Destiny Gameplay Revealed - E3 2013 Sony Conference 12:12

Your first look at real gameplay from Bungie's new universe.

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Rusty5151840d ago

Looks A LOT like borderlands which isn't a bad thing. And lol doesn't anyone think this gameplay was a little awkward? They were trying so hard to act like they were buddies. Destiny still looks awesome anyway though

Typical-Guy1840d ago

I agree the game looks really awesome, I just hope it runs perfectly on PS4 and that freezing was just a cause of an early demo build!

Garbanjo0011840d ago

Yes I think it was just two things (consoles being left on for 2 hours) and slightly unfinished demos) of the games. I cringed during the Assassin's Creed Demo.

Still, all in all it's going to be a hell of a game. I love the idea of joining with friends, and then BAM! A group of onliners come rolling up in vehicles to help you blast some enemies away, or fight a tank. That's insane. Can't wait for this game to drop.


Typical-Guy1840d ago

Totally my friend. This and Ubi's The Division are just too good. I can't wait!

NewMonday1840d ago

I liked that there is a structured narrative in the game and not just about explore hear explore their with no end goal.

BallsEye1840d ago

Did all of you forget this is a multiplatform game?

BallsEye1840d ago

Why did I get disagrees for saying it's multiplatform? That's a fact! The button says "disagree" not "I don't like that fact". Use it for it's purpose. If you disagree it's a multiplatform game then write a respond (eventho it is a multiplatform game and there is nothing you can do about it).

Typical-Guy1840d ago

@ballseye it's N4G don't worry, plus I know the game is Multiplatform hence I said work on PS4 perfectly. And being Multi doesn't make it any less important.

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eyeDEVOUR1840d ago

Wow... That looks fucking EPIC!!!

Donnieboi1840d ago

Really? Graphically yes. But gameplay didn't seem unique. The hype totally left me feeling ultimately underwhelmed by what was presented. The impression was that it was just another FPS. I expected them to bring something more intriguing to the already stale genre.

Garbanjo0011840d ago

You mean the stale aspect of a futuristic Earth with open world properties, where you can jump from planet to planet after you fully customize your weapons and armor . . . and get to upgrade your weapons, armor, abilities and battle class/race???

Are you stoned?

That game looks FUTTY as NUCK.

Donnieboi1840d ago (Edited 1840d ago )


I KNOW what they claim the game is supposed to have--but the PRESENTATION didn't deliver. It looked like a basic point and shoot FPS to me. They shoulda showed off all the things that make it unique, instead of just claiming it.

But that's just how I personally felt. I don't care enough to even argue about it.

NewMonday1840d ago

all FPS games are essentially point and shoot in the gameplay mechanics

the "living world" and epic backstory and scale aspect of it are supposed to be the attraction.

also it is based on character progress by class and loot.

GamersHeaven1840d ago

Awesome PS4 games looks so crisp and clean love it.

andibandit1840d ago

You do know that Destiny is comming to PS3, Xbox360, Xbone too right?

Kevin McCallister1840d ago

Before today, I pretty much brushed this title off. However, after seeing it in motion and being able to grasp the mmo/Borderlands type gameplay, it really clicked with me. Moved way up my list of most-wanted titles. So glad I was wrong on the PS4 DRM stuff.

Kurt Russell1840d ago

Yeah it looks like a nice game to play when you're home... alone.

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