PlayStation's New Direction: 1,000 Small Steps Forward, One GIANT Leap Backwards

E-mpire writes: Sony came out swinging today, but let one slip at the same time that redefines what PlayStation has always stood for when it comes to online gaming.

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Corpser1565d ago

Yep ps+ is required for online miltiplayer

Outside_ofthe_Box1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

This KILLS it for me. While I will still get the PS4, it just hurts me knowing that I won't be able to play online. I agree that PS+ has great value, but I like having physical copies of my games, but even further than I just refuse to pay to play online. I will not pay an additional fee to unlock the other half of a game that I purchased FULL price for.

We need to start a campaign to get rid of the forced fee. Sony said they are for the consumer. Making us have to pay to play online is very anti-consumer. We need to stand against this.

fr0sty1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

I feel you 100%. I'm willing to give Sony one chance however. If they can prove to me that by paying for my online play I will get much faster service that is more reliable, I'll keep updating the + subscription I already have. If not, I'll be selling my PS4... or at the very least boycotting it's online component with one eye on upgrading the hell out of my PC.

For all we know, PC games could drop free online also.

ThatCanadianGuy5141565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

It was inevitable really.Enjoy the entire gen of free online while it lasted.Heck, enjoy the free use of apps and everything else related.It's only the multiplayer that costs money. it costs Sony a lot of money to run these servers and Sonys games division has been bleeding the company for years.This is their bandaid.

It does suck, but you know what? PS+ is actually worth the price of admission.

Cam9771565d ago

Well hey, at least it's a better to the XBONE.

JohnS13131565d ago

No thanks. I think anyone who won't pay for PS Plus is being dumb. You get a lot for that small amount. And I haven't seen Sony even say this part anyway. IGN posted something. Did Sony actually say it or is everyone jumping to conclusions? Where is it on Sony's site?

Rusty5151565d ago

$399, not blocking used games, and no drm is enough for me to call Sony a consumer friendly company. They've done enough. The least we could do for them is to pay for online. (Which their version actually gives us discounts and what not.) I'm supporting it. Because they damn deserve it.

decrypt1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )


"For all we know, PC games could drop free online also."

You only delude yourself by making such comments, if that makes you feel better for being ripped by console makers then its fine.

The reason PC online will always be free is because its not controlled by middle men(aka console maker). Its the same reason PC games are always cheaper and also fall in prices faster.

MS tried to charge PC gamers to go online remember what happened? no one paid, because we arent locked down to what someone thinks is good enough for us. Unlike console gamers who have no freedom and must do as seem right for them.

Dee_911565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Sucks majorly but I originally thought it was $60 for the months but in reality if its like the current PS+ System $50 for a year $18 for 3 months thats cool.But my gripe with the 360 was that it was the only game with a fee for multiplayer,thats what also made it feel like a ripoff besides just charging for mp.Now it just sucks that they are charging for mp :p
But tbh I dont care, the games got me pumped and Im ready for my free DriveClub.

Thatlalala1565d ago

@johns1313: They had it in black and white during the conference. Sneaky, but it was there.

blitz06231565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

At this point you have to choose the lesser of 2 evils.

And it's pretty clear which one is the lesser evil.

It's a smart move and a dick move at the same time. Sony knows everyone will flock to the PS4 knowing it supports used game, doesn't require an internet connection and is $100 cheaper.

And honestly, PS+ is damn worth it. I got it for free (15 months) because I got the limited edition bundle and man, it's a terrific service.

Muerte24941565d ago

How about the fact that if you're already a PS+ subscriber getting PS4, you're guaranteed a game a launch? Albiet it's a digital copy but it's a hell of alot better than what Microsoft is offering. I'll take a guaranteed game over empty promises any day. You also receive 3 indie games too. That's easily $120.00 value day one in content but just having a PS+. You add it up, PS+ technically already paid for itself and then some.

Sitdown1565d ago

Why would everybody jump to the same random conclusion....he said it right after the $5 jab at Microsoft

Outside_ofthe_Box1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Now I'm really pulling for the Wii U more than I ever have. I hope the Wii U has a strong holiday this year so that I can at least play major multiplat titles online.

But for real though PS+ is great on it's own. It doesn't need MP has a hook. Sony should just market it more instead of keeping the MP hostage.

guitarded771565d ago

@ Outside_ofthe_Box

I know it's a crappy thing, but we have to look at it a bit differently and see that it's kinda justified. Since video sharing and other social integration features are being added, the cost of maintaining the network has probably increased substantially. To offer these new features, Sony probably had to add a fee. At least they tacked it on to PS+, so users will be getting games along with their service fee. I still agree that it sucks, but it was probably a necessary evil. More money ultimately means better support too, so if we're now paying, Sony should be inclined to make more updates as our wants and needs grow. I've been PS+ subscriber since day one for the content, and will continue to do so for the content, so the pay to play formula just ends up working out for me.

BattleAxe1565d ago

I couldn't quite believe it when Jack said that gamers can play offline for free..I was like what? did I just hear that right?

So it does kind of suck, but I'm still excited for the system. Who knows though, I still own a PS3 which will still have lots of life in it, and games listed bellow are all coming to PC:
- Titanfall
- Assassins Creed 4
- Call of Duty: Ghosts
- Splinter Cell: Black List
- Battlefield 4
- Tom Clancy's The Division
- Watch Dogs

Destiny might even come to the PC:

I'm just going to have to see how much this mandatory PS+ gets under my skin after thinking about it for a while.

3-4-51565d ago

You can still get physical copies & pay for PS plus for multiplayer and downloading games when you feel like it.

$ 50 for year of online

$ 60 for new game

Instead of getting 4 games @ $60 get 3 @ $60 and 1 year of online.

* How can people complain about spending $50 and not about spending $60 multiple times in one year ?

There is no logic in that.

Your getting a better multiplayer service.

Do you want your awesome new Next gen games to suffer because of bad connections and lag?

Not so much...Next Gen also = online for multiplayer games.

I've been an xbox owner since 2002, trust me it's worth it, and after you've payed it once, it won't ever be a big deal or even a thought ever again.

This should be the least of your guys worries.

They do 99% good and you want to focus on the 1% that is iffy.

Your sacrificing 1 less New game.....That isn't much to ask.

FunAndGun1565d ago

The chance to stop this was when MS started it with pay to play on the 360. That opportunity is over and we are left with this.

This is a lesson. Once you lose a right/privilege you rarely get it back.

SheenuTheLegend1565d ago

i was hoping ms will go free..
but Sony will set a fee..
Oh Please end this already

AngelicIceDiamond1565d ago

I was one the originals who were saying Sony will charge for online (I didn't think they'd actually do it though.)

None of that matters because PS4 is a free console with no restrictions nonetheless.

Grave1565d ago

I have Live and Plus so this was no surprise to me. Since I am already a Plus member all it means is that I will continue to get awesome deals and free games to play compared to getting .. oh gee .. Halo 3 and Assassins Creed II ... lolz.

pixelsword1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Yeah, I didn't catch that, but if so, then I'll wait for a PS4.

Suck my Subscription, Sony.

reynod1565d ago

So its official then, Console gamers need to pay to play online. What a rip off lol.

Still time people you dont have to lose your rights this way.

When MS originally tried to charge PC gamers to go online, they didnt support it. I would suggest the same to console folks.

People should boycott paying to go online, hell they should instead be getting online games for the PC. You want rights they dont come free not in this day and age you got to fight for em.

pixelsword1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Yep Sony: suck it.

Dunpeal1565d ago

lol what do you really expect from a system that is moving towards a more network-driven infrastructure?????

c'mon ppl use some logic plz

badz1491565d ago

were enough for me! I seriously think of skipping next gen altogether if Sony also does THE MICROSOFT but they didn't!

I rarely play online on my PS3 because I don't have THAT much free time to begin with and the ability to hop online whenever I feel like it without a fee a a big draw for me - a mainly offline gamer! I don't like the fact that I will be KINDA FORCED to play online on XBL because THAT's mainly what I'll be paying the Gold for so that is why I didn't get the 360!

if it's indeed the case that PS+ is required for online play on PS4, I think I can swallow it considering I get Drive Club for FREE and that's already paying for the subs, right? not to mention the slew of FREE games for all PS4, PS3 and Vita in the Instant Game Collections in the coming months, which means, I'm not only getting a better deal, I will still feel that I'm not FORCED to play online because I get a year's worth of FREE games (I wish I can finish because I don't have much free time to begin with, remember?) even if I'm not playing online!

but like I said in another thread, PS+ is currently giving you the most contents on earth with just $50 and I doubt even STEAM can compete in THAT area. prove me wrong...I'm all ears. so...I can see myself giving in into PS+ but knowing that I have my gaming needs covered for a whole year, not JUST online play for games I already paid for!

Gracchus1565d ago

'I will not pay an additional fee to unlock the other half of a game that I purchased FULL price for'

You expect all the infrastructure which makes online play possible to fund itself? The monthly cost of PS+ is the equivalent of a single pint of beer here in the UK and you get 3/4 'free' games each month to keep as long your subscription runs. It's the best money I've ever spent and I still have no idea how Sony do it.

It's hardly the 'giant leap backwards' this hyperbolic headline screams. They really are desperate to put a bad spin on the PS4's reveal. This is all they've got, a token £3/4 monthly fee vs MS's DRM, online check, mandatory data-mining camera, price, anti-consumer polices.

fr0sty1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

There's a bad choice that gamers have to make these days.

Buy an Xbox One and pay for online plus have restrictive DRM in place.

Buy a PS4 and lose the DRM but keep the pay to play online.

Go to PC and get free online but also get DRM (and you'll see more titles use it this gen, don't pretend Diablo and Sim City were isolated incidents). Also end up spending much more on hardware.

reynod1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

"but like I said in another thread, PS+ is currently giving you the most contents on earth with just $50 and I doubt even STEAM can compete in THAT area. prove me wrong...I'm all ears."

Lol.. From the looks of it seems you never seen the discounts avaialable on Steam. Every game is on discount literally few weeks into launch.

All of this just makes console gaming look expensive, obselete and controlled.


"Go to PC and get free online but also get DRM (and you'll see more titles use it this gen, don't pretend Diablo and Sim City were isolated incidents). Also end up spending much more on hardware."

You forget both the consoles have DRM its been there since the advent of the consoles. The DRM is the hardware. You cant play PS2 games on a PS3, you cant play PS3 games on a PS4. Effectively you lose your entire library every time you upgrade, unless you decide to keep buying the older consoles when they die.

As for the PC you dont have to get games from Steam, you can buy them from other places where they are DRM free. Hell even if Steam offers DRM you dont have to be online to play those games. Steam has an offline mode too.

Diablo and Sim City are one of cases, you can find simular cases on PS3 too. There are games where you need to be online to play.

As for the PC hardware prices, new console costs you 500usd, a PC that beats those hardware specs costs 500usd too. Now add in the fact PC games are cheaper and online is free. PC is cheaper than console now from the get go. Previously PC used to be cheaper in the long run, now its from the get go. Thank console maker greed.

ShinMaster1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Plus their adding more features with the PS4.

That's the difference.

mrmarvel291565d ago

agree with you 100%. Thats exactly how i feel

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dedicatedtogamers1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

It sucks. Anyone who doesn't want to get a PS4 because of it, I can totally understand, but before saying "no", go look up all the stuff you can get on PS+. It's a good service. I use it.

Look it up because often, PS+ includes a lot of map-packs, skins, and online bonuses for multiplayer games. It lets you download games at no extra charge. What I'm trying to point out is that, yes, PS+ is a required fee, but the content it gives you in exchange for that is nice. It isn't like how Xbox Live Gold used to be (props to MS for adding 2 free games per month....finally) where the fee was simply to play the online to your game. PS+ gives a lot more.

LOGICWINS1565d ago

I think its a smart move. It gives people a little extra nudge to gt Plus. I don't see why you wouldn't want Plus though.

Salooh1565d ago

I was planning to buy one more year ps+ for the ps4 but this is sucks. I hate it. It's unfair , i already pay interent bill.

M-M1565d ago

Also, you can still use service like Netflix without PS+. PS+ is ONLY if you want to game online, smart move by Sony.

Reverent1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

@14Feb, so you pay for Plus, but you're complaining about already having to pay an internet bill, even though you were already planning to renew your Plus membership? It's not like Sony is charging you for Plus, then again to play online. Just live in blissful ignorance and pretend that all you're buying is Plus and that online play is still free.

This method won't work for non-Plus guys, but for those of you who are Plus users, there's literally nothing to worry about.

Salooh1565d ago

I don't want to be forced. If PS+ time expired and i'm not interested on renewing then i will be forced to buy ps+.

There are many people who don't like ps+ because it provide old games or games that they are not interested in so they will be forced to buy ps+ unlike me.

You see what i mean ???

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Bigpappy1565d ago

Yep, inevitable. They gave you a little taste, then when you get use to it being their, their go deep on yah. Thanks for the ride!

Biggest1565d ago

But Microsoft didn't even do that. What lured you into their clutches, BP?

Arai1565d ago

Sony hasn't issued any statement that they are or aren't charging for online.

As noted by mods on this site as well...

Salooh1565d ago

That's a possibility but they said in the conference that people that won't have ps+ will enjoy single player and media experience , that's why it's kind of obvious that they will charge us..

Virtual_Reality1565d ago

Is already confirmed in the video:

Read the message below at the 0:11

shadow27971565d ago

I'm sorry to say it, but they have issued a statement on their blog.

"We also announced that PlayStation Plus memberships will carry over to PlayStation 4, so members will have access to all of the benefits across PS3, PS Vita and PS4 for one price. These benefits INCLUDE ONLINE MULTIPLAYER ACCESS, exclusive discounts, cloud game saves, and Instant Game Collection, which gives members a selection of games to discover and enjoy with their friends. To celebrate the launch of PlayStation Plus on PS4, we will offer #DRIVECLUB PS Plus Edition in the Instant Game Collection." (Emphasis added)

Grave1565d ago

Also, just a note here, but this is only for the PS4. You can still play online on PS3 for free. Pretty sure at least. The online plus requirement is PS4 only.

Bigpappy1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Yep. They said it plain as day at the conference. It was Jack himself just before single player comment.

KwietStorm1565d ago

Jack Tretton didn't come out and say WE'RE CHARGING FOR MULTIPLAYER, but he was pretty clear in what he *didn't* say. Should be obvious, but people are looking for that small chance that it isn't true.

chiefdog111565d ago

Actually they kind of did. Right after the conference Jack Tretton posted a statement about on the Playstation Blog, I just read it. In it he stated that PS+ gets you access to online multiplayer. Doesn't bother me though, PS+ is one hell of a deal anyways and I'll always have it.

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Lord Anubis1565d ago

maybe it's just me but to me it read that if you want to enjoy all the social connectivity with multiplayer plus was required. Did you guys not see the interface and multiplayer aspect of plus after the conference?

pixelsword1565d ago

Screw that, just gimmie my free online multiplayer.

Lord Anubis1565d ago

I hope its free online and only requiring a fee for the social stuff on plus

WeskerChildReborned1565d ago

Well at least we get games with it, i kinda have no problem since Plus provides back not just with the online but other features as well.

IBleedXbox1565d ago

i dont care. i pay now for xbox. i will more than gladly pay playstation for no restrictions. i am happy sony killed xbox. and i am a huge xbox fan

GenericNameHere1565d ago

While there are people who don't want to pay for online, that's perfectly fine! But in Sony's case, I'm willing to keep my PS+ year sub, and will keep renewing it. Sony's Playstation is their most profitable, but they are still losing money. I'll gladly pay for PS+, which will not only give me access to multiplayer, but also gives me free games, cloud saves, automatic download, etc, and will probably help recoup some loses from Sony's other divisions, and also help fund games.

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piroh1565d ago

it´s not just pay for MP, it´s pay for PS+ which is kinda different. i would gladly pay for PS+ if that means free goodies

DJMarty1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

PS4 can still play offline and use offline services, unlike Xbox one that needs a internet connection to check games.

JohnS13131565d ago

What do you mean? From what you're saying you have to pay for both. But if you have PS Plus it's supposed to get you online play. If this is even true. I never saw that from Sony during their conference.

FunAndGun1565d ago

To get online with PS4 you need PS+

When you subscribe to PS+ you can play online.

PS+ also gives you all the benefits across Vita, PS3, and PS4 under one subscription.

"FREE" games
cloud storage
auto updates

JohnS13131565d ago

Does anyone have a link to where Sony said you have to pay for PS Plus to play online? I don't see it on their blog. I watched the conference but it did go in and out at times so maybe I missed it. All I've seen so far though is IGN said it.

Virtual_Reality1565d ago

The thing is Sony should give access to F2P games for everyone, and MMO games with monthly fee like FFXIV should have free access also to download and play it.

CaptainYesterday1565d ago

I already pay for PS+ so I don't really mind and I also don't play too much multiplayer so it's not that big of a deal for me at least :)

fr0sty1565d ago

I'm in the same boat, but after spending years swearing I'd never buy a 360 over the same thing, it still makes me want to bang my head against the wall.

CaptainYesterday1565d ago

Hah I've been wanting to get 360 for years but the paying for online always stopped me its funny how things change.

solidsheep1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

Is it really the same thing, you can still use your internet, watch netflix and crap with out it. Just as of now can't use multiplayer.

WalterWJR1565d ago

Big difference here is sony is offering other rewards with the pay to play online service.

Others just charge and then at the end of the gen panic and give away a couple of old games.

JackBNimble1565d ago

Ya, it really sucks... for your $50 a year subscription you get ps plus with the ps3 ps vita and ps4 all in one, aswell as Driveclub at the ps4 launch. Retail for Driveclub alone is most likely $60 and that is just one game, not to mention the almost 40 games already on the ps3... wow , who wouldn't want ps plus?

You still get netflex and all that other media crap with out ps plus.

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solidsheep1565d ago

I hope Jack clears this up a bit tomorrow.
Now is it all multiplayer game or just ones that require dedicated server.

izumo_lee1565d ago (Edited 1565d ago )

"One Giant Leap Backwards".....

So does that mean Microsoft has been backwards for the last 7 years cause they charged for online.

I said it before, what Sony has shown & done for the gamer is unprecedented. What they are asking is a very VERY small price to pay for the services they are offering.

No DRM, yes to used games, all the cloud & Gaikai stuff, a system for the gamer. Yes it is a very small price to pay & i will gladly take it.

*edit* I still believe F2P games will stay free to play & that the charge is for enhanced services like the Gaikai.

fr0sty1565d ago

It is in the sense that Sony has always been a champion of free online play. That's where the biggest disappointment comes from. I don't disagree that + is way more than worth the price. However, as someone who bashed live for 7 years for this reason, it's hard for me to not be a little upset about it.

izumo_lee1565d ago

True but the thing is that PS+ is a whole $10 cheaper than Live. It is still the better deal even if we now have to have it in order to play online.

Sony wasn't really crystal clear about this, it was really glazed over during the press conference. We will probably know more when Sony is asked about this. Guess we will find out the whole story in the coming days.

I still have the assumption that this pay wall is for the Gaikai stuff cause that ain't cheap. Also why have all these F2P games if they are charging for doesn't make much sense.

fr0sty1565d ago

This does open the door up for Sony to give away access to PS3 games on Gaikai, rather than charging for backwards compatibility.