PS4 is HDMI only

Sony has revealed that the PS4 won't play on anything that isn't an HDTV, requiring HDMI.

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Christopher1532d ago

I'm assuming same is true of Xbox One. It's the way of the future. Kind of like going Blu-ray or using the Cloud for online gaming purposes.

mrbojingles1532d ago

Yea Xbox One was confirmed last month as HDMI only too

douevenlift1532d ago

Really, every single tv made within the last few years has supported HDMI. Sorry luddites, time to upgrade that old piece of crap standard definition tv! You'll never regret it once you do!

TheBlackSmoke1532d ago

Why would you even buy a next gen console if you have an sd tv, whats the point?

darthv721532d ago

got all kinds of crap for being only hdmi and now that ps4 is hdmi only its okay....

Bottom line, you cant keep supporting the old connections forever. there has to be a point where you must let go of the past if you want to move forward.

BattleAxe1532d ago

Every single TV sold since around 2006 has supported HDMI, shouldn't be a problem.

Testfire1532d ago

"xbox one got all kinds of crap for being only hdmi and now that ps4 is hdmi only its okay.."

How many times do I have to read crap statements like this? Yes, we know some people are hypocrites, get over it. The world is round, we revolve around the sun and some people are hypocrites, welcome to Earth.

Dee_911532d ago

@ douevenlift
You can get full HD with component cables too..
I use component cables for my 360 because my tv only has 2 HDMI ports and those two are taken by my PS3 and cable box

Muerte24941532d ago

I have a SONY HX959 LED/LCD ready to plug it up to.

3-4-51532d ago

I've played this entire gen not using HD connections for xbox 360. Lost them early on/initially and never bothered to get new and games still look good.

I'm in for a nice upgrade this/next gen as I'll finally actually be gaming in HD.

Divine1532d ago

i think i see one more usb on the back.

SilentNegotiator1532d ago

What about people playing on monitors that don't have (or else they don't want to use) HDMI?

Wenis1532d ago

Im pretty sure there are cables you can by that are HDMI to VGA anyways



LOL you are absolutely right!

RiPPn1532d ago

PS4 has optical out while the Xbone doesn't, which is important if you don't pass hdmi through your receiver, or your Tv doesn't have an optical out.

DeadlyFire1531d ago

Don't need a TV if you have a computer monitor. Just one of those sound cables floating on the net.

SilentNegotiator1531d ago


Fair enough, but I've seen enough debates over what's the best cables/setup to know that a few people will still be disappointed and won't want to use a convertor.

gaffyh1531d ago

@darth - the only people I saw saying that we're people with older cable boxes complaining that the "live tv" features would be useless for them. And to be fair, that is a valid concern considering that is a major feature of the Xbone. Doesn't matter tome because I wouldn't use that feature even if I bought an Xbone.

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ShabbaRanks1532d ago

2 USB ports only sucks tho. Wish it had at lest 4 :(

Agent_00_Revan1532d ago

Honestly, did you ever really use all 4 on your phat PS3? I know I never did.

darthv721532d ago

it can support a usb hub for more ports.

FullmetalAlchemist1532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

On the bright side at least they're usb 3.0

adorie1532d ago

I think PS4 has USB 3.0, so it should be able to charge my phone and be used as a USB hub. :D

jonboi241532d ago

@azshorty2003 i used all for ports but only for rock band and well that franchise is pretty much dead

ShabbaRanks1532d ago

@azshorty2003 Yes I did on my phat.

1-for my Wireless headset jack
2-for my PSeye
3-for my USB amp for when I play with no headset
4-for charging my controllers and transfering stuff from my PS3 to Vita :(

fadeawayjae1532d ago

Is there a USB located in the back? I want to hook up my external but do not want a wire in front of the console at all times

darthv721532d ago (Edited 1532d ago )

I believe in the other thread about the images of the system, there is a USB port on the back. It shows hdmi, lan, optical audio and usb

ShwankyShpanky1532d ago

At least if you want the camera there's a plug on the back.

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showtimefolks1532d ago

So buy a $400-500 system to play on SD TV maybe it's time to upgrade

ShwankyShpanky1532d ago

I've got an LCD in my van that doesn't have HDMI. My 720p HD projector doesn't have HDMI. Sometimes I use the SD cables just to hook up audio to an external sound system or headphones. I used composite cables to hook two PS3s up to one TV and play them both with split-screen PiP. Some people may not have a TV with HDMI if they're at a friend's/relatives, at a vacation spot, etc. I do actually get a fair amount of use out of the analog outputs, so I find their absence disappointing.

DeadlyFire1531d ago

Well a computer monitor is cheaper than some TVs and they make some cables that convert SD to HDMI and so on.

Although upgrades are required at some point.

zebramocha1532d ago

Can someone explain what this mean for the ps4 and does if effect me from playing ps4 games on a sd tv?

darthv721532d ago

you wont be aqble to unless you had a converter that took the hdmi and converted it down to component or even composite. I think they exist but usually you can find them the other way around.

There are more upconverters than there are downconverters.

KwietStorm1532d ago


Do you really think he just understood that? LOL