Sony Just Smacked The Xbox One In The Mouth

Kotaku - Usually, verdicts of "winners" and "losers" coming out of E3 press conferences are little more than armchair pondering. One person's view of some competing events that don't really matter. But today, boy, it's hard seeing Sony's press conference as anything but a punch in the face to Microsoft's Xbox One ambitions.

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mp12891651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

From the Article: "Seriously, people are going crazy. Twitter and forums are overflowing with people declaring everything from "BEST E3 EVER" to "RIP XBOX ONE"

Xaphy1651d ago

Sony knew where to strike Price and no DRM. Thats all they needed.

dedicatedtogamers1651d ago

Indeed. I am happy that Sony is doing right by consumers, and I am happy that Microsoft is now going to suffer for being greedy. The only sad part is that loyal Xbox fans are pinched in the middle.

Be nice to 'em, folks. 360 gamers didn't create the Xbox One. Don't mock them for a decision Microsoft made.

pixelsword1651d ago

No kidding the Price is right; that was the PS3's price half-way through this gen, give or take.

blitz06231651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

Read first paragraph of Jack Tretton's wikipedia page

Aww they changed it back. For those curious, it read:

"Jack committed a murder on June 10th, 2013, with his brutal slaying of Microsoft's Xbox One game console."

abzdine1651d ago

Well most 360 players are PS2 gamers in the past so it shouldn't be hard for them to come back to PS.

a_bro1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )



karl1651d ago

let the gif RAIN!!!! im actually quite excited to see more of those, some funny days are coming

Muffins12231651d ago

Honestly if they lowered the price to ps4 and got rid of the dmr and used game policy it would be better

miyamoto1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

LOL at Muhammad Ali!

I called it... The Thrilla in Manila
Where PS4 knocks out the One million pound gorilla.


Now where is the obligatory Mega Powers vs Mega Bucks reference?

PS4 & Ustream is the future of cable.

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HammockGames1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )


If you sit real quiet like you can actually hear the sound of Xbone preorders being canceled...

Shinuz1651d ago

that was actually funny lol

TrevorPhillips1651d ago

I can actually hear it all the way from Sydney, Aus.

hduce1651d ago

I didn't cancel my Xbox One preorder yet but after seeing the Sony conference I am tempted. By the way, make sure you get to GameStop early because the email just went out that they can take PS4 preorders. I am fortunate enough to know the store manager there and I am already in the system for a PS4 as well. We are not sure how much you have to put down but the Xbox One preorder needed $100 down and was only limited to 8 consoles per store.

badz1491651d ago

unless they are 1 of those "participating retailers" that M$ talked about

Sitdown1651d ago

Why wait can do amazon and not worry about tax, or preorder at best buy and do in store pickup.

Kurt Russell1651d ago

Sorry to disappoint guys, but that was the sound of me pre-ordering a PS4 instead ;)

Xbox - Playstation convert right here!

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pompombrum1651d ago

And long may it continue. It should never have even got to the point where the best E3 ever is due to a console maker declaring they won't restrict used game sales or require an online connection. Still, for those who love the console war, they must be buzzing right now.

stylishjerk1651d ago

best comment so far on Kotaku from Arden:
CoD Ghosts looks amazing! The Next Halo has me already jealous, and I bet it does things in bed that I never would, and I hope you are happy with it.

But you've changed. You've become the stereotypical Abusive Boyfriend and I just don't want to deal with that. The Xbox One is always calling me, always checking in on me and asking where I am. It's clingy, it won't let me go out for very long at all unless I tell it where I'm going. I can't introduce it to my friends, and if I go on a trip with it, after 24 hours it just....stops talking to anyone. It's abusive, it's controlling, and it want's this entire relationship to be on ITS terms. It's not about US anymore, there's no "WE," just whatever the X1 wants. It's a purely one-sided relationship and it's unhealthy.

telekineticmantis1651d ago

Microsoft had all the games...

GenericNameHere1651d ago

And Sony had the indie games, the PS3 games, the PS4 games, the Final Fantasy and the Kingdom Hearts III and the face-smacking they delivered on Microsoft's Xbone.

NumOnePS3FanBoy1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

@telekeneticmantis Sir with all due respect. Us playstation gamer have the least worry regarding exclusive games on our beloved future console. Why, well if you haven't been living under a rock for the past 5 years us ps3 gamers have been getting multiple exclusives and new ip's throughout the years. So much that we are still getting 2 more new ip's this year on the ps3 and 1 more ps3 exclusive and a possibility for one extra ip to show up this year for the ps3. So you see we have the slightest of worries regarding exclusives because Sony owns multiple studios that devote themselves to create quality stories with innovative gameplay that will undoubtedly also become the norm in the ps4 era. I can see that you have been suffering from years and years of drought when it comes to new ip's I'll let you soak it all in and I do wish you savor these promised exclusives because if history repeats itself you will be starved at a later point. Bon Voyage

kenshiro1001651d ago

Sony whooped some a** in that conference.

SockeyBoy1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

I find this E3 very sad for 2 reasons:

1.Sony didn't show many exclusive games, started charging for multiplayer, showing off TV apps, talking about sports, having exclusive dlc or content, but won everyone with not having drm/restrictions.

and 2. Microsoft were fantastic by showing off a lot of exclusives, giving away 2 games a month for gold members, having one gold membership per console (upto 10 people), but having console and user restrictions...

I'm lost for words, does anyone else see the irony?!

Mikeyy1651d ago

PS + Has always, and will continue to give away free games every month.

And It carries over.

Y_51501651d ago

Trying to make the Xbox conference look better I see? Sony and Microsoft showed some great exclusives but obviously Microsfot counted it for us, they had 13 exclusives showned. Sony showed I don't how many but more exclusives were for PS3 than 360, and around the same amount of exclusives for the next gen consoles (Not including PS4 indie titles, there were ALOT!)
Sony's sports and TV weren't nearly as long as from Xbox one's reveal. PS+ has always been a great value so although the news for paying for online mp sucks, atleast PS4 gamers do not have to deal with all those restrictions.

SockeyBoy1651d ago (Edited 1651d ago )

No I'm not trying to make the MS conference look better at all I think they were both good and horrible in there own ways. IMO if MS didn't have the restrictions on the X1, the console would be a hands down winner for me. I'm really f***ing angry at the way MS are handling the next gen. But what is MS loss is Sony's gain, and good on Sony for not choosing that path.

telekineticmantis1651d ago

a much better conference in My Opinion, but I'm almost afraid to get it, with all the restrictions and "Big Brother" policies they have for it.

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Hatsune-Miku1651d ago

sony destroyed microsoft. anyone or should i say any gamer who wants xbox 0ne over ps4 is an idiot, full stop.

BullyMangler1651d ago

yep, sony kicked microsoft in the nadz at this E3 event, even though both parties had completely different SAME looking games < sony still had them more bad ass games.

Tomorrow both sony and microsoft will see a REAL show though.

Let the schooling begin <

GenericNameHere1651d ago

If Kingdom Hearts III and Final Fantasy XV make it on the Wii U too, and new Smash/3D Mario/brand new Zelda/F-Zero/StarFox/Metroid/D onkey Kong on to of that, I'll agree with you and say Nintendo SCHOOLED Microsoft and Sony. If not, I'm still gonna be über happy.

FFXV and KHIII on PS4, and new Smash on Wii U? WELCOME, GEN 8!!

weekev151651d ago

I totally agree. I never thought wed be in a position where Nintendo is in a position to win e3 with no conference.

All they need to do is show the titled we know theyll show. Throw some 3rd party love in (KH3, MGS and GTA would do) and jit a price drop. Maybe highlight that online is FREE on WiiU and they win...

Shinuz1651d ago

Well seriously I do have to agree the PS4 is the better option but I wouldn't go as far as calling someone an idiot just because he prefers microsoft's exclusive.

Kingthrash3601651d ago

I feel like something died today...

GiggMan1651d ago

The subject matter and your avatar pic is priceless.

Kingthrash3601651d ago

thanks man, I drew the avatar myself....kinda like ms killed themselves.. only it took ms less time to do so.