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Submitted by doctorstrange 900d ago | news

140 PS4 Games in Development, 100 in First year, 40 Have ‘Exclusive Experiences’

Sony has announced that not only are there 30 games coming from Sony Worldwide Studios, but over 140 games are in development for PS4 over all. - PSLS (E3, PS4)

doctorstrange  +   900d ago
I need a second job
NeverEnding1989  +   900d ago
Same. And now it's one less game to pay for online.
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Pyrrhus  +   900d ago
Your moaning about playing online is tedious. We know your preferred console is an all-round pitiful pile of crap. Go to sleep.
Gratisfaction  +   900d ago
Is there a way to report you and remove you from the site?

Actually, how about you go do it yourself...
wenaldy  +   900d ago
Get over it LOL
PraxxtorCruel  +   900d ago
40 Exclusive Experiences my ass. They never turn out good.
malol  +   900d ago
i like how MS came out and was like
"we have like 18 games !!1111111!1!!!!1111"
trenso1  +   900d ago
your trolling horrendous, you defended paying for live all the time so, you cant even talk about paid services unless your going to bad mouth M$ as well
Ausbo  +   900d ago
You know what? im just glad sony fanboys won't ever talk about paying for live again. Sony is right to do this though. Its not cheap to run these online services.
badz149  +   900d ago
I'm tired of replying to the clueless but how is paying for PS+ will make you have 1 less game to buy?

pay for PS+ and get Drive Club for FREE! so...ONE less what again? and you will continue to receive FREE PS4, PS3 and Vita games every month for the whole period you're subscribing so...what exactly is this "one less game" that you are talking about dude?

I get it that you have to sacrifice 1 game in order to pay for XBL but PS gamers aren't used to THAT concept like...EVER! PS+ members pay $50 a year and get like $500 worth of contents back...not just online play for games we already paid for and XGC!
TrendyGamers  +   900d ago
I'll need a third and maybe a fourth.
princejb134  +   900d ago
Sony won next gen without even starting
THE-COMMANDER  +   900d ago
Man this is awesome!
Sony is doing the right thing in everyhing!!
I want a Playstation 4 Now!!

The world is in play!
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first1NFANTRY  +   900d ago
that was epic lol. M$ just got trolled hard.

what a pitiful greedy company. They have finally been exposed.

Sony wins next gen by default.
aiBreeze  +   900d ago
"I need a second job" - Said the Xbox One owner. We PS4 owners will be able to trade in our games wherever and however we please to help us fund the new stuff :D
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kayoss  +   900d ago
Hahaha you guys are fools. Getting a second job bwahaha... I'm selling one of my kidney. That's why god gave us all backups organs ( except for brain, heart, and penis these I will charge more). If you get second jobs when will you have time to play ps4?
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showtimefolks  +   900d ago
no DRM
let's you play used games
No need for net connection
$100 cheaper, and in Europe and UK even more cheaper than xbox one

Knak,,KZ,Drive Club day one launch

Have to pay for psn0plus to play online but atleast you get drive club for free, new game costs $60 you get drive club for basically $49.99 and keep psn-plus

with a fee you know psn will become even great service

i know some will complain about paying and i am not happy either but they took a stand for us gamers against publishers on drm and used games so we can give them the benefit of the doubt on psn-plus

Also this is the reason some 3rd party publishers went to MS with exclusive games i guess since sony said no to DRM

great conference overall 10/10 from me


why is no one talking seriously, its all over and every other site
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Edward75  +   900d ago
Great show by Sony, and MS. Sony didn't show many exclusives at E3, but the price point and no online verification needed are great. One thing that many aren't talking about is that PS+ may be needed for online play. Why is no one talking about that?
THE-COMMANDER  +   900d ago

ill tell you why mate:

because most of us already subscribed for PS+,
also, PS+ provide great contents varies from exclusive contents,avatars,themes to amazing instant game collection. So, you will get your money back with all the great stuff of the PS+.
BABYLEG   900d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
Majin-vegeta  +   900d ago
Damn and i just got a raise at my job hell yea.
CaptainPunch  +   900d ago
Haha good stuff, need to put aside some money now.
Voozi  +   900d ago
Thank you for shopping with us. We'd like to let you know that Amazon has received your order, and is preparing it for shipment. Your estimated delivery date is below. If you would like to view the status of your order or make any changes to it, please visit Your Orders on
THE-COMMANDER  +   900d ago
LOL Nice!
PraxxtorCruel  +   900d ago
Did you ask the card holder's permission first?
WalterWJR  +   900d ago
I was not planning on it but after that showing I have pre ordered through Amazon.

Usally I would look for a bundle but I have a feeling this thing will sell out fast.
Typical-Guy  +   900d ago
Thank you MS for lowering my budget! I'll be getting lots of games on PS4... I'm suuuper excited.
MELMAN26  +   900d ago
40 exclusive "experiences", did Sony just pull a Micro$oft??
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   900d ago
30 sony console excluives coming from sony world wide studios aswell as 40 games with exclusiv experiances along with 70 other games coming to ps4 aswell
reko  +   900d ago
thats alot :0
LoveSpuds  +   900d ago
Always had faith in Sony so I pre ordered back in February, hopefully should be right at the front of the queue :)
ElementX  +   900d ago
Where did they have pre-orders back in Feb?
LoveSpuds  +   898d ago
I ordered from, just checked my order date 14th Feb :)

Ordered a 2nd one for my son for Christmas too.
CaulkSlap  +   900d ago
"Exclusive experiences" makes it sound like BS for skins and junk in multiplats. And yet since PS4 is more powerful and you actually own your games on it, guess where I'll buy every single multiplat?
zeddy  +   900d ago
better be a few launch games.
showtimefolks  +   900d ago
Drive Club

all 3 confirmed for launch

destiny is due out this fall

i am super excited about the new game from ready at dawn, looking very interesting
Sevir  +   900d ago
Destiny is Next Fall.
The game looks incredibly well on PS4 as does watch_dogs and AC4... Today we are pleased... A better console, more powerful and cheaper with no restrictions what so ever.
showtimefolks  +   900d ago

from what i can research its suppose to be out fall 2013 but i could be wrong
Sevir  +   900d ago
20 of that 100 are first party exclusives and 12 of those 20
Are nee IP releasing in the first year from their 14 first party studios what's more, we know

2 are from GG 1 of which is Shadow Fall,
1 from Evolution being Driveclub
1 from Studio Japan being Knack
1 from suckerpunch being I:Second Son
1 from quantic dream, the dark sorcerer
1 Ready at Dawn, The Order 1886.

I freaking can't wait to play... FF15 and KH3 alone makes it the platform I want. That $399 Price gave it to me, and what's more the games Look next gen.
Sizzon  +   900d ago
Hopefully more games and exclusives with gameplay at Gamescom later this year :)
cunnilumpkin  +   900d ago
how many are indie games though, I know some people like them, but they just don't appeal to me, that said, GO SONY!!!

Sony is completely decimating MS this E3, and with ps4 being $100 cheaper, does MS even stand a chance?
Goro  +   900d ago
There is currently 3 times more games in development for PS4 then have been released for Vita...that's ridiculous...
Hicken  +   900d ago
Considering the Vita's got 140+ games released, I'm just gonna go ahead and call that a lie.


Oh, and don't forget Sony's also said around 100 games for Vita this year, too.

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