PlayStation 4 Australian Pricing Confirmed by Sony as RRP AUD$549

Local Sony representatives have now confirmed to AusGamers, the Australian launch price for the console as AUD$549.

The news follows Sony's eventful press conference that declared launch prices of USD$399 for North America, with Europe and the UK at EUR399, and GBP349 respectively.

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GentlemenRUs1804d ago

Least they got a price for the PS4 downunder this time around :)

Microsoft however have yet to say anything about the XBONE price.

WhittO1804d ago (Edited 1804d ago )

The XB1 is AUD$599.

It is more expensive because of AUS inflation etc.

Pyrrhus1804d ago

Happily preordered.
Cant wait to hold this beautiful thing, this pro-consumer savior of gaming.

badz1491804d ago

I paid AU$978 for my 60GB PS3 + extra SIXAXIS + R:FoM + Motorstorm in 2007!

this AUD549 is actaully VERY VERY affordable or shall I say CHEAP for those Down Unders! GOOD JOB SONY!

peowpeow1804d ago

This. I saw PS3 going for AU$999 after launch, could not afford for a while haha

danj0r1804d ago

The Xbox One was confirmed by Microsoft as AUD$599 for Australia earlier today

B-radical1804d ago

not much difference in aus

megaworm251804d ago

i don't really understand how the Xbox one is $100US more expensive in the U.S. But here is AUS its only $50 more expensive??????

kaozgamer1804d ago

waaaaaay better than the ps3's $999 launch price tag

first1NFANTRY1804d ago

my thoughts exactly. ah well, plenty of time to save up for this beauty.

omni_atlas1804d ago

Still being ripped off. What else is new?

PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt1804d ago

still never satisfied what else is new?

omni_atlas1804d ago

Its being complacent which is why Australians are being ripped off year after year.

Tell me why we should be paying 80-100 for a video game when it goes for 60 in the US and our currency is almost parity?

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The story is too old to be commented.