GT5 Prologue update impossible to download

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is now available in some european countries in the Blu-ray version. And there's already an update that you need to install if you want to play online. The problem is the servers are probably overloaded and downloading this update is almost impossible.

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mighty_douche3469d ago

"Gran Turismo 5 Prologue is now available all over Europe in the Blu-ray version"

Isnt it friday?!?!? help me! i need to know if i should f**k work off and run to my local Game?

Agente473469d ago (Edited 3469d ago )

Here in Portugal it's today for the Blu-ray and tomorrow for the downloadable version.

Changed it to "some european countries". I cant believe it's just Portugal.

Wildarmsjecht3469d ago

As soon as you get it, let me kno! I have to wait till the 15h of April unfortunately. My PSN is the same as my username. Looking forward to racing with you.

techie3469d ago

uh. Same with Japan. I think it's the online update...just be patient.

Neurotoxin3469d ago


Hows about some people learn some patients.

Agente473469d ago

Yeah NOW! We're talking about GT5 here. Actually I got the game yesterday, and all time spent trying to download was time not spent playing the game. And that sucks.

predator3469d ago

anyone here in the uk pick this up today let me know

pandabear3469d ago

Just had email from Game saying it has been posted today so will prob arrive tomorrow.

Brixxer6003469d ago

Got the same email from ShopTo, most will dispatch today and receive tomorrow.

Cicinho3469d ago

Amazon sent me one saying it will be dispatched the 27th i hope its here tomorrow:(

Antan3469d ago

The patch adds extra online features like Matchmaking. Also ABS has been fixed so if you set it to 0 it actually means 0 (zero). Before the update if it was on 0 ABS was still applied just in its minimalist for. Now you can lock your brakes till your hearts content!!!!

techie3469d ago

Ah yeah. Japan getting it too on the 28th.

You got/getting the UK one?

Antan3469d ago

Getting UK one and Hot Shots Golf at the same time! Gotta love the Hot Shots series!!

Was on the JAP version this morning and was no update.

techie3469d ago

Japan gets the update on the 28th as I said :)

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The story is too old to be commented.