never looked at Sony again. However, given MS policies regarding DRM and used games, this is the generation where I will indeed be switching back to Sony. I've been on Xbox Live for over 8 years, and it is a bit hard to do, but MS made it a lot easier with their anti-consumer policies...and weaker system in general...and price. So I hope to see you all on PS4 next gen, as I will not be getting an Xbox.
strifeblade  +   814d ago
hey isn't patcher supposed to be wrong? i heard that all of his predictions in the videogame industry are wrong. LMAO
stage88  +   814d ago
Pachter talking sense.... what!?

And bubbles for you for quoting The Office!
IRON883  +   814d ago
Well we all know who won this generation :) preordered my ps4 2day!!!!
generalthadeape  +   814d ago
Me too!!!
FunkMacNasty  +   814d ago
Wow. Pachter finally gets one right...
xPhearR3dx  +   814d ago
Well, if you for some magical reason love Kinect, the price of a next-gen console with Kinect at $499 isn't bad at all. I think we can all agree that Kinect is more advanced than the PS Eye, however no ONE cares. Let's also remember the PS3 alone launched at $599. However, Kinect can gladly fuck right off. Make a SKU that doesn't require a Kinect purchase or functionality, then we'll talk. Until then, good luck selling the Xbone.
Gildarts  +   814d ago
Kinect 2 bundled with Xbox One is great for developers as they can count on it always being there. They didn't mess up the price. The price is just right for what you can get out of the Xbox One.
devwan  +   814d ago
Unlike millions of users willing to pay a license to play their games...
airgangstarr  +   814d ago
i dont agree bein that ms is takin thing away with there restrictions a weaker console power wise shouldnt cost more cause it can spy on u no one wants it but ms an bein there having such a pr nightmare there price point was yet another chance to gain support back an they done fucked that up too theres no reason besides a few exclusives to even bother with that anti conumer nightmare.. what happens if ur kinect falls an breaks u cant play ur xbox for like 2 to 3 weeks till u get it replaced ...for what so i can say xbox on cmon i can grab my controller
RiPPn  +   814d ago
I'm not sure the Kinect is better. The PS4 eye has 2 cameras and can record 3d video. I also imagine this helps it sense depth, etc. Though if the Kinect can see in the dark and sense a heartbeat as perfectly as they say then yeah it would be better. Guess we will see when reviewers can actually play with the hardware.
xPhearR3dx  +   814d ago
But here's the thing. I don't want Kinect in house. I want NOTHING to do with it, let alone being forced upon me.

And the devs always counting on it being there is even worse. Then we'll get even more wasted development on hand gestures and voice commands.

MS spouted about 40 innovations with the new Xbox controller. How about letting gamers put those innovations to the test instead of throwing Kinect in our face.
KwietStorm  +   814d ago
That's exactly the problem. Nobody is arguing value, but not everybody wants a TV tuner, dvr, and mandatory Kinect in the first place. It's funny how PS4 is more powerful yet costs less because of these exact decisions Microsoft made.
NeoTribe  +   814d ago
Lol give it up man. Crap like that is suppost to be seperate and a choice of the consumer. They knew if they didnt ship kinect with it nobody would fall for there useless gimmick again and buy it.
DJMarty  +   814d ago
Kinect 2 runs at 30fps, compared to PSeye 60fps-240fps depending on res.

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Legion  +   814d ago
Eye = 1280 x 800 pixels x 2 @ 60fps
Kinect2 = 1920 x 1080 x 16 bpp 16:9 YUY2 @ 30fps

Hmmm... Which is better?

We don't know what the Eye's depth stream is, Registration nor it's Infrared Stream (IR) does it even have it? What about it's latency? Big issue if it is poor as the first eye was. (though I am sure it will be much better)

And we don't know the eyes resolvable depth... but we do know it has a 15 degree more field of view (@85*)over the Kinect 2 (@70* horizontal 60* vertical). We don't know the vertical field of view of the eye.

But the biggest thing is the software. And that is were the Kinect 2 has the current real advantage. As MS has put much more support into the Kinect then Sony has put into the eye.
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nukeitall  +   814d ago

You put the nail on the head.

You can't just look at the fps, but also the resolution of the depth sensor and the software magic behind it.

At this point there is so much technology inside the Kinect One that I think Sony can match up, both in hardware and software.

That is of course besides the fact that the PS Eye is an accessory. Accessory rarely get real support, just look at PS Eye and the first Kinect (the latter had the most 3rd party support ever for a peripheral).
kayoss  +   814d ago
The Eyetoy cost only $70 the Kinect can not cost that much more.
The problem with the Kinect is that its built in with the xbox one, I'm not sure if microsoft can remove it without releasing patch or something.
T2  +   814d ago
totally agree, have no interest in a camera, always on or not, NOT getting ps eye either, don't care how advanced either is...

...Actually I can't add anything more than what you said, great post.
jujubee88  +   814d ago
Pachter, today I took notice of you.
Namely because he went on Spike TV today and declared VITA dead and said, "3DS and mobile conquers the handheld market!"

Yeah, you freaking called the 3DS D.O.A. awhile back. Damn it, why do you make me mad?!?

Today was suppose to be a wholly good day. :(
yess  +   814d ago
He even called the Vita "to hardcore" 0_o

Wtf is to hardcore?

But got to give him some credit though, he did get something right for once.
#3.1 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ZoyosJD  +   814d ago
"Too hardcore" is when your product is aimed at such a small portion of the market that it's own relevance in specialty begins to limit prospective buyers.

Honestly, Patcher's predictions are either so out out there or so painfully obvious that the average N4G user could do his job better, without any insider info.
jujubee88  +   814d ago
Well, I'm not going to tell the man how to do his job. I just respectfully disagree with his analysis on the basis of many reasons (being that I follow a lot of Sony and VITA specific news and trends).
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   814d ago
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theDECAY  +   814d ago
That one made me cringe...
Inception  +   814d ago
I just read Shingeki no Kyojin (Attack on Titan). Great manga. Can't wait what they can do with live action movie :)

On topic:
Poor MS...they shoot themself in the ass. It must be really hurt T_T
King-Prodigy-X  +   814d ago
Ain't this the guy, who was hollering about how M$ was going to win.
Cueil  +   814d ago
He thought they were going to be agreessive and that Sony wasn't going to be a loss leader... He felt with the issues Sony is facing that the Playstion couldn't afford to take a big hit. He was wrong on both counts. What seems to have happened is Microsoft knows they're not going to have a lot of console avalible for launch window and so they price their system high because yields are bad on their chips right now. This is a problem that could last into next year. That allows them to then make an agressive price drop in 2014 to align them with Sony who probably wont be droping the price of their system.
A good old fashion Console War is about to be launched and I'm looking forward to se how each console's chosen path pans out in the future. I'll try and get my PS4 pre-ordered, but I'll probably have to work and it'll get hammered at gamestop... not to upset should be able to grab one early in 14.
T2  +   814d ago
that may be true, but it seems a price drop by xbone in the first 6 months would be a real sign of weakness, may drum up some interest though.
Cueil  +   814d ago
I doubt in the first 6 months... thinking more around Sept-Nov time frame next year... yields really are going to hurt them in the short term... they've sold out nearly every Day One console so who knows
Salooh  +   814d ago
I think he wanted to make people expecting a lot from the ps4 to destroy it but he got lucky . Or he already knew about the price ..
DivineAssault  +   814d ago
They messed up big time.. Everything they did was trumped by sony.. Price being one of them.. Its weaker than PS4 but costs more? I know they force u to buy kinect but the PS4 eye is only $60 so its still cheaper lol.. Plus PS4 comes with a headset
#6 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(31) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Gildarts  +   814d ago
Kinect 2 is rocketscience compared to PS4 eye. Don't you dear compare these two.
Bathyj  +   814d ago
Cant tell if youre being sarcastic or not.
theDECAY  +   814d ago
Classic! Haha, I still can't believe that guy said that.
RiPPn  +   814d ago
@Bathyj: rocketscience should be the give away. haha
KumquatGOATBEEF  +   814d ago
I don't think DivineAssault appreciates your sweet nothings, dear.
Kurylo3d  +   814d ago
U sure did get a lot of disagrees for saying kinnect 2 is better then ps4 eye. Sony may have decimated microsoft. But dont try to downplay the fact that kinnect 2.0 is way more advanced and capable of way more then ps eye lol. Show me ps eye recognizing the position of your fingers.
jc48573  +   814d ago
this guy loves his 360 more than the ps3.
#7 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Rusty515  +   814d ago
Pachter finally gets it right
KingPin  +   813d ago


no, he got it wrong, he just now says what everyone else already knows.
clearly this fool knows nothing about the gaming industry. i suppose patcher canceled that pre-order of his xbox one :p
strigoi814  +   814d ago
Oh pachter finally...
Cueil  +   814d ago
so he's always wrong when he doesn't agree with you, but now he's right? I'm confused
sashimi  +   814d ago
cause its just too obvious. Its the only kind of right that he gets.
Why o why  +   814d ago
He's a broken clock
dohdeaux  +   814d ago
Why o why..... actually don't compliment him as a broke clock.... at least a broke ass clock is right twice a day.... where as he's right .... well he's not right ever!!!
animegamingnerd  +   814d ago
for once i agree with patcher
(these words i will never speak again)
#10 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Relientk77  +   814d ago
Wow Pachter after all this time you finally got it right

good job
tiffac008  +   814d ago
He got the obvious one right didn't he? lol!
Relientk77  +   814d ago
I like how u just took away all of his credit lol, even if it was just a little bit of credit
talocaca  +   814d ago
Didn't he say it was game over for Sony a few weeks ago? Why do we still listen to this bitch!
Kurylo3d  +   814d ago
You listen to him?... wow...
Kingthrash360  +   814d ago
can someone please tell me why I hate pachters face??
is it true gamer intuition?
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   814d ago
He reminds me of the Dad from American pie.
Every time i see a pic of him i always chuckle.
sly-Famous  +   814d ago
This is a lie, it has to be, right????? Pachter had somthing bad to say about MS and xbox????
Jamaicangmr  +   814d ago
He's just happy that he got something right.
Bathyj  +   814d ago
He finally got one right?

This truly is a special day.
RandomDude655  +   814d ago
The end is nigh!!!!!!!!!!!
Theyellowflash30  +   814d ago
Freaking Idiot Pachter predicted the consoles would be cheaper than this. God....why do people listen to this guy?
Dlacy13g  +   814d ago
Sony did play their cards well on price and drm checks for sure.
greenpowerz  +   814d ago
Yes they did, their entry level price is better. PS4 is more expensive if you wan't to play Online and get a camera ($520)

In the end you can get a PS4 for cheaper but if you wan't close to the same experience as Xbox it's more.(minus the XB1's Superior hardware design, camera design and system software)

My Xb1 is coming with free games, content, XBL gold etc. for $500

Hardcore gamers will see it this way and MSFT has more and better exclusives to boot
#18.1 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(52) | Report | Reply
theDECAY  +   814d ago
PS4= 399
PSeye = 60

Total = 509 ( Keep in mind, we don't need the eye)

Xbox One = 499
Xbox Live = 50

Total = 549

I don't get what you're saying?
grassyknoll  +   814d ago
You're bad at maths. 500 + 50 = 550.
#18.1.2 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(0) | Report
Sephiroushin  +   814d ago
What? go back to school and learn some maths, come back later...

PS4 = $399; while
Xbox One = $499

PSeye = $59 and you don't even need it

XBLG and PSN+ cost the same, if you are a gold member you don't need to buy another subscription until it run out, yeah so what? If you're a PSN+ member you don't need to re-subscribe ...

and PSN+ members get Drive Club for not additional cost as well, and PSN also have deals, that without counting the deals for PSV and PS3 that PSN+ brings

Better exclusives comes down to preferences but seeing the amount of exclusives PS has, I think you can easily find "better exclusives" on PS ...
#18.1.3 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(0) | Report
pimpschitz  +   814d ago

My logic is undeniable.



I don't have to buy the eye, or PSN at all, leaving the console for $399.

With the XBO I HAVE TO BUY LIVE just to PLAY a game. So, $550ish for your console vs. $399 for mine. Questions?
DoesUs  +   814d ago
"(minus the XB1's Superior hardware design,"

I'm afraid not sunshine. How many times must one tell you (shill) the Xbone is inferior in the technical aspects. But hey, you fight your corner champ!
HammockGames  +   814d ago
@ Greenpowerz

Dude, you're as delusional as they come. Get help.

Your cost analysis rings hollow.

You realize most folks will probably skip the PS Eye, right? Just like most people buying the Xbone would skip the Kinect IF they even had the option.

For your own part, you realize you're supporting a DRM machine that guarantees you "own" essentially nothing. Don't fall for it.
callahan09  +   814d ago
@greenpowerz, you are purely delusional. First of all, a year of PS+ is $50, not $60, so getting a year of PS+ and the camera, plus the console, comes out to $510, not 520.

That's the *SAME EXPERIENCE* as the Xbox One, oh, except that you still need to get the Xbox Live Gold account, which *is* $60 for a year, which brings you up to $560. So it *is* $50 more expensive to get a year of Xbox Live Gold + Xbox One + Kinect, than it is to get a year of PS Plus + PS4 + PS Camera.

But you have that price option on PS4 to not get the Camera, making you entry level with a year of online service equal to $450, whereas it's still $560 on Xbox One with no cheaper option. That's a big price advantage for the PSone. When you consider the pricing in the European markets, Sony is even less expensive in comparison (converted to US dollars it's about 130 dollar advantage instead of a 100 dollar advantage).

Keep in mind that with the PS4 you have no online check-in requirement, no DRM, and all of the online apps like Netflix are free to use without being behind the premium account paywall like on Xbox Live.

Finally, the PS4 is region-free, but the XBone is region restricted, and the PS4 allows you to replace the hard drive with any size you want, while the XBone does not.

Oh, and where did you get the idea that XBone has superior hardware design? That's absolutely ridiculous. There is no factual basis to back that up whatsoever. In fact, it is universally reported in the technical gaming publications like Digital Foundry that the PS4 is more powerful and has the simpler to develop for architecture versus the XBone.

More and better exclusives? Just because MS blew their wad and showed every single game they have in the pipeline doesn't mean they have more and better exclusives.

Sony hasn't shown was Media Molecule has in store for us. Remember Naughty Dog, the most highly respected developer in the industry? They'll be bringing something to the PS4 as well. Sony even outright said that they have 30 games in development and 20 will be out in the first year. Microsoft only claimed to have 15. That blows your "more exclusives" claim right out of the water, doesn't it?
bootsielon  +   814d ago
greenpowerz = PowerOfGreen, that old Xbox troll. Where are theMart, bloodmask, Zhuk, et al? lol
reko  +   814d ago
@greenpowerz get a calculator and do the math right.
Pillsbury1  +   814d ago
Wtf didnt you have just 1 bubble the other day?! This Microsoft troll should begone!
#18.1.10 Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report
sync90  +   814d ago
Hahahaha your delusional.
#18.1.11 Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
Zechs34  +   814d ago
Why does anyone even bother with this kid... He probably lives in a cave hoping his internet doesnt go out so he can at least look at pictures of the Xbox One that he can never afford.
#18.1.12 Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
batbatz  +   814d ago
are you stupid or something?
#18.1.13 Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
kohlgamer  +   814d ago
Don't forget that you need to buy double A batteries for your controllers also, that adds up over time for the Xbone.

Rechargeable controllers for ps4
#18.1.14 Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report
T2  +   814d ago
cmon guys it's been 3 days since the bubble up renewal for e3, can we downvote Greenpowerz back to one bubble already?

the guy is an obvious shill, he didn't do the math wrong, he did it on purpose, he is an obvious troll. Everything he says is completely spin.
#18.1.15 Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report
Draugz  +   814d ago
"My Xb1 is coming with free games, content, XBL gold etc. for $500"
It also includes a spanking-new Kinect that spies on you while you game and has a suicide check-in. You know, in case MS might have lost another victim.
#18.1.16 Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
mrmarx  +   814d ago
seriously as a gamer how can anyone excuse microsoft for the type of things they are doing to the video game industry? i guess this is how the majority of xbox supporters feel about how they are being treated by microsoft.

Related video
#19 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Orionsangel  +   814d ago
Retire already Pachter. You're the most useless person in the game industry. All you do is make make obvious statements and predictions that are rarely accurate.
karimooz  +   814d ago
I remember him saying Xbox one will win this console generation :)
RandomDude655  +   814d ago
So it's going to lose? :-)
vigilante_man  +   814d ago
You gotta be in it to win it!
JohnS1313  +   814d ago
Does this mean Sony won? I thought he said Microsoft won weeks ago.
Stoppokingme  +   814d ago
No $h!t Sherlock, Way to state the obvious.

Honestly this guy can't make his mind up. He's on the record saying M$ will win, now he's done a complete backflip.
#23 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
kevinsheeks  +   814d ago
could someone put xbox one on his face in stone cold with ps4 ty

mrmancs  +   814d ago
Wow pachter has said something true that makes sense for once... Bravo.
Hadoukameha  +   814d ago
Ugh, can't Sony ditch the headset, drop the GB, and make any other cuts to push the price down to $300? Not that I am complaining, but from a marketing perspective, if Wii U gets the cuts, bundles, ect I think it will, Sony won't be able to compete during the holidays, not with Nintendo.

MS just killed itself, but Sony is on life support compared to Wii U. Needs PS+, HDMI only, no Vita bundle (to compete with Wii U's tablet), more expensive...I think Sony needs to pull some tricks out of their sleeve during E3 or at least before Christmas...

I'm buying one but business in the future is looking better for Nintendo, from an unbiased point of view.
#26 (Edited 814d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(19) | Report | Reply
busytoad  +   814d ago
Lmfao kid nintendo is gone and has been gone for the past few months. nintendo=kiddie games.
ziggurcat  +   814d ago

wow, the price was just announced and someone's already crying fort a price cut. drop the GB? i've had to increase the HDD capacity on my PS3 *twice* in the last year and a half because of the amount of digital content i've received (either by purchasing or via PS+).

500GB will fill up fast if you do a lot of digital distribution purchases (not to mention the amount of space taken up for music, videos, etc...). 500GB drives aren't that expensive these days, so i don't think it really contributed too much towards the price.

sony will do fine against nintendo this holiday season... how, exactly is sony "on life support compared to wii U"?? are you sure about that? because by all accounts, the wii U is floundering. it's barely better than what current gen systems can do, and it's not even close to what the *real* next gen consoles can do. plus the wii U has little to no 3rd party support. how can a system be successful if 3rd party devs don't even want to develop anything for it?

sure, you need PS+ to play multiplayer, but you don't need it to use any of the media apps like netflix. and what kind of online network does nintendo have?

HDMI only - if you can afford to buy a PS4 (or xbone, since it's also HDMI only), then you can certainly afford a TV that has an HDMI input. nice try, though.

more expensive - obviously, because the tech contained in the system is way more powerful (and current) than the tech in the wii U. right now, the difference in price is negligible for the amount of power you're getting.
Hadoukameha  +   814d ago
I have a 250 GB and PS+ with plenty of room! Hell, my 4 GB Vita is fine, bigger does not mean shit to me. Maybe have different models, I guess, for content hogs.

WiiU does have 3rd party support, nice try yourself. And it is real next gen. Even these REAL ones are not THAT much more impressive.

Required PS+ is retarded. Period.

I have SDTV, no need for HD. Waiting for 3D to come down in price anyway.

Power? It's games that matter and Wii U has tons coming, like Pikmin, Smash and Fire Emblem, to name just a few. Wii U is cheap, strong and by December, will have a fat library.
ziggurcat  +   813d ago
@ Hadoukameha:

i also purchase a lot of digital titles, so that takes up a lot of room. PS4 games will most likely take up even more space, so 500GB is a good thing (1TB would be even better). and again, 500GB drives are dirt cheap, so it wouldn't have really affected the cost of the unit. you've also got to be the first person i've ever encountered who has ever cried about the HDD capacity being too much.

no, not really. EA does not support wii U, ubisoft has recently announced that they are cutting back their support, and who knows what activision is going to do... you can't exactly count shovelware as 3rd party support, which is looking like it's going to turn out that way for the wii U as it did for the wii.

if you don't play multiplayer, then PS+ isn't even an issue. and if you do play multiplayer, PS+ also offers a lot of really amazing incentives, so it's nowhere near as negative as you're playing it off to be. do you also consider paying for XBL gold to do anything online-related (including access to your netflix account, which is not the case on PS4) also "retarded"? and what kind of online network does nintendo have? yeah, thought so...

"no need for HD" - that's the funniest thing i've heard all week. that would have been a valid argument 12 years ago, but not really today.

yes. power. that an expected argument coming from (what i can only assume, based on what you've said) a staunch nintendo supporter. the fact is - more power means a more diverse game library, plain and simple.
Rockdown  +   813d ago
Brother, are you crazy?
Foxgod  +   814d ago
Price is great, but wat draws me in as always are the games, i am getting the XB1 first, might get the ps4 later down the line like i did with the current gen where i ended up getting all consoles.
theDECAY  +   814d ago
Really? I think Sony has a pretty damn good line up of games. Speaking from PS3 to now.
Jeff257  +   814d ago
Yeah Sony still has a a ton of 1st party studios who are no doubt working on exclusive titles. They showed they have what it takes with the PS3 and I have no doubt they will really do well with the PS4.

Unfortunately I think MS will do the same with XBOX One that they did with the 360. Sure they start out with some good games. But they then lose some of them as exclusives to the PS3 later on and the must have core titles start to fizzle down to just a few standard IPs that they constantly use.

Sony on the other hand is still bringing out great new games for the PS3 even with the PS4 right around the corner. The Last Of Us is one of the best reviewed games this gen and is a brand new IP. Beyond Two Souls is also a brand new game that will be coming out this year for the PS3.

So really if you want to go where the games are then my advice is to go with Sony and the PS4. They may be starting out slow again but they will finish strong. Just like they have since the started.
Foxgod  +   814d ago
I am not really interested in the exclusives Sony offers, The MS games are more my thing.
Sevir  +   814d ago
quit preaching to the choir Decay... some are simply set in their ways
It's like the women who stay with their abusive husband.

Everyone is entitled to spend their money on their way of entertainment.

So let the diehards who want the Xbox one experience at the cost of having draconian restrictions enforced enjoy the Xbox one.

He knows what he's buying and he's fine with it. Just like how you know what you're buying.
jacksons98  +   814d ago
What has MS studios done for games on 360 in the last year? How about the last two years? MS has essentially left 360 owners to wither and die just like they did with original xbox owners.
On the other hand PS2 had a long life and PS3 has had such a killer year with games you wouldn't even know PS4 is on the horizon. So if you want games go Playstation
MRMagoo123  +   814d ago
This shall be forever known as "the day Sony killed MS with a side note of the day patch got something right"
Spitonyourgrave   814d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(3)
busytoad  +   814d ago
Goodbye microshit it wasnt nice knowing you haha. Sony you guys rock.
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