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Playstation 4 Supports Used Games

It's official, PS4 allows for the sale of used games. (E3, PS4)

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NeverEnding1989  +   679d ago
Does Playstation still support exclusive games? I've hardly seen any so far.

Great news though.
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Pyrrhus  +   679d ago
Its huge, Xbox is the complete opposite to ps4.
This is the biggest news of E3.
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buddymagoo  +   679d ago
No online check in either!! And E3 goes to Sony.
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blitz0623  +   679d ago
Game over Xbox One
LOL_WUT  +   679d ago
Sony just owned MS ;)

The PS4 truly is for GAMERS!
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Pyrrhus  +   679d ago
Despite the somewhat average showing, I really am happy in my decision to support Sony.
Peppino7  +   679d ago
Sony just solidified the next gen war!
JhawkFootball06  +   679d ago
Ahhhh they just announced that you have to pay for Ps+ for multiplayer.
kneon  +   679d ago
I wonder if we need to put greenpowerz and frigidarkness on suicide watch after these announcements :)
papashango  +   679d ago
I think he just announced onling gaming being ps+ only
aiBreeze  +   679d ago
Have to admit, I was shocked by Sony's conference up until the point used game support was announced.. now Sony just won E3. They dropped some huge bombs on Microsoft and kicked them in the nuts big time.

So long Microsoft, you're now dead to me.

PS+ for mp.. LOL.. is that all you Microtards got as a comeback? Try harder.
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DeanSanchez  +   679d ago

Haules  +   679d ago
Boody-Bandit  +   679d ago
What now to those that claimed Sony will have some form or DRM? What now?
Sony listens to their consumer base.
ceedubya9  +   679d ago
Pyrrhus is right. The biggest news of the day isn't necessarily the games, but how the games are played. Sony has finally shown their stance, and took a shot at Microsoft in the process. Xbox had a good showing today, but their online policies will continue to overshadow any bonus points they got today with their games showing. They have to change their online policy while they still have time. They gave Sony a huge advantage.
badz149  +   679d ago
did you missed the part where he said the President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios revealed that 30 PS4 games in development, 20 of which will be out within the first year, and 12 of which are a new IP?

so...those are games from their own studios which means...EXCLUSIVES!
stage88  +   679d ago
Not trolling now are you!
TheBlackSmoke  +   679d ago
Haules  +   679d ago
Game over Xbox One!!!!
showtimefolks  +   679d ago
This is how you do it MS

Used games
No need to connected to NET

Sony a gaming company that actually care about gamers proven by news today
oricon  +   679d ago
Sorry but sony just ripped microsoft to shreds, they really need to remove that drm stuff if they want to stand a chance before the console is released.
I_am_Batman  +   679d ago
Fatality. Xbox is done seriously if PS4 gets a better price point it's over for MS unless they change their direction until launch which is highly doubtful.
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Sitdown  +   679d ago
But you have to pay to play online. Wow.
Bathyj  +   679d ago
Youre just whistling in the graveyard arent you?
zebramocha  +   679d ago
@peppino that old playstation saying,next gen begins when Sony says so.
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So infamous, killzone, drive club(instantly accessible to psn+ members), knack, new Sony santa monica game, new david cage game, FF Versus are coming to xbox??

Haven't seen Naughty Dog yet, level 5 etc..

plus ps3 exclusives???

Ur a dumb fuking ass.

U actually hate sony supporting used games?? lol real xbox fucktard u r..

cant wait for u to get one bubble again.

just marked u for trolling.

Also Bungie on ps4 b!tch!! Destiny Looks awsome!

oh yeah ps4 is $399 and is more powerful :P
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Death  +   679d ago
If it is more profitable to publish games on the XboxOne and hardware sales between the two are similar, what is to prevent third parties from jumping to the new Xbox platform? Everyone claims it is all about the games, but not many support the people that make them and publish them. This could turn out to be a huge win for Microsoft if they sway any of the larger third parties to support them exclusively. Sony does not have the cash to roll out enough exclusives to keep the PS4 alive if this happens.
silvacrest  +   679d ago
wouldn't publishers jump to where the install base is? right now it looks like the PS4 will be that console
Death  +   679d ago
Right now is way too ear;y to tell. Typically, third parties follow the install base. Third parties also help build the install base. If I buy Madden for $60 and it can only be traded in at Gamestop once, what happens to the value compared to a copy on the PS4 that can be traded multiple times? If the publisher is paid twice for 1 copy and once for a copy sold multiple times used, where is the greater profit margin? Not only would the XboxOne version be more profitable compared to multiples on the PS4, but as gamers the value of your used game went up with it when it can only be resold once. Gamestop will no longer have so many copies of used games that they are only worth 50 cents when you trade them in.

This gamble Microsoft is taking may be huge. They are protecting the publishers/developers and at the same time increasing trade values for customers. Don't get me wrong, I'm not sure how much I appreciate the restrictions, but it's a ballsy move that is quite frankly without presedence. If it works, color me pretty damned impressed.
Karpetburnz  +   679d ago
Lol, damage controlling mad Xbox fanboys.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   679d ago
^^^^^^^ BOOM!!!


edit:: uh oh did he announce PS+ for MP? So $60 a year? damn :(
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delicia  +   679d ago
Megaton! No DRM aswell!
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mandf  +   679d ago
End of story
buddymagoo  +   679d ago
It's official Sony just won over gamers across the world!

Thank you for common sense Sony!
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Why o why  +   679d ago
So....Story Dun on that then....No More Grouping
Karpetburnz  +   679d ago
If its true that you need PS+ to play online, while I'm not very happy about it, I'm still fully supporting PS4, why would PS gamers jump ship to Xbox when they're also charging for multiplayer.

In fact it's better on PS4 because if you dont pay, you will still have access to all your media apps unlinke Xbox which has apps like Facebook, netflix and youtube behind a pay wall.
Ben Dover  +   679d ago
Microsoft.. you have been owned.
kneon  +   679d ago
Sony could have skipped the games and just made these announcements and still would have come out on top.
yeah sony one e3 easy.

With indie support day 1 alone.
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M-M  +   679d ago
They just won.
Mikelarry  +   679d ago
thats all i needed to hear. PREORDERED
-Alpha  +   679d ago
NOW they have won! Look at that crowd reaction!


Listen to those jabs.
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stage88  +   679d ago
GentlemenRUs  +   679d ago
XBONE just died! NO USED GAME Policy nor ONLINE checkins!
TXIDarkAvenger  +   679d ago
They just took a huge jab at MS. The crowd went wild. LOL this is so funny.
Chuk5  +   679d ago
Shots fired from the depths of space.
faysal  +   679d ago
are you guys seeing thoes poeple !!! THIS IS CRAZY!!!! NO DRM, NO ONLINE-ON... PS4LIFE
GamersHeaven  +   679d ago
YES! Sony you won!
DxTrixterz  +   679d ago
vitullo31  +   679d ago
Relientk77  +   679d ago
And Sony just won E3! PS4 has no restrictions on used games, and no always online or any of that bullshit. Nice job haha throw it in Microsofts face
Pozzle  +   679d ago
Hell yes!!
givemeshelter  +   679d ago
This was the best part of the conference
Ozmoses  +   679d ago
XBOX ONE AND DONE!!!!! PS4 took the show!
ElementX  +   679d ago
All MS has to do is back down on the DRM. They probably will after that slap in the face, lol
Death  +   679d ago
Not that simple. It won't take many third parties to convince Sony to do the same. Follow the money. Publishers will go where the profit is. If they make considerably more on the XboxOne, Sony will either follow suit or fall to the side. DRM on PC's is already a reality, consoles will follow if the money dictates it.
RandomDude655  +   679d ago
lol lol lol lol Sony was laughing at Microsoft

suck it!
Karpetburnz  +   679d ago
Lol at all the fanboys that were saying "Sony will follow Microsoft and will block used games" now they have been OWNED.
TBONEJF  +   679d ago
BABYLEG   679d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(4)
wingman32x  +   679d ago
Sony just took the opening Microsoft gave them and popped them in the face big time.

first1NFANTRY  +   679d ago
GAME OVER M$. Your BS tactics fail.

PS4 forever
andrewer  +   679d ago
wow you are fast
btw: direct microsoft attack ROFL
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DxTrixterz  +   679d ago
Sony just won next gen war. Period. NOW quickly give me pre-order site NOOOOOW FFFFAAAAAAST.
Nocando  +   679d ago
At this point I think MS will have to change their policies if they want to even get out of the gate. What the f are they thinking?
silvacrest  +   679d ago
sony have already won this conference and if microsoft dont change their stance on used games, sony will dominate the next gen
Bhuahahaha  +   679d ago
"ps is all about games"

enjoy your cable box microsheep
badkolo  +   679d ago
and you now pay for online multiplayer on ps4
the field is now even my friends
no more free multiplayer on psn
DxTrixterz  +   679d ago
Hell I can pay for PSN as much as they want. At least they officially do not have any kind of DRM crap that M$ has. M$ has just been killed. R.I.P X1.
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sonic989  +   679d ago
even ?
Karpetburnz  +   679d ago
No because Xbox one will still lock every media app ( facebook, youtube, netflix etc..) behind the Xbox live pay wall, if you choose not to pay for PS+ you will still have access to every media app on PSN, that's the difference which was actually one of my biggest complaints about the Xbox 360.

Overall You still get more for free on PSN.
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