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jidery1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )


That entire part of E3 was a call out to Microsoft. Boy are they going to feel it.

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Crazyglues1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

It's Official Sony has Just Won the Nex Gen war

Used Games Allowed...! Awesome

PS4 -Day One- Buy.. thank you SONY! you guys rock

LoL @ the Disagrees it's true Sony just announced it.

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Software_Lover1681d ago

But you now have to pay for multiplayer...... it seems? Clarification afterward I hope.

pompombrum1681d ago

Well Xbox fans have been paying for mp anyway this entire gen without even having dedicated servers for most games. If the ps+ mp fee means dedicated servers, I'm completely down with that. It's Sony after all and I know they'll make sure we will get value for our money.

UnHoly_One1681d ago

Sony hasn't won anything. Don't get ahead of yourself.

You are underestimating the power of Xbox Live and the loyal multiplayer gamers that want a good controller and a good online system. And that is two things that Sony CANNOT compete with MS on.

This gen isn't likely to play out a whole lot different than the last. If anything, Xbox may gain even more ground. They showed more good games in their conference today, unless you are still a fan of JRPGs, but MS has never had that category anyway.

The future is online multiplayer, and Sony still has tons of catching up to do to be competitive in that regard.

Ratty1681d ago

"But you now have to pay for multiplayer...... it seems? Clarification afterward I hope."

I caught that too. I'm pretty sure it did mean we have to pay for multiplayer now. I'm already on plus so it doesn't really effect me.

aleFH1681d ago

@UnHoly_One I bet you didn't hear the amount of cheering in the crowd compared to the MS conference

BladerunnerZX1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

to UnHoly_One

Sony has won respect from the gaming community at large.

This will make a difference in the next generations console race to be sure.

Just wait until millions of soccermoms and uniformed casuals go on a Xbox One refund spree because little johnny cant play Halo offline and they all find out that the cant lone their Xbox One games to their friends or anyone else because of Microsofts horrible restrictions.

Just buy some popcorn and watch a local walmart return / refund area and enjoy the show ... It will be the best show in town the first few weeks after the Xbox One is released.

Foliage1681d ago

I wonder if the XBOX ONE console will have the same used restrictions?

JoySticksFTW1681d ago

"You are underestimating the power of Xbox Live and the loyal multiplayer gamers..."

I think you're underestimate these fans' ire towards MS' policies.

Xbox One's own Official forums. Take a look.

It ain't all sunshine; from some ticked of fans jumping ship to others demanding answers and justification for xbone's price, policies, and direction.

I'd be surprised if MS hasn't started deleting threads yet.

And it's happening all over the net in comment sections.

Xbone showed great games, but so did Sony and with better news for all gamers that may force MS to drop that restrictive crap.

KingKongKilla1680d ago

Wrong Sony has not just won. Xbox is just trying to make a move twords digital like aka STEAM and steam is a mutibillion dollar program that offers no resale games and look at it! As i can remember ppl are forgetting the promises that sony made about the vita playing ps3 games where did that go o wait that never happened i own a vita!!!!! Lie 1! O where are the graphics we saw when we saw the first CGI which was said gameplay of Killzone 2. Yall think what yall want but dont forget Playstation lies!!!! Love my PS3 but yall need to quit hating on xbox 1. There also going to have more exclusives cause there are plenty of publishers that are out there that want the DRM. I belive thats why DR3 is with microsoft and all of EA. I would say just wait we dont have all the facts for both consales just yet. The only reason xbox is 100 more is cuase the Kenict which once they start showing what that beast can do yall are gunna want one! imma be sharing my games with my 10 friends. We dont even know if Amazon or Ebay are out they may be in the resale with xbox 1 they what a some of that actoin to its just helping the publishers guys some games dont get the creadit they deserve and i think this is a good push for that.

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hulk_bash19871681d ago

Sony's plan for DRM just clarified.....See that Microsoft? That's how it's done.

Godchild10201681d ago

Sony started stabbing Microsoft and then shot them in the head after they announced they won't stop the game from working if the user doesn't check in, in 24hrs. Sony did the killing. Even if they started off slow.

-Mika-1681d ago

I thought that was pretty immature. They didn't have to make comments like that.

Wenis1681d ago

Yeah, Microsoft's PR department has their heads up their asses if they didn't see this coming

Shadow Man1681d ago

mika are you phucking sh!tting me?

GodGinrai1681d ago

This is excellent..lets hope this prompts MS to ditch DRM..not counting on it but if it becomes an influencial factor in the next few days...who knows?

Imalwaysright1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Bubbles, Bubbles to everyone... except Mika. Well done Sony. Youl'll be seeing my money.

JokesOnYou1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Its not immature you're suppose to bragg anytime you can, it wasnt like they were calling names. Good on 'em hopefully pubs and micro will take notice.

btw Destiny is looking hot right now!

04soldier1681d ago

Mika wanted Sony to just not mention the competition like they usually do every year.

It wouldve been a disaster if they'd done that and all of the internet would be fearing the worst that Sony also implements DRM..

rainslacker1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Sony has always made at least one small jab at the competitors in all their conferences. Always made some little quip near the beginning of the conference. This time they laid it on thick and without remorse, and called MS to task. It wasn't immature, it was exactly what MS needed to wake the hell up. If MS decides to change their policies before launch, then you can thank Sony for it.

Dee_911681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I mean if people didnt try to throw them under with XBOX One they probably wouldnt have even took that approach.

This is hands down the best e3 ive seen ever.If they showed GTAV the world wouldve blew up.I dont mean just Sony I mean in general.From MGS5 to Destiny it was all great.
But Sony just removed their trousers, grabbed a news paper and took a huge s^1t all over MS and the nay sayers.
Shout out to HHG too, he was so hyped lol

Enigma_20991680d ago


Know what would REALLY put more money into devs' pockets? If publishers stopped being so d*** greedy and PAID them for their work properly!!!!

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LOGICWINS1681d ago

WOOOOW! Plus membership carries over to PS4! Sonys murdering...MURDERING!

Why o why1681d ago

I got my last ps+ for 20 quid.......what a result

wenaldy1681d ago

Yeah, i love this news most.. WOOOOHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

rainslacker1681d ago

I have 3 years worth of PS+ saved up taking advantage of specials. I'm good to go for quite a while.:)

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showtimefolks1681d ago

Damn Sony this is how you do it

Drive club free for PSN plus if I am not wrong damn damn

chadwarden1681d ago



SONY always wins!

SockeyBoy1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

But now you have to be a PS+ member to play multiplayer on the PS4!! Bad move Sony.

rextraordinaire1681d ago

But think of the free games. Just this year, for my little 50$ account of PS+, I got way over 300$ in free games, including some AAA titles.

MrBeatdown1681d ago

Yeah, it's pretty disappointing, even though I have PS+ and have no intention of cancelling.

On the upside, the userbase for PS+ will explode, making "giving away" a game to PS+ users far more attractive to publishers.

If Sony is selling more subs, it's more money they can offer publishers, hopefully attracting better games, sooner.

MajorLazer1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

It is dissapointing. I'm pretty sure immature fanboys kept insulting the 360 for having to pay to play online, yet now they backtrack and say it's alright. Double standards much?

Despite all that, I am still an avid supporter of PS+ and Driveckub releasing for the service pretty much confirms I will be renewing when my subscription ends :D

Haules1681d ago


To old Russia!

sync901680d ago

Your extremely immature. If anyones the fanboy, it's you. Im a gt fan, but im not so stupid as to believe those pics are what the game looks like running. And to block me aswell lol gay.


I would simply like to say thank you sony.

Thank you for listening to your fans.

Thank you for listening to gamers as a whole.

You have won a new customer in me.

solidjun51681d ago

I was hoping that there would be no DRM of any kind. I was a bit skeptical. But when Jack said what he said, I was so happy. My internet can get spotty sometimes. The fact that I'll be able to play online in case we have a major internet blackout is great!

DARK WITNESS1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

"xbox....sit in a corner and go die"

and LOl and at the MS fanboys saying sony is going to have drm.

AngelicIceDiamond1681d ago

Sony took the opportunity to one up MS on that one. Hell yeah go Sony.

Now how come MS can't do those simple features that been around for ages?

Imalwaysright1681d ago

Its up to you, Xbox fans to change MS policies. If you guys have patience and don't support the Xbox one in its initial years MS won't have any choice but to change them. You guys have the power to change things. The question is: Do you, xbox fans want to use that power?

killacal131681d ago

Homie you are smart, and I know you are an xbox fan, but you gave respect where it's due, bubbling you now.

Virus2011681d ago

#THEYLISTENED Let's get it started.

asmith23061681d ago

Jack taking the swipes at Microsoft about DRM, etc was brilliant. My reaction...

3-4-51681d ago

Yea best part is we still have 3 days of E3 to see how Microsoft and everybody else reacts, + my personal favorite Nintendo Direct tomorrow.

I like how all 3 are finding their own niche instead of trying to be the same system.

We are going to get 3 different console gaming experiences this gen and that is a good thing.

Good job for Sony though, they impressed and lived up to the hype so far.

telekineticmantis1681d ago

Playstation conference in Years. Where were the games?

friedricr1681d ago

this is the e3 conference ... not the xbone reveal conference .... don't get it mixed up.

Garbanjo0011681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I knew that PS was going to kill it, I was a little nervous this morning because some of the exclusive titles were great. I am pissed about Killer Instinct being XBO exclusive, however I am not upset with their idea of the console in general.

So what I have to pay for online for PS? Look at the bargain you are getting:

a) Used games/trade games confirmed. We spoke and received what every f**king fan wanted which was a console that didn't dictate us, you can definitely see the sentiment on the dudes face when House said "True consumer ownership and true consumer trust is vital in everything we do."

b) My PS4 will be $100.00 cheaper than XBone. This means that again XBox just got owned by a console that is a better bargain for their buck. Not to mention that it's a more powerful console than XB anyway.

My favorite part about the whole conference is at the following link. Thank you for sticking it to MS regarding their bullshit console. This is truly monumental.

Ms just created a bunch of rules and regulations for nothing because they are greedy. Funny how all of the publishers that have their hands in both MS and Sony haven't said a word about "2nd hand market fees" knowing full in well that PS has the upper hand. Xbox . . . go home.

iceman061681d ago

Funniest video ever!!! Should be run in a worldwide campaign tomorrow!!!

kparks1681d ago

Microsoft ducked everything about used games and DRM and cancelled there post conference interview.. Way to clarify absolutely nothing!

slpknt6sic61681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

This was how I imagine microsofts reaction to the backlash from us gamers.

Yelling "We Didn't Listen" lol

Edit: cant get the link to work :/ just know it was the global warming on south park.

Sony3601681d ago

I think the writing is already on the wall for the next console generation. Microsoft done goofed.

avengers19781680d ago

Paid for my PS4 today... Now just waiting for release date

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fermcr1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )


EDIT: Is online multiplayer now PS+ exclusive ? If so, not so Win...

2pacalypsenow1681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

Also Ps+ carries over and Drive club will be free to PS+ member on Ps4

Caffo011681d ago

i thought that too.. wtf?!?

KUV19771681d ago

The way I understood it without PSN+ you can only play SInglePlayer and Media-Features. No Online-Gaming.

Sony3601681d ago

What a shame. Why take a step backwards like that?

I guess they figured if Microsoft are doing it, people already have enough insentive to pick the Ps3 anyway. What a shame. That was one of the original reasons I was going to side with Sony this gen too.

Bzone241681d ago

He did say non ps+ will still get to experience single player play. Sounds to me like its going to be pay to play online with the ps4.

tiffac0081681d ago

Yeah that part confused me too, maybe its still not sinking in yet...

3-4-51681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

I'm not sure how people can complain about paying for internet.

Online gaming cost - $50 - one time payment per year

Cost of new game $60

* It's less than the cost of a new game.

Instead of buying 5 new $60 games.....purchase 4 + online and buy the 5th once the price dropped because you can buy and use USED games on PS4.

Think outside the box people. Use your brains. It's worth it for the no lag better online connection and once you have the superior internet you'll never look back.

I've been an xbox gamer since 2002 and I love xbox live, now PS fans get to experience all the awesomeness of PS4 + better online.

They can charge $399 because 80% of the PS4 users will purchase PS+ therefore making up that money somewhat.

compared to XB1 @ $499 + $50 a year it's a good deal.

Garbanjo0011681d ago (Edited 1681d ago )

How is that a good deal when I am paying for online for either console anyway? I basically look at it like I'm saving a hundred bucks getting the console in the first place. Who cares if PS gets some credits of online multiplayer, the fact is I knew something like this was coming anyway . . . it's a matter of time. The best part is, no change in the way a PS4 operates compared to the PS3, and I don't have to worry about jumping through hoops to get what I want . . . which is a gaming console that I can choose which games to get rid of, games to trade, games to play for free and games to just be a game. Xbox impresses me too. PS4 just does it in a way that I don't feel dirty just for playing it. There are things about Xbox that I like, but I definitely think that PS4 just won the console race, and if you think that what just happened at PS conference isn't valuable to gamers then I don't know what to say to you.

I guess we ain't friends no more . . .

oakshin1681d ago

"I've been an xbox gamer since 2002 and I love xbox live, now PS fans get to experience all the awesomeness of PS4 + better online."

wow u failed with that 1 regardless what u wont 2 think r have been told other then cross game chat xbl has 0 advantages over psn that includes connection speeds and reliability

MysticStrummer1681d ago

Yeah he slipped that little tidbit in there fast, but it does look like online gaming will cost now on PS. That was the low point of the conference for me, besides the technical hiccups, but I'd still say it was a win for Sony overall.

kparks1681d ago

U get tons of free games and early demos and tons of discounts for being ps+ its very different from what Microsoft does