Sony Reveals a Slew of Indie Partnerships at E3 2013

Unlike Microsoft, Sony has made indies a vital part of their marketing at E3 2013 and are apparently making indies a core part of the PlayStation 4 going forward. With the indie scene becoming such a crucial part of the industry, it shouldn’t come as any surprise to see Sony partnering up with these great developers

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Enemy2013d ago

Double agent Phil Harrison: "No one is more dedicated to indie developers than Microsoft."

Meanwhile Sony goes confirms self-publishing for indie developers, and shows so many freaking indie games I have to pause the conference and turn away for a breath.

The Great Melon2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

While Sony didn't reveal a ton of new 1st party games, they did show commitment to ongoing evolution of the gaming industry. Indie gaming is starting to become a dominant player despite not having the budgets of the giant publishers. They are helping reinvigorate stagnating publishers by taking chances with the unique games that would never see the light despite there being a large market.

Though I do love to see the 1st party games, I don't need to see them because I know Sony has an enormous number of studios that will release the flood gates in the future. I look forward to seeing what the Tokyo Game Show will have to offer.

Enemy2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

@ Melon: How many more can we handle at this period is the question. They've already given us InFamous: Second Son, The Order, Killzone: Shadow Fall, Drive Club, Knack, The Dark Sorcerer (work in progress demo for a much larger game from Quantic Dream)...

All these games are owned by Sony.

Dead Rising and Titanfall are owned by Capcom and EA. What other "huge" games that Microsoft could call their own did they show in comparison to Sony?

Sony needs to give what's already announced as much exposure as possible before announcing the next batch of exclusives.

DigitalRaptor2013d ago

Look at who the sponsor of IndieCade is:

That's right. Unlike Microsoft, Sony proves their dedication with action.

MS: "Oh yeah we're dedicated to indie development". Meanwhile, they still can't self-publish.

jonboi242013d ago

nice find I didn't know that

Jaydepps2013d ago

Thanks for sharing that. I hadn't read that. I guess that plan backfired?

CaptainYesterday2013d ago

Ya did good Sony a lot of good indies :)

Talamak2013d ago

It was awesome to see the various developers on stage amidst Sony announcing that they are dedicated to the indies

Jaydepps2013d ago

That was probably the best part of the show!

wenaldy2013d ago

Yes, it was so cool to see all of them got the spotlight even their own stage!!!!!

The Great Melon2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

That part made me smile. It was just an onslaught of developer after developer.

Drainage2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

lol who cares because they looked terrible SNES games. cmon man. Destiny KZSF looked great . never liked infamous but even that is better than all indie games collection for ps4 . Tom clancys the division or whatever looked sick

WalterWJR2013d ago

It's called GAMEPLAY which should always be the 1st thing in mind when developing games.

Indie developers do not have the money to put out fancy graphics but that does not mean they can't make great, fun GAMES.

You are clearly no older than 12 years of age.

The Great Melon2013d ago (Edited 2013d ago )

Games are meant to either be fun and/or rewarding experiences. If a developer did a good job making their game, I should want to play it regardless of the art style of the game.

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