Sony E3 Press Conference Impressions

Dealspwn: "This was a press conference that, admittedly after some box-ticking waffle, got down to continuing the message Sony had delivered back in February. This wasn't a press conference of antagonism, we weren't presented with a product and forced to #dealwithit, Sony couched the PS4 specific terms, as if to say "Hey, we're listening," before Andrew House almost started issuing battle cries towards the end."

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GentlemenRUs1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Start was a little iffy but they blew it away after that!

So I agree.

Septic1652d ago

Well, the price and consumer protection are what saved the show.

I actually think the games shown were somewhat lackluster and Microsoft had a better reveal in that respect (which is ironic considering how we were questioning whether it was a games console at all).

Cupid_Viper_31652d ago

The best announcement from the conference hands down.

brodychet1652d ago

Was fantastic.

Needless to say; everyone was blown away.

pompombrum1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

The games shown were the best demonstrations of E3 plus their new game announcements like FF15 and KH3 were probably the best ones, it's just a shame they were all multiplatform games. Stuff like announcing exclusive betas for ESO seemed a little bit sad but they then stole the show at the very end. You usually finish on the highest note and the fact Sony chose the very end to announce everything they did, shows just how important it is for both them and the future of the industry.

creatchee1652d ago

Honestly, all PS4 had going for it is the price point and lack of DRM. It was multiplat after multiplat and the few exclusives got little to no gameplay time. I was disappointed. Also, PS Plus to play online? Really? I understand the value of PS Plus, but the fact is that if you want to play online, you have to pay 50 bucks.

Sony could have shown so much more but all they seemed concerned with was upstaging Microsoft of price point and DRM. I could care less about the other stuff - I wanted to see games.

The Great Melon1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )


I love the characters that run Sony. All of them seem down to earth and genuinely friendly people. When I saw Yoshida display all the twitter comments I knew that that they were going to announce something with regards to the DRM later in the show.

bootsielon1652d ago

What I loved:

1. Price point
2. No DRM bullsh1t
3. FFXV and Kingdom Hearts

What I missed:

1. Where was Kaz?
2. Where are The Last Guardian and Agent?
3. There should have been more first party made PS4 new IPs
4. Where were Uncharted and God of War for PS4?

What I wish to see:

1. A bundle with a 1TB+ HDD
2. Exclusivity on KH3 and FFXV to maximize use of the 7GB of GDDR5 RAM available for games on PS4
3. More 1st party new IPs for PS4
4. More Uncharted and more God of War
5. Respawn's and Insomniac's new IP's on PS4

pixelsword1652d ago

NOW the PS3 is front-running for me as my next console choice.

Good Job Sony.

NewMonday1652d ago



Akira proves for the second time in under 2 weeks he is a fantastic troll.

The Great Melon1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )


I agree with much of what you listed. I always like seeing Kaz, but I guess they are trying to push some of the younger blood up in front now that he is at the top of the company.

Although The Last Guardian was absent, I bet they will announce something at the Tokyo Game Show since that is a Japanese game. As for Uncharted and God of War I think that they should let them rest for a few years. Kratos can only slaughter so many things and Naughty Dog should take a stab at making another industry stopping game. Both Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog are amazing developers that surely have many other ideas in their heads that they are itching to work on.

webeblazing1651d ago

same o same o. not really impressed gonna get a yr or 2 later. they showed to many multiplats but was expected. ill stick with my pc right now. i dont even have a powerful rig and im still not seeing these amazing gfx everyone is talking about.

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Bigpappy1652d ago

Agree, their policies and the Multi-plat reveals at the end were the strong points. The start had too much chatter. They are in a better position than M$ after those conferences though.

LackTrue4K1652d ago

yep....the ending
share your games freely/no DRM

AngelicIceDiamond1652d ago

For the first year you have to choose between the games (which MS brought) and having to choose between MS new Ip's and well Sony's long stand on used games and a better price point.

In the long run PS4 sounds better. Despite MS having a better line up of games for the first cycle.

ZodTheRipper1652d ago

You didn't even hear about Santa Monica's, Naughty Dog's or Media Molecule's PS4 game yet ;)
They all have something in the works for PS4.

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zeddy1652d ago

anyone pissed that ff13 verses is now ff15 and most probably no longer an exclusive?!

Nitrowolf21652d ago

I'm okay with the name change. FF13 is tainted now, a name change will help.

It's prob multiplat though, but oh well for me cause I've been waiting for thsi f'n game forever.

ZodTheRipper1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

At least we'll finally get to play them.

Rainstorm811652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

I thought they said FF16 was PS3 PS4 exclusive after the Kingdom Hearts 3 unveil

EDIT to the disagreers

ZodTheRipper1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

FF16? Didn't you learn how to read romanian numbers? FF14 is PS exclusive, FF15 seems multiplat right now.

Rainstorm811652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

Sometimes the Hand Slips on touch devices.....Hence a TYPO

OT: when did they show or mention FF14 during the presser? I mustve missed that i thought VS13 was renamed FF15

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wenaldy1652d ago

Dude, im grateful just because it finally will be released, forget about exclusivity.

Godmars2901652d ago

Given Square's current condition, only care that its a good RPG.

Flipgeneral1652d ago

the best part is they still did not announce a window of release of any sort HAHA

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mario191652d ago Show
Relientk771652d ago


no blocking used games, no RESTRICTIONS at all for NO REASON might I add

and only $400

chestnut11221652d ago

Sorry X BOX One, Ur Doomed. Sony listened to their fans and customers. PS4 will win these for sure. As for those who will buy the X1, Good luck.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1652d ago (Edited 1652d ago )

-Supports used games.
-Not always online.
-Kingdom Hearts III in development.
-Final Fantasy XV
-No Restrictions

Thats all they needed im Sold. PS4 day one

Edward751652d ago

What about needing ps+ to play online games?

DEATHxTHExKIDx1652d ago

Im fine with that. Ive been paying for XBL gold for 5 years now. If I have to do it for Sony too im ok with that.

Catoplepas1652d ago

If Plus wasn't such a fantastic deal, I'd probably be slightly more pissed than I am.

badz1491652d ago

isn't enough a compensation for that? free games for PS4, PS3 and Vita every month? not enough too? on PS4, your PS+ membership is already paying for itself DAY 1 and will continue to give you A LOT MORE a year than any other gaming service ON EARTH will ever be and you still think it's bad somehow?

it's now OFFICIAL that PSN will be better than XBL BUT I'll not be surprised if people will still be nitpicking and look for things to troll it!