Sony Officially Unveils the PS4′s Price

While Microsoft fired the first shot of the next generation pricing war with a MSRP of $499, Sony just responded in kind by officially unveiling the price point of the PS4.


Update: Added two videos showcasing the price point reveal and the "no DRM" one-two punch moments of the conference.

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Ipunchbabiesforfun1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

^^^^^^^ GAME OVER!

Hell, pay for online? That $100 is 2 years worth of online... GO SONY!!!!!!


FriedGoat1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I cannot compute, did anyone else notice that you have to be a plus member to play multiplayer now? Not that it matters as im already ps+ :)

buddymagoo1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

$399 and we get to buy used games!!

Sony are not messing about, they mean business!

Septic1477d ago

£349 is a bargain to be honest considering the powerhouse that is the console. THat's almost £100 cheaper than the X1.

JhawkFootball061477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

This is HUGE. A $100 difference.

blitz06231477d ago Show
brodychet1477d ago

That is so unexpected. I'm sorry Microsoft. But you've been beaten.


hulk_bash19871477d ago

Great news, definitely easier to swallow then PS3 and Xbox One.

sunnygrg1477d ago

This is a huge advantage Sony has over Microsoft even with the pay-to-play online. Drive Club alone will make up for the first year of a Plus subscription.

darthv721477d ago

sega and the saturn @ $399 and then sony says the ps is $299.

Now we have ms and xb1 @ $499 and sony has ps4 @ $399.

Is that the only sku? There was a rumor there would be 3 sku's.

Haules1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

- No DRM
- Support used games
- 10 exclusives games were shown!
- Offline Play
- $399 price!

Best conference in E3 History!

Newmanator1477d ago

I believe so but that $100 saved will make it irrelevant (plus free shizz!)

AngryTypingGuy1477d ago

That was the biggest E3 ass kicking ever! Great job Sony!

omi25p1477d ago

Now if only the showed off some more new Core Ips then it would have been worth watching the whole 2 hours.

But the only part worth watching of that whole show were the no drm and used game stuff and pricing at end.

Rest was pretty awful in comparison to the X1 because they showed exclusives from start to finish

Boody-Bandit1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

I already am a PS+ member and will gladly continue to pay to have the freedom of all the used games and rentals I want, no restrictions of any kind and the PS4 is $100 dollars cheaper?


That was a megaton explosion Sony just unleashed (NO DRM, NO restrictions, $399). I guarantee that sealed the deal for a lot of fans that were on the fence being an MS fan and wondering if they should just say the hell with it and get an X1. I should know, I was ONE of them. That sealed it for me personally. 1 console owner next gen but it wont be the ONE but the 4, Playstation 4.

ArchangelMike1477d ago

I know right, I caught that as well. He definately said something like it's free to play single player... but then didnt say anything about multiplayer in general. I'm guessing he is just talking about online pass.

Army_of_Darkness1477d ago

No used game restriction.
PS+ continued..
Means Bye bye xbone.

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princejb1341477d ago

Yea I noticed that. I was hong they went into more detail on that play multiplayer online part

Belking1477d ago Show
Salooh1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

OMG !! I never thought that i will be glad to be wrong one day xdddddddd

Kingnichendrix1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

No you werent listening you dont have to be a plus member to play online you need plus membership to get the benefits

ShwankyShpanky1477d ago

I'm curious as to whether that will only apply to PS4, or PS3 as well.

<-- + member since release.

darthv721477d ago

are essentially very similar. Both will do media (movies, music) both will do social interaction, both are similarly powered, both will play used games, both have a camera that will be used for some games and not so much for other games, both have a paid membership level that gives more access to the features of the system.

The $100 price difference is really the only difference. To many it is THE only difference. To me...Im still buying both. Im ready for the next gen. I have live gold and PS+. Now I just need to wait till they get released.

Speaking for myself, Im in the best situation as I will be continuing to play halo on the next gen xbox as well as play killzone on the next gen ps. Those who only choose happy with what you pick. Dont get upset if you got the wrong one because you can always buy the other when you feel the time is right.

The E3...everyone is a winner!

badz1491477d ago

it's not confirmed yet BUT even if PS+ is going to be required for online play...are you forgetting something before spouting your TROLLING?

aren't you forgetting Drive Club PS+ Edition FREE for all PS+ members on DAY FREAKING ONE?! and then 1 new PS4 game every month on top of free games for PS3 and Vita every month too in their Instant game collection? $50 aren't even getting you retail Drive Club which will be sold for $60 but with PS+, it's basically a GIVEAWAY!

so...what free games are you getting with $60 XBL Gold again? NONE! man...I swear some people are really THAT clueless when talking about VALUE FOR MONEY these days! no wonder they are willingly giving up their consumer rights by buying the XBone!

Autodidactdystopia1477d ago

Dude Sony Killed just absolutely MURDERed Msoft.

Its faster
Its Better Looking
Its Not always watching you
Its Actually yours
Its Not always online
Its Used gamable
No Checkins every 24hrs
Its Way cheaper online and amazing psplus benefits. (maybe)
and Its $100 cheaper than the competition


Good show Sony.... Good show!

metaltales491477d ago

even if you have to get ps+ you still get your money back in free games baby hell yeah

mrmarx1477d ago

microsoft set that precedent. glad sony didn't follow with the drm nonsense and always online.

patterson1477d ago

Sony didn't mess around!
This is like going back to the PS2 reveal. Holy shit what a massacre.

Since X1 has no backwards compatibility, I can't see why a 360 owner would even bother with a X1 over PS4. Every checkmark has been ticked.

wastedcells1477d ago

This is so f .... Holy f........awesome.

bootsielon1477d ago

I wish Kaz had announced it, and a bundle with Riiiiiiiiiiiiidge Racer.

Ritsujun1477d ago

Sony's final blow to Moneysucker-MS.

At the moment, PS+ offers 5 to 6 free games per month.
I'm expecting 7 to 8 free games per month after the launch of PS4.

Spawn-KING1477d ago

You can have the cheaper PS Plus for less than $5

SignifiedSix911477d ago

Do you have to pay-to-play online for the PS4? I didn't catch that in the conference :O

ABizzel11477d ago

LMAO where's GreenPowerz?

AliTheSnake11477d ago

399 with or without ps eye ?

ajax171477d ago

Yeah, it doesn't matter to me. PS+ is a great service. I would have had it anyway.

DVAcme1477d ago

Most Sony players already have PS+, so this is mostly a non-issue, and PS+ has already, for years, been a MUCH better value for the money than XBLive. I don't mind Sony taking measures to secure money when they're giving us SOOOOO much in exchange for our loyalty. PS+ offers Sony a way of revenue to counteract the insane value they're giving us with the system.

THANK YOU, Sony. I've been a loyal fan and customer for 18 years and you have rewarded me immensely :) 4>1!! Greatness Awaits!!

gta28001477d ago

When Sony was giving out the online required and DRM details they were landing big blows! When they announced the price, it was like "FINISH HIM!" lol. Greatness awaits!

loulou1477d ago

lol microsoft better be dropping that price if they want to even stand a chance.

nice one sony

Firan1477d ago

I try to stay somewhat neutral in my comments but Sony just blew me away. Best E3 conference ever. I haven't bought a console at launch since PS1 but I'm more than convinced to change that fact now.

Mainsqueeze1477d ago

It sucks for some of the good developers for xbox one exclusives. Some of the microsoft exclusives looked pretty good and the controller for xbox is the best one for me. But holy crap sony did everything right. Sucks that microsofts greed is going to get in the way of great dev teams.

ChrisW1477d ago

I can't help wonder how Sony is able to afford such a drastic price difference. Is the PS4 actually cheaper to build than the Xbox One?

Seriously, this is a valid question!

theaceh1477d ago

How much is 399 in 2006 money? I wonder how much of an initial hit are they taking with these prices? How long will it take for them to reach the 30 million install base with such an attractive price point? Nice Job Sony, limping all the way to E3 only to check-raise Microsoft at the river!

Will Microsoft fold?

sourav931477d ago

Though I have to say that I was disappointed with the pay-for-online model, I guess the whole no DRM and $100 cheaper made up for it. And one thing you all are forgetting is, that with Xbox, you need gold to access ANYTHING online. That includes your online games, as well as apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Gametrailers, etc. PS+ is requirement for MULTIPLAYER ONLY for the PS4, everything else is free to access. PS3 and PSVITA will NOT require PS+ for multiplayer.

DA_PRGamer1476d ago

im already a plus member so It dont bother me and you will get DRIVECLUB plus 3 more games for being a plus member so Its a win win for me

1Victor1476d ago

@ AliThesnake I Just Came From Reserving It And Can Tell You No And The Price Is 59.99 And My GameStop Only Letting You Reserve 1 Per Household :( .

sikbeta1476d ago (Edited 1476d ago )

Online is behind a paywall now, so XBL users are not the only "dumbs that pay for something that should be free" anymore it seems...

Saying this because I was one of those who was always complaining about that, but it must be a reason to do it, right?

Psn8001476d ago


S2Killinit1476d ago

yeah I know, we heard too, but I guess you take the good with the bad and right now PS4 good completely outweigh the bad. I'm just glad Sony didn't follow MS's direction. So its a good day for gamers, we have a chance to keep our rights intact. I hope gamers speak with their wallets to let MS know that it's not cool to pressure gamers and assume we are naiive enough to just do whatever they please.

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Pandemic1477d ago

That's the nail in the coffin for the Xbox One..

Blackdeath_6631477d ago

absolute ownage i say. a more powerful system at a cheaper price with no restriction and a large variety of triple A thirdparty games, exclusives and indie games you would have to be a moron to think otherwise

irepbtown1476d ago

I missed the conference yesterday, I've only read the comments on here and the article...

So far I'm pleased, £349 which is £80 cheaper than the Xbox One (£429.99). Supports used games, no need to be constantly online, the only downside is one needs to be a PS+ member to play online, however I've had PS+ before and it is well worth it so for me I'm happy.

I haven't even watched the conference and I'm bloody excited. Time to watch it I guess...

perdie1477d ago

and boom goes the dynamite

Enemy1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

Game OVER. The was simply the best conference in E3 history.

whoyouwit041477d ago

No the conference was boring but i have to admit I do think Microsoft is in real trouble, but only time will tell. Remember how the PS3 stated off. So, A bad start doesn't mean a bad end.

ZodTheRipper1477d ago

^You seem to have forgotten how this gen turned out. Just like this time, Microsoft started pretty strong in terms of lineup. And look where they are now while we are getting TLOU, Beyond and GT6.

Ser1477d ago (Edited 1477d ago )

^ That's grasping at straws...

Sony has been supplying a great lineup of games for a good long while now. I doubt they'd just suddenly bomb and tank out, especially after welcoming all of those indie devs into the fold.

The entire planet could be hit with an asteroid tomorrow, too. But let's focus on what's happening currently before we worry about tomorrow.

Rusty5151477d ago

Outside of KH3, FF15, and The Order 1886, it wasn't that great of a conference. But what made Sony win E3 was simply using microsofts cons against them...Displaying some games, but also showing you that this is a pro-consumer console. That alone, IMO, beats ALL of the exclusives that microsoft showed today. Yeah we have to pay for online now, but if that means I still get the same benefits that ps plus has, I'd be more than happy to pay. When they dropped those bombs, that was easily the best moment in E3 history. The way the crowd reacted to the price, used games being allowed, and no drm. It seriously gave me chills and I was just fist pumping the air like an idiot. Good job Sony.

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adorie1477d ago

Sony slam dunked this conference. I'm done and off to play PS1 classics such as FFVII and Crash Bandicoot to celebrate. PS4 is going to be preordered too, paid in full. Celebrate. Gaming is as it was still exists.. on PlayStation 4.